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  1. Karl Jakobis

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    Kapooooooowww Im in
  2. Karl Jakobis

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Oh boy, here we go again<3
  3. Karl Jakobis

    [Trailer] Open Beta Announcement

    Cant wait<3
  4. Karl Jakobis

    Stream Giveaway 15/06/17

    Little Lambs
  5. Karl Jakobis

    Stream Giveaway 15/06/17

  6. Karl Jakobis

    The Clockwork (Presentation included)

    Thats kinda awesome, and creepy... love it.
  7. Karl Jakobis

    Old name in Battleforge

    Pretty sure my name was something like Jakob445. Or maybe Stargamer445, Which was so FABOULUS
  8. Karl Jakobis

    Happy Birthday Skylords Reborn !

    Congratz! We're all looking forward to this
  9. Karl Jakobis

    Need some groove

    HEY YALL; HOW YALL DOIN? So recently someone linked this song somewhere, and I found myself loving it. What is this type of genre called? Feel free to link more songs like this under, im really excited!
  10. Karl Jakobis

    MBTI Personality Test

    Seems legit I can relate
  11. Karl Jakobis

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    Quite catchy, heavy tho. Liked it more than the Game I'l rate it a 5/10. Heres Mine:
  12. Karl Jakobis

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    GZ to the winners, enjoy the game as much as you can, before I'm in there wopping ur spirits. -Cy@ KJ
  13. Karl Jakobis

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2286 Spirits is luve, spirits is life
  14. Karl Jakobis

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    Hey, My name is Jakob, and this is where I'm gonna tell my story. So it started out when i was around 8-10 years old. I got into games by watching my brother play (realised by reading the other stories, that i wasnt the only one :D). I was watching him playing games like SPORE, WOW, and I kinda liked the ''Violence'' in such games. Then i got my own little laptop, and started to explore the world wide web. I soon learned how to download things, after some long sessions with browser games. Pretty sure me and my friends found Minecraft first, was ofc browserbased in the early stages, but this was my first impression of games, and im still here today so As time went by, I discovered more complex games. I tried pretty much every Free2play game that i found, can't immagine how hard that was for my laptop :/ Then some random day, was probably a nice one, I found a game called BattleForge. I'm pretty sure I fucked up the installation, got pissed and left my laptop for the rest of that day, but i got the game on my mind the next day and got it somehow. I'm not quite sure how my first experience with BattleForge was, but I remember that I played it allot. The game was something special. I also got my friends playing the game, and we had lots of fun in the pve. We probably did the Bad Harvest map 37 times or something. My friends wasnt that good tho, so I had to do the campaign on my own, with random strangers, wich was still fun. I remember finding out that you could buy cards for BFP, not just open a pack. All this time I spent the daily BFP on that shitty pack. I understood how people could get further onto the campaign, cuz it was hard with standard cards xD. I'm kinda affraid of how many hours i spent on the campaign, and im pretty sure i did it like 8 times. The whole freakin thing.. Well, as I grew, Sports got more inportant too me, much because of the competitive play. I like competitions and me and my dad always competed in evrything, even Crash Team racing, which was one of my PS2 games. I find it strange on todays date that i didn't know about the PVP part of the game. I mean thats kinda the thing i love about games. This is another reason why i want to play this game so badly atm, because i didnt experience the pvp at all, and the Youtube videos etc, looks awesome. After a year or so I started with other games. As said the competitivness in me was strong, so I sadly stopped playing BattleForge, and slowly fell down in the Salty pit of LEAGUE. I was stuck here in 4 years, and sadly, i didnt notice that BattleForge was going to be shut down. I found it out by just randomly clicking on the Shortcut one day, and saw the server down. I was also a Battlefeld Heroes player, which gave me some more hate onto EA, for taking down two of my best games. When I was playing League, I always dreamt about going PRO. My goal was ofcourse Challenger, which is the highest rank possible. I reached somewhat high (plat 1 for league peeps) but got slowly tired of their bad changes. But the competitivness kept me going and i started playing CSGO. The same happend, I luved the game, got pretty good and wanted to be the best, Join a team of some kind. Some months ago tho, i found the BattleForge Reborn site, I dunno where, but FarRock's videos helped me, also the other channels that have been poppin up latly. This made me think about the old days. I kinda remembered the good times, and started missing the game. Thats how I'm here. I also stumbled upon Legacy Reforge, but I realised quite fast that this project was far away. So while i played CSGO every day and looved it, the BF got reborn, and i soon realised that this was going great, they got attention. I kept on climbing in CSGO tho, but i didnt find it as fun anymore. All i could think of was this project. I was like not intrested in other games anymore. So thats why I'm come here every day after school to check if there is any news Thanks for reading, if u did Love ur project, cant wait to see the results of this. Hope the winners will be active and help with the game. Cy@ - KJ

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