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    Gaming is a big interest of mine I've been gaming my whole life and I don't think it's something I will stop doing soon, maybe in a couple of years when life gets more serious. Other than that I work quite a bit and love working, I also workout and try to gain weight (skinny build) going well though.

    Anyways I got into BF back in 2011 bought the disk hooked in some extra BFP and then i smooth sailed mountaineer and stonekin decks, even tho i always wanted to try Shadow. So I might rock that when the game is playable again. I really like stategy games in general have tried most games like Starcraft and such, none have really gotten me to stick like BF well except shitty addictive League....

    League of Legends, GTA, ARK:SE, Tom Clancy's R6S, Cities: Skylines, PUBG and Mindnight are what I play currently.

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  1. PlainVenom

    Closed Beta Applications

    I was hesitant to apply at first but since I have a lot of free time in the upcoming months (3-5 months ahead). PlainVenom#7432 is my discord and I can always be caught on there either through my phone or on PC. A bit about me: My name is Jonas, I am a danish guy who has gone on summer break and is in school. I love playing games, and I always have (Think I always will) My school has a lot of free time and my workload isn't too big to not have free time. I study Technology at my school and have picked English and Math as particular skills. (Don't know how to explain this weird school system). I can dedicate around 3+ hours every weekend, and most days until maybe august I can dedicate 3+ hours every day maybe less. When I start school by then it gets slightly harder but be it possible. I am very dedicated when I set my mind to something, working out, gaming and or going for other goals. I can be a little special flower at times but will try to always put a smile on someones face as fun and happiness is very important to me. I am very outgoing and easy to talk to, I am mediocre/good at English. I speak it well but my writing is a little rusty. My time in BattleForge. I have played BattleForge for most of the duration of it's online time, I was pretty dedicated to the game but also shuffled other games as a lot of games just hit the market. I was a very dedicated for most of the time, but would still classify myself as pretty casual as I didn't tryhard much or care too much for ranks nor best strategies or whatever. My goal was always to fulfill the collective part of the game and aim for a full collection but never managed as I didn't have lots of moneys available at the time and didn't play too much or flip/use the AH. Although I didn't play for all of it's duration I remember what BF was and will be for many and myself. I loved every second of it, I never felt a rage induced moment even after having to do some missions ten times bcs. my group failed. Didn't matter we had fun and I learned something new, how to approach, how to overcome, how to conquer. I mainly played PvE > PvP, because I am pretty bad at Me over others? Well I am pretty humble so I wouldn't say I am necessarily a better candidate than others. I would say that we could all be equally qualified. What could make me slightly better even though I can be impatient at times is that I am dedicated and hardworking. I am pretty chill with people and don't get mad much. I have some relations with the people behind it all and I've played plenty of the game (As have others). I have plenty time to do everything required and follow tasks that are set. I like finding crinky ways to "break" games or playing with the structural integrity of things. If it's overdoing something to see if I can force a crash or testing the same thing again and again to see if a different result could happen, I enjoy it, if it breaks it's fixable. I am very familiar with some of the beta testers and some of the "founding fathers" and others that have been longtime involved. Been playing some games with them and know them on a slight basis. I have followed this project for a longtime and have felt a strong connection to this community and how dedicated everyone involved is. I may not be the best candidate as I am a little impatient, but what I am asked I always do, even if it's at work or school, or in a scenario with bugs in testing. I've tested some things occasionally but is not the biggest tester, I have PLAYED a lot of betas/alphas although I dont believe that counts ;). I am not much into Computer Engineering or Programming, or any type of coding. I try to learn some of the basics through webpage coding, but it's nowhere near coding a game and it's server background. My understanding is that, this isn't required though. If you ever have to pick someone else over me, I would never be mad. There is nothing to ever be mad about and I would never doubt your decision making, because of what it has lead to so far is great. In the end, we all get to enjoy this game again if everything goes to plan. If it's 6 months or 5 years I will be as dedicated to get back in the Forge. - PV
  2. PlainVenom

