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  1. EVENT CLOSED ANY MOD that see this please lock this down
  2. 45k gone still alittle more, new player or 1.5month old get it while it last.. if no new player arrive i will be doing 500 to those who already are in ^,^
  3. Don't worry i perfectly understand XDDDDDDD take your time
  4. cards that makes it to easy i usually tell emma to take it out... example i show a case of the dragonhunt and how easily it is to use blaster cannon and mark of the kepper to get to t3 like nothing, then use t4, then use green afinity dragon that shut down building, and all the range dragon gg.... before this on all his simpleland i made video of it and how easy it is to use amii monument. a dicussion was made to take all cheating card out of there. so i re-enter and did one map and use amii and got a automatic lost... this was good because me and lucky20 then went to each of his map and finished it the card way [all shown on my youtube channel] and each one was dam fun. Emma's best map to me is still simpleland7 the mechanic was extremely well done for us. we enjoyed it... simpleland 8 was to hard without amii and you need your partner to help you on void .. simpleland 8 was one of the most sadistic map in the game.... but my favorite is simpleland7 as for this one im glad that he went with the banning of cheating cards... shrine of war is not a cheating card so im glad he kept it... still waiting to see the replay of those who finish it. i wish them goodluck. and if there are a any new player who need card in order to enter this event [jump to my event as well] still 17k to go
  5. Ill give you a tip, if his map becomes beautifull in an image this is 100% possible trust me when i say this i cannot give my source
  6. around 40k has been given as a total, the event is still continue as there is a small funds left. If you are a new player or a 1.5month old player or someone who played for 1.5 and then returned from quitting.. this is the place you should check out..
  7. Over 30k+ battleforge was given away, i will be fallen asleep as you see now but i will be sending bfp via mail if we are not on at the same time, so far we still have funds so the event is still continuing. So if you are a new player and are seeing this right now look at the permanent link above and list some cards.. looking for new to 1.5month player... If the fund takes a while to deplete, i will be calling 2-3month player event though they should be having alot of bfp by now and a complete deck.. So people who are new, get on it.
  8. 10/31/2019 new link event still going on. https://discord.gg/bchW29H
  9. GUYS i apologies... renewing the link the one in the video description does has a new one as well but the one first post is old 1 day expire.. here is the link to enter https://discord.gg/bchW29H
  10. https://discord.gg/bchW29H to make it much easier and no step by step, i posted this in battleforge talk... basically all you have to do is get into the server and name the card you want. i will check the price and send you battleforge point that will equate to the amount a player may get... in other word you probably can get up to 1000 worth of battleforge point and you will be able to get the card you need. however, if i feel like being even more generious that you are trying to get alot of small card. i may increase the battleforge limit per player... that is a maybe and you will have to find that out for yourself... so enter my old discord, name some card you want and i will check the price.. would preffered new player to join but i also helped some mid player too who was in need of some bfp... would have to type your ingame name so i can find you.. proof that it is real note: at around 5:00pm i have to finish my 13 mile run so i will be absense around that time
  11. Embalmer'shrine Lost spirit ship green [for some heals hit it with a armor tower, my opinion to be best recycle usage], take green affinity over purple on lost dragon [cost is crap cheap on buying charges for lost dragon] launcher red affinity is way stronger than blue if you can grab one homesoil [these are more of pve set up, if you doing pvp modes, might want to ask pvpers, rpve [once you have a lost spirit ship with recycle you are good to go]].. example of lost spirit ship and armored tower for rpve check below first clip only [timestamped already] note: there are alot of more card that can be set up for frost shadow but that depends on your bfp accumulations as infect cost 3k+ and there are other card for void power like cultist master and furnance of flesh..
  12. Hi i had this problem 1 month ago during that time. many people also had that problem and some not all send log to kubik. kubik worked very hard to fix the problem.. so far during that date on my end the problem was fixed.. the video show that i log in in the beginning and had no problem and then i log into another map and had constant dc every 2 match constantly.... i show this to kubik and ever dc i sent him my logs... after the update, i showed there was 0 out of 100th of uploading into map even playing 1 fully and no dc.. If you dont send your log how can someone help you? What you need to do is everytime you dc/crash/freeze send the log to kubik if you dont know how to do so https://ibb.co/wLMcW7w follow the instruction on this link.. so that your problem gets solved....kay? by the way. 38 player voted that the server didnt get better it gotten worse. guess what out of 38 people only 1 send log? kinda stupid isn't it? it gotten worse but no log send? iq =1000 on those people

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