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  1. I don't believe haha, its like you're talking about core values or religion.
  2. Hey you're a dev, try to recreate the issue and see if its happening! Try recreating this in a video with crappy units
  3. SEVERITY: 1, these are all bugs that prevent you from playing the game LOCATION: 2player pve, pvp lobbys REPRODUCIBILITY: Always repeatable in given area DESCRIPTION: One bug is when two players in a group do 2 player randomly generated pve, it loads, then gets stuck on waiting for players and never leaves that screen, the other bug is in pvp, occasionally when people join a pvp lobby, the client crashes, and last bug is if you go make a pvp lobby, someone joins then leaves and you try going back to main map, the game freezes. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Its just frozen lol, cant
  4. I wish tremor was in the starter decks, WAHHHH

    1. Ladadoos


      Maybe if you delete system 32 you get free tremors!!! WAHHH

    2. SunWu


      WTS Tremor 500000BFP WAHHHH

    3. WaterMelonLord


      WTB Mauler 6000000BFP

  5. Kajamaz


  6. Dude, he called you a dumbass, if you can't take the insult Dumbass, you should get off the internet and get some fresh air, where a crackhead on the streets or a angry officer might call you worse things.
  7. When I reach blowing up the bandit camp with a fire spell, it keeps dc, its extremely annoying, happened twice. I can't do the tutorial...
  8. My advise if you don't want to lose too many users, do a open alpha or some sort of "open pre-beta" for a day at at time, seems scary, but it can be a great stress test and keeps users interested! Consider it. No one will be mad if something goes wrong, only happy that there was an attempt.
  9. 2excited5release

    1. WaterMelonLord


      Shouldn't it be 4? 

    2. Secvndvs


      Get exited to write that again in one month. :kappaross:

  10. Always found it funny that the harvester looked like a cool beast in the picture but in the game it looked like a purple gorilla
  11. You may have changed Black to Purple, but you never changed the two color factions from black to purple, for example, bandits is still Red/Black instead of Red/Purple
  12. This is incredible, this should be the new official one on the website! I can finally look through a lot of cards at once! My day at work is filled now!
  13. Simple solution, allow cards to level up via pvp. Done said deal!
  14. I'm so fucking excited. PLEASE DEVS, PLEASE ALLOW RANKED PLAY WITHOUT CARD LEVELS! THAT WAY THE GAME WILL NEVER DIE DOWN! Also, I am a game developer myself, I'll be submitting detailed bug reports.
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