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  1. Hi i had this problem 1 month ago during that time. many people also had that problem and some not all send log to kubik. kubik worked very hard to fix the problem.. so far during that date on my end the problem was fixed.. the video show that i log in in the beginning and had no problem and then i log into another map and had constant dc every 2 match constantly.... i show this to kubik and ever dc i sent him my logs... after the update, i showed there was 0 out of 100th of uploading into map even playing 1 fully and no dc.. If you dont send your log how can someone help you? What you need to do is everytime you dc/crash/freeze send the log to kubik if you dont know how to do so https://ibb.co/wLMcW7w follow the instruction on this link.. so that your problem gets solved....kay? by the way. 38 player voted that the server didnt get better it gotten worse. guess what out of 38 people only 1 send log? kinda stupid isn't it? it gotten worse but no log send? iq =1000 on those people
  2. Dion

    Event Ideas after reset

    Tournament for pvp. I think majority of the highlights are pvp. When watching Eirias and radicalx videos, i think that were the skill really are, i couldnt think about casual or speedrun in skil wise after watching huge amount of pvp videos.. So great tournaments with cool prize and recognition trophies [like a cool glowing blue neon [or same color as mine craft blue armor enchanted] potrait that say 1st 2nd 3rd place... I have alot of idea for speedrunning as well but.. sadly i dont want to support it so ill stop there for that one.. Causal can have events of finishing x map with different theme... finish this map with t1 and t2 only.. or finish these maps on expert 4man duo or alone. etc
  3. Dion

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    HalisYesterday at 6:01 PM @Ombreverte I think, some players want to change Battleforge completly, but I dont know, if anybody still wants to play the result anymore, if we completly change it. To be honest, I think even one small change would have a huge impact on the reputation of SkylordsReborn, because it would not be exacly the same Battleforge as we know. Right now, I am telling the new players "All cards are still the same, but it is free2play now". The causual players, who just want to play the game and do not even bother themself by discussing about card changes will get a really bad feeling, if they here that something got changed. It does not matter if it is a big change or a small change. Just the moment, when they here "Something got changed" they will feel bad. 1 HalisYesterday at 6:12 PM But dont get me wrong, I am not against changes. There are cards like "Fleshbender" which are completly useless in PvE, since the card just do not work in PvE Maps and it is also completly useless after a certain skill level in PvP, since "Fleshbender" is binding 120 energy for the very limited use case. @Kubik Fleshbender is a goode example, why counting the number of decks with this card, will give you a wrong impression. I see it sometimes in decks of new player with "Fleshbender", even though it is completly useless(edited) I am just saying, that it could make some players thinking bad about SkylordsReborn, because it would be a "changed version" and not the "vanillia version" of Battleforge. It seems there maybe two type of people... and i see this in many games including private server WoW Old and New.. Do we stick with old battleforge for nostalgia.. Do we move into new battleforge because we are not battleforge we are skylord.. will people play the skylordreborn because of old nostalgia and how the game use to be will people play the skylordreborn because of what has been changed and this is the new 2019 battleforge [SKYLORDREBORN] Game.. 2 MAN 2 battle 2 decision ONe outcome, coming to theater near you ^,^
  4. This is nice and all but yall overlooked something i posted, and with alittle effort yall shall see it. ill leave that game to you, you are not allow to tell synthc lol..
  5. First of anything that increase the activity of the game is a plus for me.. so reward should be happening.. i made a suggestion for expert but that a small one beside of the one that is usually talked about.. first im not sure if it's correct to put this here or if it is rude so i apologies if it is.. https://ibb.co/ss8vG9c this is what we expecting after the release... my idea was for pre-release, not only to see how many player can do it and enjoy the reward but for motivating player to do so.. this idea can be pushed to the advance and standard or like you said the 5 campaign reward... Kubik had one with every 30minute receiving a rare i think. correct me if im wrong @Kubik However, we must be aware that we are on the open stress which i said this countless of time so as long as they dont get mad about the wipe, everything should be fine.... Beaware that xlink wants it after the release so that other player enjoy it, because alot of player are actually waiting for the game to come to release https://ibb.co/1zZXCmf here an example as this picture is 3weeks old.. I can see the above being appealing to retain more player too, i just kinda wished it was pre-release to see more actual data such as : more motivate to what we have now, https://ibb.co/QkWgYym https://ibb.co/vXLmstb plus others can enjoy the the reward as we have 2 type of player in game.. those who enjoy the game [play for enjoyment, less log sent] and those who play for testing [those who sent log and are at the ready to test anything that is being given to test so that we move on to the release already].. In the end my understanding that Xlink is fond of giving reward to player in achievement, but want it after the release as he feels it is best intentions as shown on the pm 8/25/2019.
  6. Dion

