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  1. Ah i remember it was the decomposer, furnace, embalmer combo but do you remember what units were being put down for the combo? Also is frost, nature or shadow the best t1 in such a deck? What about amii monument, and why is wheel of gifts not used anymore?
  2. What is the best deck to consistently clear rpve 9? I remember running something with wheel of gifts and lost spirit ships or ashbone pyros but i don't know if it's still viable. There was also a combo with furnace of flesh and juice tank and some other shadow cards. If you can link your rpve decks and explain how they work.
  3. 2 questions, will the bfp per hour count time spent in the forge, trading and such or will it strictly count time spent in pve and pvp matches? Will we be able to reroll quests, for example once per day?
  4. It's fitting that this be my first post on these forums, since these drawings are how i discovered that this community still existed. I was cleaning out my desk as i am preparing for college and i found these drawings i did in 8th grade, i got really nostalgic and started googling Battleforge things and found out about this amazing project. I did these with a pen and some highlighter in classes, nothing special but i hope you guys enjoy them.
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