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  1. Pretty sure my name was something like Jakob445. Or maybe Stargamer445, Which was so FABOULUS
  2. Congratz! We're all looking forward to this
  3. HEY YALL; HOW YALL DOIN? So recently someone linked this song somewhere, and I found myself loving it. What is this type of genre called? Feel free to link more songs like this under, im really excited!
  4. It's this time again. Im sitting on 75+ games, still cant figure out what to play. My thoughts goes to this site. Can't wait for this game...

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    2. Secvndvs


      Age of Wonders 3 is really good. So bad i can't pass the second level of the human campaign and NO IM NOT GOING TO LOWER THE DIFFICULTY

    3. Karl Jakobis

      Karl Jakobis

      Stay strong m8 :D



    4. nanke


      We are all gamers ;) 

      That was just some of the games from the top of my head, 

      found something to play?


      forgot these treasures


      resident evil 7

      Supreme Commander 1

      Titan fall? (2nd should be pritty good)

      Robot wars

      hidden and dangerous (best with friends)

      Silent Storm Gold (really good tactical game)

      Spore ?? (good for an hour or 2)

  5. Quite catchy, heavy tho. Liked it more than the Game I'l rate it a 5/10. Heres Mine:
  6. LEGOOO, 10 K



  7. 2286 Spirits is luve, spirits is life
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