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  1. NAME: Casters are Dumb DESCRIPTION: Description on the video itself REPRODUCIBILITY: 100% SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: LOG: NONE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Casters should not buff while moving and A-moving if no threats are in sight, or in group sight. Should only buff when threatened or idling (and maybe even not for that last one). Doing Micro on different groups asks sometime to A-move, casters always get late, and when units need their buff, they're too far to actually perform it, or they can even stay in one place and never move, performing an infinite buffing loop b
  2. NAME: [Artillery] animation DESCRIPTION: No rotation animation before and while attacking (only at spawn) REPRODUCIBILITY: 100% SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: LOG: NONE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: NONE
  3. The deck I used to play with before BF shut down.


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      That's some hard courage right here

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