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  1. Kajamaz

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    My advise if you don't want to lose too many users, do a open alpha or some sort of "open pre-beta" for a day at at time, seems scary, but it can be a great stress test and keeps users interested! Consider it. No one will be mad if something goes wrong, only happy that there was an attempt.
  2. Kajamaz

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Stonekin 4 the win
  3. Kajamaz

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    Giff me key access
  4. giff me access or i ashplode

  5. 2excited5release

    1. ThomasMann


      Shouldn't it be 4? 

    2. Secvndvs


      Get exited to write that again in one month. :kappaross:

  6. Kajamaz

    I drew the Harvester 6 years ago

    Always found it funny that the harvester looked like a cool beast in the picture but in the game it looked like a purple gorilla
  7. Kajamaz

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    You may have changed Black to Purple, but you never changed the two color factions from black to purple, for example, bandits is still Red/Black instead of Red/Purple
  8. Kajamaz


  9. Kajamaz

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    This is incredible, this should be the new official one on the website! I can finally look through a lot of cards at once! My day at work is filled now!
  10. Kajamaz

    Daily log in pack

    Will there be some daily login bonus? Its a nice incentive and helps players get into the game fast! Also I remember there were those one bfp point packs that contain one card, will those be available too?
  11. I have accepted this compromise!
  12. Kajamaz

    Amii Race

    Woo hoo! For now, theres PLENTY of cards in the card pool, but after many many months, I'd love to see expansions, maybe just minor boosters with like 12 new cards or something minor eventually. (TRY TO GET IN CONTACT WITH THE ORIGINAL ARTISTS, maybe they would be happy to make something spicy for the project)
  13. Kajamaz

    Guide on how to make this game never die again!

    Accepting Synthc's idea, include leveling of cards in pvp, easy.
  14. Simple solution, allow cards to level up via pvp. Done said deal!
  15. Kajamaz

    Guide on how to make this game never die again!

    Exactly. I wouldn't, I play RTS games, and i'm also sure that 90%+ of people who quit this game also wanted to get into the ranked competitive scene but couldnt and didnt want to grind 100's of hours to have fun. I personally WILL NOT be doing PVE, I hate pve in games, you should get quest rewards for PVE and earn gold to buy packs, but the level system is absurd. For those who wanna grind days of their life away doing PVE CAN if they get gold, and upgrades make PVE even easier so grinding for gold is more efficient. It doesn't kill it, if you reward gold and quest gold for pve, it doesnt kill it, also people speedrun too so plenty of competitive aspect. DONT FORCE PVE down my throat to be able to play a card game, that already takes a while to get the cards to compete. This game will not be able to aquire new players unless it does so. Seems you've never played magic the gathering or yugioh. You get competitive cards and play... you dont need to GRIND 100's of hours to upgrade cards to compete. No grind in the world is not boring... you obviously haven't played a single game that is actually fun (TF2, Age of empires, or hundreds of other games that require 0 grind). Grind is boring, and i'm sure 99% of players will quit. I'm fine with grinding for packs, not stupid ass card levels. All i'm ever gonna do is trade and pvp in the game.

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