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  1. Thank you for this, wonderful news
  2. Rakkhot

    Donations are back !

    ok, new donation Link, let's do this ;P
  3. Rakkhot

    It is all over now.. Farewell

    thanks So a social interaction "game"
  4. Rakkhot

    Game Similar to BF

    You just posted what I wanted to post but couldn't find the old topic^^
  5. Rakkhot

    Donators - Thanks list !

    hmm, it probably needs updating again
  6. Rakkhot

    It is all over now.. Farewell

    What is (or was) this club pengiun thing? Never heard of it.
  7. Rakkhot

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    And as I have seen in your links, I'm not the only one who doesn't like the idea of having to start at nothing. As I said in my first post, it's not a demand, I just wanted throw in my opinion while I still could. And I liked the social aspect too, just in another way, more precisely while in a coop game, and it was always much more relaxed when ppl were playing who didn't need the reward, so the teamplay was normally much more fun with a team who wasn't going at eatch other for every mistake or misstep. Another thing I'm worried about is that EA pulls another fast one on us and I don't want to loose any time grinding because every day could be the last.
  8. Rakkhot

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    First, I can't find out how to delete the links inside the qutoe so, sorry for them being there. So now to the answer, thank you for replying, I'm gonna look through the links. But a short answer I can already give you, I'm no social person, I find most social interactions exhausting, so I don't like trading. In the old game I bought most of my cards with real money (around 2000 to 3000 bucks at that time) because I had much more fun when I didn't have to think about getting cards and could just play what I wanted and how I wanted. That's also the thing BF always stood for in my mind, a big sandbox where I could do what every person who has ever liked a card gathering game always wanted to do, see your cards come to life. I know and understand that there are many ppl out there who need something to accomplish, but I don't need that, for me it's more of a hassle instead of fun gameplay.
  9. Rakkhot

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    Ok, I'm glad there is a discussion on the rewards. I'm sorry that I didn't read all of the posts before I write my part, but man I don't have 24 hours spare. I for my part only want to say, please just also think about the old players (not only the new ones) who want to come back despite already having played all cards for many hours. I for my part had nearly every card in the game and the fun I had with the game was only steadily going up the more cards I had. So starting completely new but having the memories of how it was before can get frustrating if you can't unlock new cards at reasonable pace. I understand why you want to give the ppl something to work towards to, but I can asure you, that won't be something fun for me. For me it will probably be an experience with mixed feelings when the game finally is playable, feeling overjoyed to be able to play BF again, while feeling sad because I lost all my cards and won't be able to get them back anytime soon. So to summarize my thoughts, I understand why you want to have something in place to work towards for ppl who have never played the game or just like to do something like that. But I wanted to put in my voice for ppl like me who nearly had all cards already and do not enjoy having to grind back everything they lost, in my opinion this game is at it's best when you have all cards available and you can think about where you want to go to have some fun instead of feeling punished for not playing the maps the quest system gives just because you don't feel like playing 2player coop today. This is not a demand of sorts, I just wanted to say this because it clouded my mind the last few days. I'm a little worried that the frustration could be to big after the initial rush.
  10. Rakkhot

    Donations are back !

    wonderful thanks for the info

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