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  1. Open-Beta Announcement Stream !

  2. Open-Beta Announcement Stream !

    HYPE! Can we get guidelines and rules?
  3. Wow lots of negativity in this thread :/ Come on guys, launch is drawing closer and we're all hyped as ****. Let's just face it; people would pay to get in. That's how badly we want to play. We should be glad that they don't take bribes and that there will be no real life money sink in this game, but at the same time we should also be glad people would be willing to pay to pay because that will mean the servers will stay up and that the game will thrive once it's up. Just lighten up and stay hyped.
  4. I am just asking I may or may not want to get into the beta really badly xD
  5. Say something about the person above you.

    Talks a whole lot but doesn't even play the game anymore.
  6. The legendary forum game "count"

    1957 I am playing this forum game in 2016 hahhahahah
  7. Announcement - Stream on 11/06/2016

  8. [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    0/10 I don't like listening to fruitjuice being reuined because the machine just broke down. The only reason to listen dubstep is if your soundsystem sucks so much all other music sounds really bad because of it.
  9. [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    8/10 It's a classic!
  10. Opening Tournament

    I'd love to join the tournament for both 1v1 and 2v2. I just don't have a partner but I guess that will sort itself out.
  11. Re: Daily rewards

    [quote='OverlorD' pid='4895' dateline='1436873955'] "This way no one is going to use more than one account." PVP players will create at least 2 or 3 smurfs anyway, as it used to be. "I think you should make BF points directly purchasable with map rewards." Do you mean that BF should be purchasable for gold? [/quote] Gold was tradable right? I don't like that idea. If you do that there will be a loophole in which you can exchange BFP back to gold and amplify it through trading. Maybe it should require gold and victory points. In this way you cannot have that feedback through trading. In this case they should add victory points to PvE as well.
  12. Re: Daily rewards

    [b]In podcast #1 it was mentioned that it was most likely going to be daily quests in order to prevent multy-accounting (is that a word?). I do not think this is a good idea.[/b] [b]In order to prevent using multiple accounts I think you should make BF points directly purchasable with map rewards. This should be a one-way exchange. This has a couple advantages:[/b] [b]-Making daily quests takes more development time compared to creating an exchange funtion from one currency to another.[/b] [b]-There would be no gain from playing on one account or another. This will lead to people playing on the account with most upgrades. This way no one is going to use more than one account.[/b] [b]-You need to play actively in order to get your reward.[/b] [b]-The amount of BFP you can gain in one day is only limited to your skill and your time investment. These are exactly the things that should be rewarded.[/b] [b]- A scenario in which active players have all upgrades for the cards they have but they are hard capped in the amount of cards they can acquire will not occur.[/b] [b]- There will be no way to convert BFP back to the non-tradable currency so upgrades are not acquirable by trading.[/b] [b]Drawbacks: The imbalance between PvP and PvE could be an issue for this. Luckily you can adjust this.[/b] [b]EDIT: TL;DR:[/b] [b]Dailys are bad. Active players will be capped at gainable BFP. They will be forced to use of multiple accounts.[/b] [b]So: Give them BFP through winning which is always active play. Make sure there is no way to buy upgrades from other players.[/b]