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  1. same error happened here is a log log.txt
  2. so after deleting the folder and re unpacking works fine until two games later the error code came back again this is after readying before my oppenent came into lobbyt for pvp then next time i tired to create got the same error code i had before.
  3. LOCATION: so far bad harvest and pvp the first 1v1 map after i hit create game get white screen and error message. REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS Happened 3 times in a row will continue to try might clear data on my side and re unpack the client and all. DESCRIPTION: so far bad harvest and pvp the first 1v1 map after i hit create game get white screen and error message . same error message
  5. Would like to register for 1v1 plz thanks for doing this btw
  6. So I was gone from the forums for a while shit happened had cancer surgery and no time. Coming back really glad to see the progress being made and love that we have been getting more and more people that active and talk on the forums. Hope everyone can keep supporting the team that is doing there work. So yeah everyone here and hope to see you all in the game mostly ladados kiwi and ultrakool XD.
  7. Honestly its a part of what makes this game an RTS any game those that have the highier ground on anyone else will have the advantage when both are ground armys
  8. Can we just have this pinned to the top of forums becuase these are answers to a lot of FAQ that people coming into the forum have
  9. Nice list XD love it it includes some BM stuff too
  10. Still say they will cost about the same since they will be very low in supply at first and it also depends on the upgrade system because getting a promo fire dancer is instantly fully charged and U3 which is very nice since it was always a pain before to grind for tokens and upgrades and get more copies
  11. Czechmate23

    Ugliest Unit

    [quote='Demiron' pid='4718' dateline='1436843572'] I dont think any unit was particularly ugly but if I had to choose I`d go with Thornbark, I guess. His voice was annoying too... [/quote] I love the art for every single card in this game then we come to thornbark and I cringe.....
  12. currently in NYC and my family is from Czech republic, I miss drinking my good beers
  13. Family is from Czech I like puns and chess it was a intersection of good things
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