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  1. 2442 It's a palindrome
  2. It's never too late! I never say no to a good challenge. I'm waiting for your first puzzle.
  4. 2411 Only a very few people understand the incredible fun that counting is.
  5. Money is only used to rent the server. There is something that money can't provide : motivation. For any team, knowing that a community is behind them and are counting on them is the most valuable donation. So, the best thing you can do is keeping up the
  6. Anno domini 2017, Skylords is 2 years old.
  7. @sylvix95 +1, I didn't checked Discord for a few days and I miss a giveaway unfair world. I will have my revenge
  8. True. Tanks and aircrafts are much more fun. Warthgazers and juggernaut are not bad neither.
  9. Don't you know another, more efficient method ? Like, I don't know, poison, knife, gun, nuke, simple things like that...
  10. stop it, you gonna kill someone
  11. Can we play the game on a DVD player ?
  12. @Eddio Thanks for the link. Anyway, playing is almost exclusive to Winows, so with my activities I can't really change . By the way, it's a bit off topic, but is there any other OS that support about as much games as Windows ?
  13. And what about linux ?
  14. Speaks the same language as me, although comes from a different country
  15. I may have an idea to solve this problem (probably a bad idea, but I share it anyway, who knows ^^) : giving each account 2 "characters" : a "normal" one (where they have to play in order to earn BFP and gold to unlock cards and upgrades, so they have to play the game and grind it in order to develop their card list), and another one with everything unlocked at the beginning (all cards, all upgrades, all charges,...). This way everyone has what he wants : PvP and speed-runners have fully upgraded decks, and "nomral" players have to grind the game and have the good feeling to open boosters or get the upgrade they were looking for for some time. I'm not sure if this is realistic, the major problem I see is that some players will directly go with the fully unlocked character and will be quickly bored of the game, or new players will be overtaken by the amount of cards and will quit the game before they have the chance to handle it. To prevent this we could enable this second character only to players who request it to the devs or something like that. Also, I agree with the idea to remove the charges. It just forces players to collect 4 time as much cards, and of course the rarer the card is, the hardest it is to obtains all charges. I think charges could be included with upgrades, so U0 card have 0 charges, U1 have 1 charge,...