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    Sc2, 6siege, lol, ALL C&C games, BFreborn map creating, Chess, Curvefever(only in school), Maplestory (Bermo CCPLZ)

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  1. Bermo

    It is all over now.. Farewell

    a piece of my childhood will then be missing. It actually makes me sad Rip clubbo pinguines
  2. Bermo

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    8/10 easy, i'ts hamazing, but i dont like the beat/tune :/ good rap tho
  3. Bermo

    Back again

    Welcome back m8 hope u feel better!. u nice guy
  4. Bermo

    Music from BF covered by Skytrias <3

    I like it, well made m8
  5. Bermo

    Map ideas

    I dont know what you mean but sure! (Y)
  6. Bermo

    Map ideas

    https://gyazo.com/70e5e1d0d4a2ca703f398633022b3e98 This is my idea of the map but idk, dont wanna make the map too hard but this should be close to balanced. @EranShoval
  7. Bermo

    Map ideas

    I like paint better because of Ctrl+Z But one time in the future, sure.
  8. Bermo

    Map ideas

    A few questions, 1) Is one team bottom to top or from Left to right? 2) Green is just filling right? nice. The map itself needs some changes like the momunents in the middle are too exposed but its a generaly good idea and if you want i can start making this map around today/saturday If you have any more ideas i think other map editors would aprichiate it! Keep up the good work :*
  9. Bermo

    Map ideas

    Creating a little thread where people can drop off map ideas and discuss different ideas about and around the map, the different map mecanics etc Would be nice if you also add an ilustrative picture of your map.
  10. Bermo

    how do you make maps more symmetrical?

    You prolly just have to add grid and try to mirror it as good as you can
  11. Bermo

    Would ARAM work?

    Gl on scripting @Geradon

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