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  1. Noctambulist


    Thank you for the quick fix. Everything working splendid.
  2. Noctambulist


    When creating two decks, one with name "DECKNAME" and one with name "DECKNAME " (spacebar) , you can save the same Deckname twice. When entering a group the deck level of the second deck, will be shown as 0. Upon clicking Ready the tutorial Deck will be auto selected. E: The Deck can also not be deleted, nor can it be re-named.
  3. Noctambulist

    Juggernaut Figure

    Turned out pretty well. I like it. It's about 5 cm high (2 inches).
  4. Noctambulist

    Juggernaut Figure

    With the help of solcrow's models I successfully created a 3D printable Juggernaut. I ordered a small one to check the quality and want to make more adjustments to the pose of the Juggernaut, but am still very pleased how it turned out so far. It can be found under this Sculpteo Link if anyone is interested.
  5. Noctambulist

    Juggernaut Figure

    That sounds promising, thanks for the info!
  6. Noctambulist

    Juggernaut Figure

    A few years back there was a 3D-printable Juggernaut Statue .. but sadly the link went down and I can't find a way to order one of those Juggernauts. I thought maybe some member here has an idea for ordering one of these.

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