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  1. Dawn

    Custom maps collection

    can someone create .pak files and post them here?
  2. Dawn

    The New Cardbase and More

    ca i get victim badge?
  3. Dawn

    BFR Minecraft Server!

    if u have that much free memory can u make some FTB server for example unleashed or sth like that
  4. Dawn

    Wiki and AllCards

    im sorry i dont have much time lately so i cant be around so if anyone needs something from me u can contact me on skype "danhamp"
  5. I just got an idea that it would be great to see if server is online or offline there could be some server status icon somewhere on this webpage.
  6. Dawn

    Wiki and AllCards

    np my hero
  7. Dawn

    Wiki and AllCards

    ok just reset all it hould be all right
  8. Dawn

    make ladadoos viral

    my signature is all i need to say to this
  9. Dawn

    make ladadoos viral

    for those who voted against ladadoos im loking forward to crashing yar ass as soon as bafo will come out
  10. Dawn

    Not sure if anyone noticed

    made me to hate EA even more and i though it was not possible...
  11. Dawn

    Fan made content and promotionals

    and greatest thanks for our developer team and head spammer @Ladadoos :*
  12. Dawn

    Wiki and AllCards

    THX for your help
  13. Dawn

    Idea to limit multi-accounting

    oooh bet you can play 2 battleforges on one pc
  14. Dawn

    [Guide] Useful forum features

    well u can pick your cards to deck and than click the loop it will only display cards from your deck than unzoom page printscreen your cards and you have your picture of all cards one next each other https://mega.nz/#!u4s1CIIT!0tKinXcEHYLlt3RqA23_TfnaQ-OCIFQ2Aqnds2yx7Ag @Eirias and paste the code on the same place where u took it

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