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  1. Hey, You guys do awesome Work! I wanted to ask if there is a possiblity to spice up the booster packs a little more? For instant splitting up the cards in categories of booster packs. like lost souls, bandits, etc. The booster packs shouldnt have only those colored cards (or maybe they should) but rather a higher possibility to drop them. What do you think of this idea? Regards, Quas.
  2. Cards in the trading slot will vanish when the trade is cancelled (due to freezing of the trade.) Neither player has them.
  3. i restarted the computer and now it works (my mate changed the network and his also works now) ok we found out that it won´t let any of us in aslong we use the same network
  4. since i had the same error report i considered it to be the same issue. maybe it helps to know that my room mate started to play it yesterday. (he had the problem / i did not) since the update it won´t let me log in hmmm
  5. thanks for the quick answer! tried many shorter pws but sadly it still won´t let me in. guess i´ll have to wait until tomorrow^^
  6. Hi Devs, First of all thank you very much that we can enjoy this beauty of a gem again. Appreciate the work you put in. I´ve got the same issue as tabarus. Here is my file:log.txt
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