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  1. Hey sorry that i was spamming.. but i was so frustrated .. and i got kicked 

    can you please let me back in to discord? i am so sorry for the spam


  2. I hope you guys are enjoying the stress testing. It is definitely helpful for us to hone in on some issues. Thank you all!

    1. Treim


      Well, I at least enjoy watching the madness unfold on the forums and especially discord. :kaboom: 

    2. Nephilim


      WHEN BETA?!?!?!? <3

  3. What's up with all the frogs?

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    2. anonyme0273


      The Hulk is overhyped

      Image result for buffed pepe

    3. Treim


      @BurningWorld You Sir are a false prophet :D :kappa:

    4. BurningWorld


      @Treim fixed it! :D even twice now haha. I'm sorry I was even yesterday morning here to put the upvote, but it said I still can't add reactions for that day, so I forgot to do it later :/ Now you got 2 haha <3 

  4. Great job! Keep up the good work
  5. Merry Liftmas!

    1. sylvix95



      On my way, to deliver you, a big present.

    2. anonyme0273


      Hohoho, you better be on the "I go to the gym daily" list, children.

      Good gains to you all.

      Img source

      SKRfng3 (1).jpg

    3. Blank


      Hahahaha @anonyme0273 like that picture a lot.

  6. Going to expand the script from pastebin into this thread for my own reference. //Definitions struct CString { int Length; char Text[Length]; }; struct Point { float X; float Y; float Z; }; struct Point4D { float X; float Y; float Z; float W; }; struct Point2D { float X; float Y; }; struct Face { short Indices[3]; }; struct CGeoMesh //seems to rebuild the MeshFile, but with fewer vertices (meshfile seems to have each triangle twice anyway) { int magic; int IndexCount; if (IndexCount > 0) Face Faces[IndexCount
  7. Going to necro this thread, here's a 010 editor script, have an update for the DRS structure, currently stuck at CDspMeshFile, will continue work tomorrow. Thanks Pesmontis for some documentation. //Definitions struct CString { int Length; char Text[Length]; }; struct Point { float X; float Y; float Z; }; struct CGeoMesh { int Version; int IndexCount; if (IndexCount > 0) short Indices[IndexCount]; //Just a guess int VertexCount; if (VertexCount > 0) { struct _Vertices { float X; //X
  8. Here's CGeoMesh. int Version; int Length; if (Length > 0) short Indices[Length]; //Just a guess int Length2; if (Length2 > 0) { struct _Points { float Unknown1; //X float Unknown2; //Y float Unknown3; //Z float Unknown4; //Direction? } Points[Length2]; }
  9. Hereby also the DRS file format. File formats for the classes will follow. //Definitions struct CString { int Length; char Text[Length]; }; //Structure char Magic[4]; //0xC57CF11E int ChunkFileVersion; //Must be 1 int NodeInformationOffset; //Offset to node information? int NodeHierarchyOffset; //Offset to node names? uint NodeCount; //Node count if (NodeCount != 0) { FSeek(NodeInformationOffset); struct _NodeInformation { uint Checksum <format=hex>; //CRC32 probably int Identifier; int Offset; int Si
  10. Hey guys, I thought I'd give you guys a hand, this is the structure of the SKA file. Many unknowns ofc. Did not have the time to take a look at those char Magic[4]; //0xA7148107 uint Type; if (Type < 2 || Type > 7) return; int Length; struct _Headers { uint Unknown1; uint Unknown2; uint Unknown3; uint Unknown4; } Headers[Length]; int Length6; uint Unknown1[Length6]; struct _Unknown2 { uint Unknown1; uint Unknown2; uint Unknown3; uint Unknown4; uint Unknown5; uint Unknown6; uint Unknown7; uint Unkn
  11. My name is Blank and I am a 23 year old electrical engineering student. As a hobby I have been programming since the age of ~12. Additionaly since the age of 15 I have been diving into reverse engineering and malware analysis. For work I am a security consultant giving large institutions advice on their IT security.
  12. Banned, this is my pizza now!
  13. [quote='Dawn' pid='1613' dateline='1435055540'] ook but i will keep posting card files to you :D but ok i will put it in some bigger update [/quote] Hey Dawn, Here is something that might help you. These files seem to contain all text in the game. IF you want it in different languages let me know. http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=05929132611343674507
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