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    • InsaneHawk

      Donations are back   01/17/17

      If you want more information, you can go check this topic : http://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/2790-donations-are-back/
    • MrXLink

      Future of Skylords Reborn and intro to Ardent Peak   02/10/17

      Dear Skylords, Skyladies, Skythings We have received the awesome news that we have been allowed by EA themselves to continue our project and open up many future possibilities! For all information and stream VODs, please refer to this topic:   
    • MrXLink

      NOTE: Stricter (chat) Rule Enforcement   04/11/17

      Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skythings. There has been a lot of commotion going on lately regarding moderation and people calling us out for favouritism and improper judgement. @Kiwi, myself and the rest of the team have had enough of this and we are changing our approach and leniency towards the community drastically, and eliminate this pseudo-favouritism factor. Not that we ever had favourites to begin with, nor in our eyes treated regulars in any way advantageous over others, but we have received several complaints regarding this issue, as well as there have been quite some clashes in chatbox recently. Aside from that, we have decided to act much more strictly about members in the foreseeable future as well.  Considering people have deemed our judgement to be unfair, this will result in us warning the community even for minor infringements, and possibly introducing more temp bans. We feel this is sadly necessary in the current community's state and we're better off having an ordered community in which people see us treat everyone the same way, although in my opinion harshly, and in which members treat staff with respect. As long as the safety and trustworthiness of moderation on the website and discord server is at risk, we will have to make it well-known that we do exert judgement on everyone equally. So from now on, we will be warning people more frequently. This can be for minor insults, misbehaviour, memberating or what we consider as staff disrespect. We're done with the leniency we have once shown here. I'm sad it has to happen this way and of course we will do everything in our power to keep the chatbox a nice, welcoming place. Perhaps this means people will start thinking that we are being sensitive, especially when it comes down to staff disrespect and failure to abide by warnings, but we consider that to be the lesser evil compared to giving members the illusion that we don't consider every member as equal. Equality, understanding, respect and involvement in the community are the cornerstones of community management and moderation, as they also should be within the staff area. So from now on, we are going to monitor this more closely than before. I hope we can treat everyone with understanding and respect here, members and staff alike. We are confident that this approach won't damage the community as much as our currently projected moderation image, valid or not, drags our reliability down. We are all human, and we strive for excellence within community management, moderation and involvement with the community, and aim to execute measures to achieve these goals with respect, passion, and dedication as we did before. We are saddened to have our strictness come to this point. As much as the (chatbox) community has made sure that this became the way it is, we do encourage to take the liberty to speak freely and have a good time here on the forums, as long as said behaviour is in accordance to the forum rules.  Remember, you can find the forum rules over here:  It saddens us to head in this direction, but we feel it will be for the best. We sincerely hope you can all respect this decision, keep the hype up, and have a nice time enjoying the chatbox and its features within a reasonable and orderly manner. Sincerely, and on behalf of @Kiwi and the Skylords Reborn Staff,
      MrXLink, Community Manager


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  1. True. Tanks and aircrafts are much more fun. Warthgazers and juggernaut are not bad neither.
  2. Don't you know another, more efficient method ? Like, I don't know, poison, knife, gun, nuke, simple things like that...
  3. stop it, you gonna kill someone
  4. Can we play the game on a DVD player ?
  5. @Eddio Thanks for the link. Anyway, playing is almost exclusive to Winows, so with my activities I can't really change . By the way, it's a bit off topic, but is there any other OS that support about as much games as Windows ?
  6. And what about linux ?
  7. Speaks the same language as me, although comes from a different country
  8. I may have an idea to solve this problem (probably a bad idea, but I share it anyway, who knows ^^) : giving each account 2 "characters" : a "normal" one (where they have to play in order to earn BFP and gold to unlock cards and upgrades, so they have to play the game and grind it in order to develop their card list), and another one with everything unlocked at the beginning (all cards, all upgrades, all charges,...). This way everyone has what he wants : PvP and speed-runners have fully upgraded decks, and "nomral" players have to grind the game and have the good feeling to open boosters or get the upgrade they were looking for for some time. I'm not sure if this is realistic, the major problem I see is that some players will directly go with the fully unlocked character and will be quickly bored of the game, or new players will be overtaken by the amount of cards and will quit the game before they have the chance to handle it. To prevent this we could enable this second character only to players who request it to the devs or something like that. Also, I agree with the idea to remove the charges. It just forces players to collect 4 time as much cards, and of course the rarer the card is, the hardest it is to obtains all charges. I think charges could be included with upgrades, so U0 card have 0 charges, U1 have 1 charge,...
  9. @Defqon Woohoo ! Congratulations ! I always knew we would reach it ! let's continue 2401
  10. 2397 Never give up, never give in
  11. @Malt2824 is your mom that unbearable ?
  12. I hope we will see the game before 2018. The more I wait, the more I can't wait I'll try to donate something soon. Keep up the good work !
  13. I had a dream that one day, BattleForge will come back from Death !

    1. anonyme0273


      <3 it is happening. Slowly, but surely 


    2. Archmystic


      it never died it was just taking a long nap, and now its slowly waking up, but it hits the snooze button called beta :D but the wait for its drowsy hand to fall off that button will be worth the wait!

  14. Jorne is the king of giants, not a skylord, like Mo is the king of fire tribes and Rogan is king of Lyr. Rogan also "represents" the frost faction, while there is no known skylord of frost (no, I will not accept Rogan as a skylord ) You're not wrong, every player is a skylord. But only a few NPC skylords are related to a specific faction, like Viridya to nature and Brannoc to Fire. Players are "generic" skylords.
  15. A cool axe... Carried by a cobbler. Man there are a lot of Rogan Kayle's fans here Considering his story, this is true, he represents the frost faction, almost all humans of Lyr are frost units. But again, he is not a skylord. I'm not looking for the skylord of frost in the actual BattleForge story, just want to share theories of who could it be. So feel free to invent an entire story if you are motivated ^^. I thought about Brannoc's wife, who died long time ago. It would have been fun to marry Frost and Fire