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    Science, 3D modeling, games, lucid dreaming.

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  1. thycarlsagan

    3D Hovercraft

    oh yeah..it's good
  2. thycarlsagan

    3D Hovercraft

    What is this map17? And thank you
  3. thycarlsagan

    3D Hovercraft

    Here are more updates still thinking about texture and colors
  4. thycarlsagan

    3D Hovercraft

    Thank you!
  5. thycarlsagan

    3D Hovercraft

    haha. thanks!
  6. thycarlsagan

    3D Hovercraft

    Hello, i'm making a 3d hovercraft, hope you like it if you want to see more WIP pictures go here https://www.artstation.com/artwork/womL9 I will post more when i make new progress
  7. thycarlsagan

    What do you do in life?

    Great to hear from you guys. Maybe but i'm not sure, i'm very busy at the moment. Also i haven't learned animation yet. At home from youtube and other websites.
  8. thycarlsagan

    What do you do in life?

    hello, I'm studying 3D modeling. I'm wondering if there is any 3D artists here? if not what do you do in life, school, hobby etc...?
  9. thycarlsagan

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    I was reading that and i was like...that's it? haha i have been waiting for eons...this is nothing xD and i love you guys for your effort, there is literally zero reason to be upset.

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