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  1. IMO this is description bug. It should say how long it will be cooldown.
  2. NAME: I do not see my name on players list when i join sparring ground SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: sparring ground and dueling ground REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: when i go to sparring ground or dueling ground I have information about join chat, but I do not see my name on players list. Some times i see other players on list. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: https://imgur.com/3a5nNob ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: In all other places i do not have this problem.
  3. Otakiro

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    I am not sure whether this is progress. You saw them in Introduction page. It is mean they are recently joined and not move yet from this place to another. When server work stable ppls sooner or later move from this place to other. When they are lot of DC new player join (because every DC mean free slot for other player) and u can see them at introduction pages.
  4. Otakiro

    1 - Disconnect once loaded into Forge

    I think u should add to How To Report Bugs additional point: check check Known issues (or whole technical support?) before report bug or/and change name of this place from Resolved to "already reported bug" (or something like this) because no1 look for bug that evidently not resolved yet in "resolved" section.
  5. Otakiro

    2 - Create Custom Match Errorcode "1"

    I have same problem. It happen first time (when i create sparing pvp on random map), and now it happen again and again and again... even after reset PC (in sparring ground, pve map and random pve map). It happen first time 40-50 min ago, but 1h ago or 2 h ago or last night i had not this problem. Now after delete whole BF folder, unpack from rar and update i can create game again :-)
  6. Otakiro

    So i finally logged in ! But..

    It is happen when u press alt + enter. Just go to options/Graphics, tick full screen option and restart game.
  7. Otakiro

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    It seems that server stress test is stressful for for players too :-P It is nice because we are much closer. On the other hand so close, but still can not touch this :-)
  8. Otakiro

    1. Disconnected at startup.

    I have same problem.
  9. Otakiro

    Brothers surprising Desktop


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