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  1. synthc

    Current Proposal: Tokens & Gold

    Surely you realize that T4 is quite bad in PvP, right? It's not just the up-front cost that's the issue, it's the fact that you need map control and you have another orb to defend—and perhaps the bigger issue is the fact that power spent on orbs is permanently lost, meaning it is removed from your power pool. In PvP it's almost always better to stay T3 and have +300 power in your pool than to go T4. In 1v1, it's often better to stay T2 for a long time and some decks can actually do better without any T3 cards at all. This is also the reason why playing a long T1 can give you a power advantage. In any case, I completely agree that all cards should cost the same amount of gold to upgrade. Making card upgrades more expensive by rarity or by orb cost would put pure decks and PvE decks at an upgrade disadvantage, and there's just no reason to do that. As for having only one currency, I like the idea, but I don't really think there's much of a point. As @Treimsaid, a single currency system would be more punishing to new, or uninformed players, which I think is a bad thing—these players will already be at a disadvantage and I think that the game should be designed in a way that guides them to make good decisions with their collections. I do like the idea of finding the optimal card acquisition/upgrade path for your decks, but I don't think it's worth the cost of leaving new players confused and regretting their decisions.
  2. synthc

    Replay management

    www.gamereplays.org would be perfect for this; both for the excellent replay system and the free advertising. Gamereplays has a focus on RTS and a sizeable Command & Conquer fanbase, so I think this game would have a good chance at getting a portal on the site. As a former GR writer, I have some connections there and plan to push for getting a Battleforge portal created once I feel the game is in a good enough state for most people to enjoy it.
  3. synthc

    Bring back permanent Tomes

    There's been so many threads like this lately that I feel like I'm spamming this, but... This solves the competitive upgrades problem without introducing any other issues and is also relatively easy to implement (almost all of this can be handled on the web server with minimal changes being made to the actual game).
  4. You can win with just about anything if your opponent doesn't know what they're doing. In a matchup where players are even close in terms of skill, the weaker player will easily win with U3 cards against U1/U0 cards, and this is a big problem that needs to be addressed. Upgrades actually tend to matter more than the cards themselves, mostly due to charges. It's better to have weaker cards that you can actually play than to have good cards that are all on cooldown.
  5. Restricting matchmaking by deck level is a terrible idea. This kind of thing might work in a game with tens of thousands of concurrent players, but this game will average a couple hundred at best, meaning that splitting up the matchmaking pool even further would make it nearly impossible to find a match. We want players to have similar deck levels in PvP; messing with matchmaking is treating the symptom rather than the cause. The whole point of upgrades is to give players a sense of progression (well, originally it was a cash grab to get players to buy four copies of each card). The best way to deal with the PvP upgrades issue is to allow PvP players to upgrade the cards they use the most very quickly, but still make it take a really long time to get ALL upgrades so that players still have that sense of progression.
  6. Later on in the original game you could upgrade cards using battle tokens which were earned by playing PvP, but it was pitifully slow. The devs have confirmed that you will earn gold (now the only thing used to upgrade cards) by playing PvP. I did update my original post to mention that PvP and PvE rewards should be equal. I also updated and clarified some other things in the post.
  7. There have been many threads about this issue. I suggested a compromise here that preserves progression without making the game slow and grindy:
  8. synthc

    Starter kid approach

    @Twinson I made some similar suggestions here: My idea was to follow the usual F2P progression which gives players a lot of rewards for basic quests early on, with the condition that cards bought with these rewards are bound to the account. This thread also outlines adjustments to the upgrade system, as upgrades/charges actually tend to be more important than which cards you have.
  9. War Eagle gets countered by Parasite Swarm, Lava Field gets countered by heals, and you can use Mine + Wildfire + Roots to defend against Enforcers. I definitely think the strongest PvP deck would be pure fire based—pure fire has the strongest units and their damage spells combo insanely well with CC. Pure fire's weakness is a lack of CC, building protection, and heals; so if you build a pure fire deck that has all those things (and Homesoil), it will be unstoppable at T2. Sure, on some huge maps your opponent may be able to get to T3, but even then, the combination of Parasite Swarm and Lyrish Knights counters almost everything at T3, and you can continue to wail away at their monuments with Homesoiled Firedancers. This deck may not be the end-all of an all-neutral meta, surely other decks would be perfectly viable, but I definitely think that offensive decks would be much stronger than defensive decks, because offensive decks like pure fire have to give up more (no CC, heals, building protection, and various combos) than defensive decks. The most defensive deck, pure frost, for example, already has access to CC, building protection, and shields; so allowing them to play any cards regardless of color doesn't help them nearly as much as it helps pure fire. I couldn't see 30 minute long games between ultra defensive decks with big T3s or even T4 happening (at least not at the higher levels).
  10. This would make an interesting game mode. Here would be my PvP deck: Forsaken best T1 archer with amazing ability. Scavenger slightly better than Dreadcharger do to the slow. Nox required to counter Frost Mage + M unit spam. Frost Mage to counter S unit spam and because the splash damage is really strong in large numbers. Also good in T2 vs Parasite Swarm and some other S units. Dryad blue for resistance to Eruption and other AoE damage—and because the damage reduction is just really strong in general and the sleep is nice in the early game. Ice Barrier for Homesoil. Homesoil because AoE damage buff is insane. Mine for the Root combo. Roots for CC and Mine combo. Surge of Light is efficient at all stages of the game and negates Eruption spam and T1 Nasty Surprise, especially if you micro well. Rallying Banner combos with all of the T2 units and activates Homesoil. Enforcer best M/M counter. Firedancer best siege unit. Drake to counter Energy Parasites and cliffing. Darkelves best S counter and great archer is general. Lyrish to counter XLs (Harvester) and combos well with Rallying Banner. Kobold Trick for obvious reasons. Parasite Swarm to counter T2 L units and T3 units (though your opponent won't get to T3 if you play this deck correctly). Oink best CC. Wildfire is amazing with Roots. It's interesting to think about what the meta would end up being for a game mode like this. It would probably get stale pretty fast—T1 would devolve into Frost Mage + Nox spam and the player with the best Roots would win. T2 would be very fast paced with Firedancer + Homesoil bringing down wells in seconds; and for that reason there would be no T3. There's definitely some potential for cheese with Rallying Banner/Ice Barrier + AoC + towers with Kobold/Glacier; it's a little hard to find room for all of that when there's so many good pure cards to play though. EDIT: replaced AoC with Dryad.
  11. Can you really pirate hardware though? Personally, I'm more than happy to pay for the games, but I'm not going to spend money on hardware that is redundant with, and in every way inferior to my PC. Nobody said anything about making pirated games available... this post was about emulators, not games. If console sales drop because of emulators, that's great. That means the console market will suffer, game publishers will stop making console exclusives in the future, and we will eventually have a unified gaming platform (PC).
  12. synthc

