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  1. Well it's not up to the devs to give you anything, they specifically said that this is the stress test and it is not meant to work at a good level yet. The whole point of the stress test is to see how well the server runs.
  2. Yeah, sorry to be an asshole dude, but your English and grammar are terrible.
  3. Yep, it is a known issue. Server is very unstable right now but devs have been working extremely hard to fix the issues.
  4. If you want to believe that is the truth, then fair enough, looks like I am not going to be able to change your mind. Just know that it is people like you that bring this community down.
  5. Is what free? If you mean the game, then yes, they are doing this entirely none profit with the option of a Patreon support. If you mean their free time, then also yes, because they are reviving this game for free in their spare time while also going to school/work to support themselves. Don't be an ungrateful asshole, at this rate you will be put on the watch list and risk a ban.
  6. They are trying to fix it, they spent all their weekend on it, their free time trying to fix a game that they have revived for free. Stop being a baby and learn to be patient.
  7. I mean, it is a stress test, it is meant to crash. So far things are going well as far as stress tests go.
  8. It's not even the Beta yet, but a stress test. As far as stress tests go, so far things are going normal.
  9. Then you don't deserve to be in the Stress Test.
  10. Uh, I think he can't physically start the game, not that he is having issues with servers. Also, BurningWorld, I love you man but you need to calm down. A few of your last posts have been a bit much. I get that you are angry because, well, people aren't patient and you have been dealing with this sort of stuff for a while, but you are not making yourself look very good.
  11. Xeapor

    servers ....

    It is a known bug that the devs are working on. Until then I recommend just waiting for the fix instead of trying to play.
  12. If you bothered to read any other post, you would see that no one can log on and the devs are currently looking into the issue.
  13. No one can at the moment, everyone has the same issue.
  14. There is no activation email. It's just a bug that pops up that can be bypassed by typing in your email and password again or restarting the game.
  15. Have the devs said anything on how many people can be on the server at once during the stress test? Someone said 50, but I find that hard to believe.
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