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  1. Expectations

    Which expectations have Developers to future Skylords Reborn? Let us know!
  2. Current Proposal: Rewards

    For me Questions design is the best way, maybe you will set difficulty of quest's if possible, and rewards better with highier quest difficulty?
  3. Donations are back !

    I will be 16 y.o. in 1 month so im not able to donate money, but i will to speed it up as much as i can... well, maybe we will play SkR at next summer
  4. which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    I Loved Soulhunter, Avatar of frost (i didn't had him, but he looks epic) Juggernaut, my lLord Cyrian and Overlord, i loved this buddies. Cant wait to spawn them again!
  5. Donations are back !

    If i will got some money, i would spent it to you guys, but im only 16 y.o. and not rich that much to ask my parents, but keep up your work! i can w8 to 2018 for release
  6. Hi guys i'm new :3

    Im new one here too, i heard last day that Battleforge will return or as you want to read, reborn I enjoyed this game so much and i cant wait for return of this game! I loved it, and felt sad when in 2013 i guess, they closed servers. i went to League but i will play both of them