    tournament/ prize

    What if we made a fully automated "tournament" every week or so (maybe even every day); kind of like Brawls in Prismata, where there's a couple hours (weekly, I think) during which players can queue up for brawl matches and the top 3 with the most wins gets a prize/badge. There's also random prizes for participants to encourage people to play the brawl even if they don't think they will win. This is similar to another suggestion I saw, which was to increase the rewards given during a certain time of day in order to create an artificial PvP primetime and to keep people playing on a regular basis (can't find the topic). If you made this fully automated, you wouldn't need any signups/rules/prize pools. It could be as simple as queuing up for ranked matches during the allotted time and trying to win as many games as possible.
  13. I didn't realize that Lord Cyrian, promo Grinder, and Moloch (no promo version?) were not tradeable. If this is the case and the original game had something like a "nonTradeable" flag for cards, then that would make locking down cards easy—we would just need to recover that functionality. I definitely agree that locking down cards is the best option; I only suggested alternatives to that because I thought it would be hard to implement. Having a separate currency like you suggested would also make it clearer to players which currency is bound to their account and which they can freely trade and buy "unbound" cards with. In this case, giving new accounts a unique, one-time questline that gives lots of account-bound BFP, and having any cards bought with that BFP be bound to the account is definitely the way to go. You could also treat this questline as a sort of extended tutorial that guides players through all the different aspects of the game and helps them learn some of the more advanced stuff (rewards are a great way to get people to play tutorials). This is a very common strategy for teaching players the game and getting them some early rewards to jump-start their gameplay experience—all in all, it's proven to help significantly with early player retention. I should also stress that this stuff is especially important for this game since we will probably not have a very big player base. After the initial post-release rush, I expect to see an average of 20-60 people online at any given time—maybe a couple hundred if we're lucky and do everything right (most importantly advertising/community building, and this—ensuring there is a good progression for new players). This means that having a slow grind for PvP would be completely unacceptable. It's somewhat OK in a game with thousands of concurrent players online because you can usually get matched against someone who has a similar level to you; but in a game with a small player base it would just be utterly crushing for a new player to constantly get matched up against people with level 120 decks. They would have no chance whatsoever and would just leave the game in frustration. As a side note, I realized that there is a loophole that could be abused with the account bound BFP system: you farm these bound BFP on a smurf account and then transfer them to your main account by listing a cheap common card on the AH for a high price and buying that card from your smurf account. This would "unbind" the BFP while transferring them to your main account. Fortunately, I'm pretty sure I saw somewhere that the devs were planning on setting up a system that flags these kinds of AH transactions as potential multi-accounting or real currency trading. So this system should be able to prevent this kind of exploit, or at least may it a slow enough process that it wouldn't be worth it vs just gaining rewards normally on your main account. I like the idea, and I agree that it wouldn't have a significant P2W effect, but I think that as a matter of principle we should probably avoid "selling" any kind of in-game content (even though EA has surprisingly said that we can monetize the game "to a degree"—whatever that means). I think I would be OK with this if the charge system were removed or if players were required to trade in four copies of the card that they're getting the promo for—this would completely avoid a P2W situation because you'd have to already have the card fully charged before getting the promo. That said, we've already seen that people are quite willing to donate even when they're getting no rewards for it, so hopefully there will be no need to incentivize donations.
  14. synthc

    Frost T1 PvP Guide by RadicalX

    Yep, the problem is that you can't maintain that formation while moving across the map. That's why the matchup becomes a battle of positioning, with nature always inhibiting the frost player's movement by threatening with roots. Maybe with impeccable micro it's possible to not get caught out at all by roots, but I don't really think it's feasible in an actual match—at least when I was last active, the best frost players at the time were not able to do it. But I guess we could argue back and forth forever over how big the frost advantage is, when it's really something that can only be determined experimentally (though actual matches).
  15. synthc

    Strongest PvP Deck?

    I think pure fire is overrated. All of pure fire's strength is focused on offense, so if you just play offensively against them and keep them on defense, you win. Firedancer is only really useful for offense and Wildfire is usually inefficient unless it's hitting a well/orb while killing units. Even decks with terrible defense like pure nature can beat pure fire by constantly pressuring with Deep Ones. As long as you don't fall behind in T1 against pure fire, you should have an advantage with every deck except bandits, shadow/nature, and fire/nature (unless it's a cliffdancer map). It is true though, that pure fire can snowball hard in the early game and just kill you in early T2. Juggernaut can also save them when they are behind.

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