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  1. Akaranda

    Open Beta *Memes* Collection !

    we live in a society
  2. Akaranda

    Open Beta *Memes* Collection !

    This is my favorite thread can we keep it alive pls?
  3. Akaranda

    Open Beta *Memes* Collection !

    My real fear for this project
  4. Akaranda

    Anyone playing MMORPG´s ?

    I started playing Dungeon's and Dragons Online (DDO) about the same time I started playing BF. It's made by the same company who does LOTRO. I highly recommend it, it's more addicting than WOW and a lot cheaper (F2P, $10 a month to unlock everything).
  5. Akaranda

    Unofficial New Faction/Cards Idea

    These are really cool concepts, I like how they would work with existing cards in the game. I only have one small suggestion. All of the existing promo units in the game have really shiny glowing lines all over their models and art, but the T3 promo you have there doesn't. Shiny glowing lines = promo more valuable. Overall, 10/10 for creating hype!
  6. Akaranda

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    Most kids are pretty predictable, they will beg for candy or a new gaming console. This was not the case for me. My parents still have firm memories of me begging for BFP every week, and this was more than a decade ago. Having given in, my parents spent at least $500 funding my Battleforge addiction. Like many of us on the forum, my love for Battleforge comes from my childhood. I was in elementary school when I first saw a case for Battleforge at a local Best Buy and begged my parents to pick it up. I had no idea what I was getting into. This story will not be about the fun memories, however, but the lesson Battleforge taught me inadvertently. Battleforge was one of the rare games that I actually wanted to get involved in the community. For the most part I prefer solo, single-player style game-play, even in multiplayer games. Even for someone like me who prefers to stay isolated, I made plenty of friends on BF. I had a particular friend who played as constantly as I did, and around the same time too. Not being old enough for a job, I had plenty of chances to sink 8-14 hours a day into the game. This friend and I would team up together for any challenge; community maps, expert maps, PVP, whatever we wanted to do. Now, we have all been in the situation where are parents don't understand that you can't pause an online game. Since BF maps lasted 15-60 minutes each, this was a constant struggle. I have always been overly caring about people, and I felt really guilty going afk in the middle of matches. What this led to was every night, at dinner time, I might have to leave in the middle of the map to eat. My parents would remind me 2-3 times that dinner was ready, and then I would rush up to go get a plate. The problem was that I focused more on getting back to the game than actually eating and spending time with my family. I would get as little food as possible, not waste time on seasoning or any extra item, and chow down. Of course my parents were aggravated by this, but this was not the last straw. This is one of the only clear memories I have from when I was much younger. I was playing a community map with my friend, when my parents called me to dinner. I let him know I was going afk, but I still felt really guilty about it. During dinner, I got up to take a bathroom break. The bathroom happened to be right next to my desk in my bedroom at my old house. Well, I thought I would be sneaky and throw in a few minutes of Battleforge after my bathroom break. Apparently, I must have been too loud with my keyboard. My heart starts racing as I hear my dad set his plate down and come stomping down the hallway. I quickly finish what I'm doing and try to walk off but it's too late. He shoves me back in my room so that he can take a look at what I'm doing. Through my dad's screaming at me I try to explain that I was just going to head back to dinner, but he was fed up. I still remember this punishment seeming like a worse than death sentence to me at the time; he would have a password on my computer from now on, and limit how much I play. Let it be known that I now thank my parents for pushing me to stop obsessively playing PC games, even though I was so angry at the time. It only took a few days for me to snap out of the sadness I had that week. How much does it take for one to realize how pitiful it is to be depressed by only being able to play video games a few hours a day? This has been one of the most important lessons in my life: everything in moderation. Get more than one hobby, make more than one friend. Don't party every night that you go out and don't stay inside every night either. Everything in moderation; no matter what we do in life, or who we are, it is advice we could all learn from.
  7. Akaranda

    Local Recipes

    I looked them up in Walmart and Payless for my area, they don't have any :/ Perhaps its because you live in Slovenia?
  8. Akaranda

    Local Recipes

    Walmart sells Lingonberry jam but not in my area, so I used raspberry spread. Made that recipe last night, it turned out very well. I'm afraid of the other recipe you put in because of the pickled turnips, also not sure if anywhere around me sells pickled turnips.
  9. Akaranda

    Local Recipes

    Made this last night. Recipe worked well, was a fast, easy, and tasty meal. It was kind of like breakfast for dinner but I'm fine with that. I think I want to make all of my pancakes with potatoes in them from now on. Thanks for the recipe!
  10. Akaranda

    Local Recipes

    Oh good ole' ramen. I have a counter-recipe to your recipe. If you boil the noodles (for the ones without veggies and stuff) and then drain them instead, put a 1/4 stick of butter, 1/4 cup of milk, half of the seasoning, and half a bag of shredded cheese, it turns into a delicious macaroni and cheese. I started doing this every time I have it.
  11. Akaranda

    Local Recipes

    One thing I've learned in cooking is that 99% of the amounts of ingredients can be estimated. Thanks for the conversions
  12. Akaranda

    Local Recipes

    That looks delicious, I just need to get to the grocery store to try all of these. Thank you! I suspect that having the measurements in dl and g will be an issue; everything is measured in lbs, cups, and tablespoons where I live
  13. Akaranda

    Local Recipes

    I enjoy most food except seafood. I don't mind spending hours/lots of money on a meal. I will check it out! Thanks!
  14. Akaranda

    Contest: New Logo

    My opinion: Keep the O and R separate for each word (and match the colors to the rest of the word), and add a simple background or artwork to the back, and then you easily have a winning/competing logo here. Really great job on the font and style.
  15. Akaranda

    Contest: New Logo

    Keep doing this, it looks amazing. The problem with the logo was that it had "Battleforge" as the name, not the font or how similar it was.

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