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  1. Yes, that's been suggested before and I think it's a very good idea. Ideally you would have automated events that happen every day at certain times with increased rewards to get people playing at the same times.
  2. Agreed. I think you should have a pool of R/URs to choose from, so if you choose to get multiple charges for the same card you're passing up other cards. Maybe have only up to two of each card in the pool so you can't get all 4 charges from these quests (buying them will still be relatively cheap since there will be people getting them from quests who don't want them and sell them). When it comes to new players you can actually use some psychological trickery here. Since these cards are R/UR, they will still feel special/valuable to new players because they probably won't know that lot
  3. Double Erupt and Drake shot + Erupt to kill Parasite Swarm is generally an effective counter, but fire/frost tends to rely on shields to attack effectively. Ultimately, this matchup comes down to the fact that fire/frost just doesn't have anything scary in early T2 that kills pure nature's wells. Once pure nature gets rolling with SoM they have a big advantage (even without getting any EPs off). The power advantage combined with the need for fire frost to invest in Ice Shield Tower or Frost Sorceress gives nature enough of a power advantage to use two Parasite Swarms + CC in a lot of ca
  4. Totally agree here. I talked about this and made some suggestions primarily from a returning player's perspective here: I think that the solution is to have four main quest-lines that are available from the start - one for each color. These quests would give account bound R and UR rewards for playing each color. A simplified example of rewards progression (in no particular order): Path of Fire: Firedancer Wildfire Juggernaut Batariel Cluster Explosion (Repeat rewards up to 4 times for charges) High level reward for like 1000 pure fire m
  5. The Magma Hurler change was based on the idea that the game will reach a point where every deck has good ways to deal with pure fire aside from air dominance and abusing L units. This idea was perhaps a bit naive on my part as at our current rate of progress I doubt we'll ever get close to that point. Still, it would be an ideal change later on if we ever got there to help smooth out pure fire's strengths and weaknesses. As for Stormsinger, there are plans to rework frost T1 which should help make pure frost more consistent as well. I also want to rework fire/frost as it's been pretty un
  6. For PvP, the big problem really is the lack of transparency with regard to how the card generates power (and how much power it generates). I pretty much agree with everything Hirooo said here and I think that removing looter is an acceptable interim change while the ultimate goal should be to rework the ability so that it moves power from void rather than generating free power. I would suggest a slight buff in the meantime (5-10 power cost reduction or a slight stat boost), because I don't think that Thugs will be very useful if looter is removed. They saw very little use before looter
  7. I think that the card will still be useless after receiving a buff like this. If we look at other T3 units with CC abilities, those abilities are always very aggressively costed when compared to spells, due to their more restrictive nature (in terms of positioning and bound power). Examples being Fathom Lord, which has excellent stats, and a cheap paralyze (the strongest kind of CC); Swamp Drake, which has solid stats for a flying unit and what is essentially Oink for 30 power (with 2 fewer seconds to hit the affected unit without reverting CC); and Timeless One which is cheap and has a dirt
  8. This is exactly my intention. The whole purpose of a large balance patch is the change things up significantly. Sure, you can win with every color, but my goal is to bring each matchup as close as possible to a 50-50 chance to win (assuming equal skill levels); balance in asymmetric PvP games is mostly about eliminating any advantage that occurs before the match has even begun and emphasizing skill, strategy, and adaptability instead. I want to eliminate map advantages and matchup advantages as much as possible, and that can't be done without disrupting the current meta and which decks are
  9. Yes, and yes. Same user name as here. Honestly, I think a more holistic approach is better than debating each card in isolation. This is because game balance is very interconnected in nature - when you change one thing it tends to change a bunch of other things indirectly, so I wanted to write all of my ideas down here first. That said, I do see the merits of discussing cards one-by-one as well for a more focused discussion, so could you add me as a representative? And maybe link this thread if possible so people know my position before voting? Thanks. While t
  10. Looks like Voidstorm. I think if it's cast off-screen you can't see the VFX. https://battleforge.fandom.com/wiki/Card:Voidstorm
  11. I've made a balance proposal in a new topic. Let me know what you all think of it:
  12. I've always been a strong proponent for rebalancing the game before release, and now that Kubik seems to be behind the idea and there is community support for it I've decided to start working on my balance proposal. First a little bit about me and whether you can trust me with regard to game balance: I was very active in Battleforge from 2009 to 2011, and I played on and off from 2012 until the shutdown. I've played on all of the (non-beta) balance patches and have watched the game's balance change and improve over the years. I've played over 3000 PvP matches in total.
  13. Spikeroot really is essential for pure nature to survive against this (and many other M unit threats). Oink the mages and then deal massive damage to them with spikeroot. Parasite (the spell) also helps since it has high single target DPS and can jump to up to 6 mages (it's not a bad inclusion for pure nature in general since it's also really helpful against drake + ravage). Pretty much every other deck has some kind of answer to mage spam + netherwarp; Radical listed most of them, but AoC and Phoenixes + CC work as well.
  14. Fire worm actually used to be one of the better T4 PvP cards before enlightenment was nerfed. For one enlightenment you gained a re-usable mobile earthquake with a ton of ranged L damage. The low HP wasn't too much of a problem because you could support it with heals. It ended up being debatably better than enlightenment + earthquake because you didn't have to spend the 150 power for enlightenment each time you wanted to nuke a base; the downside was that it could be CC'ed. Fire worm was, of course, eclipsed by bloodhorn when the renegade expansion was released, but it still had its a
  15. Surely you realize that T4 is quite bad in PvP, right? It's not just the up-front cost that's the issue, it's the fact that you need map control and you have another orb to defend—and perhaps the bigger issue is the fact that power spent on orbs is permanently lost, meaning it is removed from your power pool. In PvP it's almost always better to stay T3 and have +300 power in your pool than to go T4. In 1v1, it's often better to stay T2 for a long time and some decks can actually do better without any T3 cards at all. This is also the reason why playing a long T1 can give you a power advant
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