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  1. The Devs should just chill. Haters gonna hate, welcome to the internet. All those negative people are more annoying than any delay to the release.. In the end it's only a BETA, and there will be a full reset anyways so what does it matter if we can play one week earlier or later. If the devs would release open Beta and the servers would crash every 5 minutes those people who are allready so negative now would cry even more and harder... rly.. get a life guys...
  2. Nomad sucks in PvP bro.. you won't have much chances if you don't use scavenger...
  3. I just want to say: Good Work guys and I would be rly happy to play this game again
  4. My hype has turned the y into an o, but well.. hope dies last... Keep it on, and hopefully we can one day all play this wonderful game again, and not only some selected VIPs of the community..! :*
  5. Great Guide, well done. But I wouldn't agree that Pure Frost is that hard for fire/frost... I always liked that matchup actually and I won it often even against very strong High Ranked Frost Players. But I played a bit different Fire/Frost deck.. with rageclaws and at that time (before stormsinger buff) with gravity surge. Supported Rageclaws are nice vs Pure Frost and in other matchups they can help to build up pressure with multiple attacks because they are relatively cheap.
  6. Yippieh Closed Beta sounds goood!
  7. This Game maybe has a small Comunity... but it is by far one of the greatest Comunities out there. Bringing a dead game BACK TO LIFE! Realy guys, again, my biggest respect and honour to everybody who contributes as he can... :gem:<3 

  8. I actualy think that this is an idea that should be taken into respect, if you didn't do this allready. In Germany you can found an e.V. (eingetragener Verein). Maybe this could be a way to go. It's relatively easy and sounds similar according legal and tax status as the described LLC.. and you don't need a studied manager to do it. Of course finances will have to be transparent here as well, the board has to be elected from the members and it has to be non-profit.
  9. hmm... the Problem with Shield Building as far as i see it, is not that it is OP in Non-Frost-Splashs, but its gettin OP in Frost-Splashs in combination with the other Buildingprotects. So imo it should be part of that diminishing effect of Glacier-Shell/Kobold Trick as well, or some workaround on that base... concerning stormsinger: I think the buff was slightly over the top and the ability should be a little bit more expensive. T1: Treespirits (!) OP (need rework), Phasetower slightly OP, Dryad (!) (blue) OP in 2vs2, passive shouldn't work for both Players T2: Bandits (!) UP, Firedancer (
  10. He is the son of Ahadi and Uru and older brother of Scar (Taka). He is Simbas father and Husband of Sarabi.
  11. Not playing Shadow/Nature when deepone was splashable?! ...
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