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  1. I think its Juggernaut, he is one of most iconic cards in the game, good for Campaign missions (to take down walls and buildings) and also good pvp card, his design is very unique, most battleforge/skylords reborn cards are unique in design, you cannot find more units like this, but Juggernaut takes some place in my heart, but i played a lot with frost too, i got lucky bombardier (or whatever he was called, this 120 2 orb frost card, when upgraded he had armor like avatar of frost which made him very strong in pvp but also he does well in pve)
  2. DELETE EdgeofDarkness (if i type my nickname this way, other ways may be Edge of Darkness or EdgeOfDarkness)
  3. I got same problem too! ingame name should be Edge of Darkness but i cant remember do you can use spacebars, if not its just EdgeofDarkness or EdgeOfDarkness. No cards no play T.T
  4. I cant play becasue game says "I have no decks" but how can I make a deck when I cant join the game and create it?!
  5. I logged in (after many many tries) and "opened" boosters but by accident I haven't got anything and im off the cards or boosters ;-; how can I get this back becasue im unable to play.
  6. We are not mad, this game was dead for a few years so a few weeks is nothing. Keep up your great work! Love you guys
  7. Which expectations have Developers to future Skylords Reborn? Let us know!
  8. For me Questions design is the best way, maybe you will set difficulty of quest's if possible, and rewards better with highier quest difficulty?
  9. I will be 16 y.o. in 1 month so im not able to donate money, but i will to speed it up as much as i can... well, maybe we will play SkR at next summer
  10. I Loved Soulhunter, Avatar of frost (i didn't had him, but he looks epic) Juggernaut, my lLord Cyrian and Overlord, i loved this buddies. Cant wait to spawn them again!
  11. If i will got some money, i would spent it to you guys, but im only 16 y.o. and not rich that much to ask my parents, but keep up your work! i can w8 to 2018 for release
  12. Im new one here too, i heard last day that Battleforge will return or as you want to read, reborn I enjoyed this game so much and i cant wait for return of this game! I loved it, and felt sad when in 2013 i guess, they closed servers. i went to League but i will play both of them
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