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  1. PvP is simply more frustrating for me, as I don't want to lose against someone who simply had more luck drawing cards, or grinds like crazy. Because you trade blows, every card that counts as a weaker blow, is a handicap. In PvE the motivation is different, you can do maps with a half decent deck and the right strategy, only if you are into speed runnning, you really need the best of the best. With free decks, I can tell friends "Hey you want to play some PvP?" and we have enough variety and balanced decks. Without it, we would have to craft cheap decks and balance on our own. Or tell the
  2. I am against removing. To get a deck like that, you would need to farm for hundreds of hours. Maybe you can argue about reducing the upgrade level to T2, as most cards will still stay viable, while also giving a higher motivation for grind. Or a checkbox for the queue, allow free PvP Decks or not, kind of like optional Crossplay. But asking for removing, I am sorry. There was once a time where you could spend 1000 hours in games like these, WoW etc. But for me, that time is over, I don't want to be a level 1 thug for hundreds of hours, until I can be a mafia boss lvl 30 with a Mountaineer
  3. But wouldn't that defeat the purpose? Doing PvE with a fully upgraded deck with overpowered cards is not even a challenge in most maps.
  4. So basically, what we have with the free meta PVP decks? What is your complaint with them? While the idea is legit, it also takes a way a lot of the experience and the motivation to actually play the game. But I think that the free decks are actually decent, if you just want a quick match with good cards. It is a good compromise.
  5. ,,Cyberpunk wasn't what I expected so I hit my wife. Damn you CDPR!" Jokes aside it was mentioned at multiple points that a reset will come, like with literally any other game that has a beta. Sometimes we only have to blame our own unfounded expectations.
  6. Today the servers are shutdown, giving the devs time for wipe and some fixes. Tomorrow is the release, we are done with beta.
  7. BTW, does the server reset include a game update, or will the current installation be used?
  8. I haven't really tried it since open beta started, as a lot wasn't working then and with the incoming reset I didn't want to invest to much time. But now that the reset is finally coming, and reading the progress you made, I am really greatful for your work and that you made it possible to play this gem again. (Especially after Blizzard took away WC3). One question I have though, is how strong are your servers? While I don't expect a flawless first day when many players try to login simultaneously, will there be enough capacity to support x-fold of player numbers compared to the stress te
  9. If you want to know the consequences of you suggestion, look at WC3. They did multiple balance changes, but boosted 2 units so much (KotG, Ballista), that they destroyed the whole meta that was in place for like 10 years. It didn't add fun variety, but killed many strategies instead (to stay with battleforge, imagine a t1 unit gets so good, that it would make no sense to even go for t2 or t3 anymore). BUT, you could achieve something similiar by nerfing, which is less fragile (the worst thing that could happen, is that the card vanishes. You could destroy 1 race/element, but at least the other
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