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    All things considered, you're all doing an amazing jobs, and a couple of weeks or months more wont matter! It is nice for you to take us all into consideration, but you really do not owe us anything. SneakyEdit: No matter what happens, we're all extremely glad for your progress and to have been close just makes us all more hype. A small setback is nothing compared to the potential joy you will be bringing thousands of people when their childhood goes back online. If it flops or fails? Who cares, what've all build is truly something extraordinary.
  3. PlainVenom

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    A bit late to the party, and not too active. Waited a long time, willing to wait longer. Beta is beta tho :)) and I wanna help stress test
  4. PlainVenom

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    This is absolutely fine, most people have been waiting for so long that an extra month makes no difference, we are happy for your progress and until you feel comfortable with what you've build and are ready to release it to the public, we should all be fine with waiting and just grateful of what we're getting.
  5. PlainVenom

    Gold Chests

    I swear, I really want to have access to all cards eventually without having to hit that 4500+ hours of game time like Star Wars: BattleFront 2 (THANK GOD THERE IS NO PAYWALL, BE GONE THAU HOLY PAYWALL SPIRIT!) But it is a good idea to unlock the grind in Beta. To adjust the ratios on what you earn and make sure everything is at it should be. @InsaneHawk Just thankfull to be ablet to fill my collection once again
  6. PlainVenom


    I think the issue with marketing is that it isnt something the community should just go and do it is a decision that supposedly should either be made by the team behind the relaunch of BattleForge or through a democratic vote to wether or not it should happen. Personaly I believe it is a bad idea because there is no incentive to show up on EA's radar after they have granted access back. It is a good idea though, who wouldnt love some BattleForge merch? Btw, that mock up is pretty solid. You're rather talented pal. :))
  7. PlainVenom

    Stream Giveaway 15/06/17

    Agreed. Ultra you deserve the access. Oh wait.....
  8. PlainVenom

    Stream Giveaway 15/06/17

  9. PlainVenom

    Graphics problems please help.

    I have installed the drivers directly through NVIDIA not through any disc or anything. I have tried settings in game and yes SSAO helped a bit. I have not tried the other settings you mentioned I might try it tomorrow, I took contact to the place I purchased the graphics from to see if it would go under warranty.
  10. PlainVenom

    Graphics problems please help.

    50 degrees celcius shouldnt be a problem for a 3 fan card + 3 fan case.
  11. PlainVenom

    Graphics problems please help.

    Instructions?` Im a rather basic gamer
  12. PlainVenom

    Graphics problems please help.

    No mistake found
  13. PlainVenom

    Graphics problems please help.

    Recently while playing Diablo 3 my PC/Game crashed. It kept happening everytime I reopened it. I then reinstalled it and now I could actually play it. But I have this "small" issue. That is almost giving me epilepsy.... This is just an example in League. Its a little bit less In diablo 3 so Im showing it in league instead. This happens in ALL my games. But the "lines" only come from some textures I suspect the shadows? But disabling shadows and other setting do not helped. Things I have tried already. 1. Update to newest graphic driver. 2. Remove ^^ Driver and clean. 3. Install newest possible driver for my ASUS ROG 1060 STRIX again! 4. Install without GeForce Experience to avoid Shadow play and overlay. Reinstall Diablo 3. That did not help. Tested all settings in both games. Also happens in Overwatch, also tested settings. My specs are as follows: ASUS ROG 1060 STRIX 6GB i5 4670 k. 3.5 ghz? 16 GB RAM. 1 TB + 240 GB SSD. Everything except graphics card (which is 1 month old.) is 2 years old. Help is appreciated. EDIT 1: I did all I could and googled everywhere. But there are so many different issues. It could be Windows 7, Corrupt drivers. Corrupt files. Damage to specs.. IDK
  14. PlainVenom

    English Grammar Test

    Pretty good if I must say so since I am not a native speaker
  15. PlainVenom

    My Project v2

    Looks like a cool little project. I hope you have success with this, while youre developing you might want to look for investors or some people that could publish it for you. Just my opinion of course. Although I have no idea what any of the coding means other than some of the basics, I should really get off my lazy ass and start learning to program shouldnt I?...

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