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  1. Thanks for regular updates and ongoing work you guys are putting into the project One comment for Slayer's affinities. They are kinda opaque for casual players. The "types" of units (elemental, human, etc) is very weakly communicated mechanic and I don't think that majority of people knows them. I think some time ago it was mentioned that this is going to be overhauled (together with male/female) - I think it would be good to avoid adding new traits regarding types until this is done/fixed.
  2. It can even start with "0" - without support no minion spawned? To reduce the spam and to promote usage of root network?
  3. I would expect that it will increase proportionally as the supply of cards will reduce proportionally to the 100 bfp
  4. uh, I hoped that crapy community contest would be more easier actually. Any tips?
  5. Wasteland wyvern Also I agree with the sentiment that artwork looks nice, but somehow misses the impact
  6. Yeah, it is a bit strange - maybe instead of damage dealing ability make it some damage reduction ability? or damage increase for surrounding units, etc.
  7. Good news! Btw., which biweekly do you mean? https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/biweekly
  8. All those agains free PvP deck - please realize that PvP is endangered mode. It needs certain critical mass to be playable - you need enough players online. During beta this was not the really the case. Something had to be changed and free PvP is it. It does the following - removes huge barrier to entry for newcomers (described above multiple times) - Hooks players for longer time. E.g. in orignal BF I had to invest some money and time to get one deck. At that point I was very reluctant to do it again to build some different PvP decks. But this barrier made me lose interest gradually
  9. Not a dev, but as far as I know everything will stay as it is now (except some unit balancing changes perhaps?) But a question 4k+ BFP is not a price for every random cards. This is the price range of the most unique & useful cards. If you dont like "market" prices you can always just keep on opening boosters...
  10. Or maybe going more abstract - like "mana" or similar But I assume it would be just shitload of manual and tedious work to replace all the text references, GUI elements etc.?
  11. I fully agree. I think there is already a limit for how long a match has to last (is it 5 min?) So this would prevent a cheesing (plus the difficulty of getting matched with you cheese-buddy). What might be the issue is for sparing matches, as people then might just quite match after 5 min, ruining whole 2v2 or even 3v3. Not cool. For ranked the winner gets the points, so this is counter value for dick move. For sparring no such thing. So easy solution is to remove win condition for ranked only. Is it possible to detect disconnects? But even then it is probably impossible to distingui
  12. Interesting. I have proposed to devs month or two ago that it might be interesting to build an interim server (e.g. elastic or whatever), which would sync with their main server in a civilized manner (not overloading it). And this interim server would then be open to external applications, like exactly what have you created. In case it will get bombed/overloaded etc, it wont harm the main server They didnt mind the idea but said that things like these (assuming they will be given a go) would have to wait after the release
  13. "Scrapping" (or any other tool) is not allowed?
  14. This would defeat the purpose of having comparable decks with the "elite" - U3 upgrades are the most expensive, and often are "step change" like cost reduction - thus important. And you couldnt fix that just by upgrading to U3, because card is not yours, so to fix this gap you would have to buy and level up from very beginning.
  15. You are not alone, I also like the collecting aspect - and initially thought that free PvP decks might be bad idea. But the matter of fact is that PvP is almost dead now. And if you find match it will be with 120 lvl player - so you get veteran and with better deck - again many people dont find this challenging (or lets say challenging too much). Even in EA times the PvP was quite struggling compared to PvE - and most likely after release we will have smaller population than back then. PvP makes very bad impression for newcomers. As a newbie you somewhat design reasonably viable deck and
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