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  1. The prices are fine IMO. Its the way the free market works. There are commons that are REALLY sought after, and ultras that are not. Ever play Yugioh or Magic the gathering? There are uncommons or rares worth 10's of dollars if not hundreds, and there are ultra and secret rares worth cents. Its all about how sought after the item is. Large demand with little supply (small amount of playerbase actually selling) means higher prices, easy economics.
  2. Kajamaz

    The Stress Test Open on 03.11.18

    I don't believe haha, its like you're talking about core values or religion.
  3. Yeah, it just makes it easier for new people, otherwise if someone who's never done battleforge before stumbles upon this project, they'd have to do a BUNCH of reading, figure out they need 2 downloads, unrar, only run the launcher after putting it into the folder, that's such a pain for a newbie. I mean i'm fine, but this is something any development team should focus on, ease of use for users.
  4. Kajamaz

    1 - Canceling auction doesnt give me back card

    Hey you're a dev, try to recreate the issue and see if its happening! Try recreating this in a video with crappy units
  5. Yes... I am aware... The suggetion is to make it easier for newbies because from a developers standpoint, if you want new users that dont know much about this prokect, make it easy for them.
  6. I believe you guys should make a zipped file that contains battleforge as well as your launcher on the download page, it will make it easier for new players to join.
  7. Kajamaz

    Guild Management in Battleforge?

    Be happy its back up
  8. Dude, im not saying you shouldn't play with your 120, i'm just saying to add an option for those who want to play with balanced decks against once another. Literally a tick box for those who want to play without card levels against one another. I was just asking if ELO would affect deck strength. I understand what ELO is its not Electric Light Orchestra
  9. Lets look at this from the perspective of this games future. If this team wants more players and grow the game, then they have to make sure the game is balanced and newb friendly. So far the F2P model of packs is nothing to argue with, I love it, but when that player joins a pvp match against a lvl 40-120 deck against them, they quit. I personally enjoy battleforge, but this is the reason I quit this game before, the unfair advantage players had in pvp with card levels meant that both of us might have played the EXACT same units and had them engage one another, but one would kill the other because of card level, this meant I lost the early game advantage right away not due to skill but simply because I didnt grind enough pve for card upgrades, and I never wanted to play PVE, I am purely a pvp player in RTS games. This game would also have a much more epic twitch scene if it had balanced pvp, otherwise, no one wants to just watch PVE runs What do you mean it takes ELO into consideration? Like for match making or give someone a boost? Now imagine you dont like the deck you upgraded and wanna play something else, there goes multiple months to play something else. Unfair to disable card levels so that players can have a truely skill based gameplay? I never said upgrade them, quite the opposite, TURN OFF the upgrades in pvp, as a small TICK option for people who want to just have a skill based match. Ever play ANY RTS in existence other than Battleforge? Literally, everyone has base units, upgrades don't exist, imagine age of empires with upgraded units, no one would play that masterpiece game in pvp.
  10. ranked doesn't take card levels into account?
  11. Kajamaz

    What's ur favorite cards ? :)

  12. I wish tremor was in the starter decks, WAHHHH

    1. Ladadoos


      Maybe if you delete system 32 you get free tremors!!! WAHHH

    2. SunWu II.

      SunWu II.

      WTS Tremor 500000BFP WAHHHH

    3. ThomasMann


      WTB Mauler 6000000BFP

  13. The reason for this request is simple, if you want the playerbase to grow, new players to come along, and people to just have fun and truely feel like their strategy is what won them the game, add an option in pvp, a check box to disable card levels in order to allow for a truely balanced pvp setting in which people would know they lost due to skill, not card levels. I hope the team really considers this option, especially when they re-introduce ranked pvp.
  14. Kajamaz


  15. Kajamaz

    Starter Deck

    I just wanted tremor lel kek

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