    Synthc's Balance Proposal

    What a bump. from august 4th to sept 15th If we are gonna talk here about anything, than i would also love to ask about the amii t1... I kinda like the diversity of a t1 having access to other tier. you made a hurricane which you call out spell, would also they allow to summon creatures of that tier? example let say i want to use my nightguard to steal powerfull creature in enemy behind the lines or stone skin charges in convoy, would i be allow to use amii to summon shamin to heal them?
  7. Dion

    Balance proposal: Amii Monument

    Majority of the speed run uses amii, Not once have i not seen amii not being used in the majority of the video of speed run. If all the above you said was valid the player would reconsidered a bit on it. for pvp this is not an issue, i never saw it yet, still looking. for pve there are alot of things.. one the speedrunner needs it.. almost everysingle one of them needs it. [take for example soultree,which with it you can jsut skip last camp and win the game] for regular pve, it depends on what the player find fun. im sure the one using it is having a blast. but there are other technicalities, 1. it makes the game extremely easy but i guess that what people want. 2. i have gotten in a run in dwarf riddle with 2 style. - one the player uses amii and doesnt help the other get the orb, even though the player who doesnt get the orb helped him get his.. thus he sits waiting forever defending in base while he finish the game - two the player who got the amii pushes the game to fast even for the other side to prepare a defense since they are slower than the amii guy... both occasion always depends on the player.... sadly as i said above the only nerf they can possibly hit is the cost.. if not for that,than i guess just leave it alone and let the game run it's course. EDIT I RETRACT MY COMMENT , could careless now for the sake of anything, im done defending it, bunch of matches of people forcing amii in https://ibb.co/Gt57Z5L https://ibb.co/cJdmY2s not even enough time to prepare a defense, Nerf it, couldnt care the how high the cost, couldn't care if you take it out of the game, sorry but dont care anymore. nerf it
  8. Dion

    Rifle Cultist

    IN a competition with no amii [cause amii would cause you to straightly win] the person use rifle cultist is a smart way.. i loved the way he used it... i also seen some use it in speed gunlyr where he kill the other side of the camp from afar... its a great card for specific maps but not a great card for every map, atm it has been used exactly as the above said. offering. to allow player get some charges or manipulated more charges if they want to spam 1 type of unit.. I never see rifle cultist in pvp cause it never gets to the point of t4 [hardly t3]... and even though i have seen it in pve, it isn't something eveyrone would use. i mean you do hit your ally with it if you tried.. rifle cultist without its ability would be another filler so i agree with the sentiment of a buff.. the way i see rifle being introduce into a mechanic is to hit pesky camp from afar without risking to much, slap a unholy hero and unholy power and you got your self a good damage unit [only for ability]... still not worth using in majority of the maps..
  9. Dion

    nerf amii monument

    @Kubik @fiki574 @anymod?
  10. Dion

    nerf amii monument

    The rep= speedrunner/pvp not core pve that looks as a mechanical even heard one rep saying that casual has no important in saying , yet casual [aot of them] does have the mentallity to look at the game in a mechanical way. you already see one of the problem that is easy and common to understand i also seen the one i mention on the proposal .. yes of course card that affect any speedrun will try to later in a some sense if the alternation isnt hitting speedrun fast.. and example of this is ship, not only is easy for speed run bg 10 15minute but ofcourse its to easy for let say casual to use it in teh same way thus they [speedrun] want it in a way that is more skill used so they have the better reward of using it vs casual player, not once do they [except to the one who is not a speedrun that i have talked] seen it in a mechanical way why the card was invented for the lost soul deck... [speedrun=speedrun mentality] [casual=mechanical mentality] and we dont have true representative that cover it[I dont want to show screen shot but there are some rep that also agree that there arent any real PVE representative, and yes speedrun is pve side but they dont cover the whole mentality of the mechanic].. although iwould vote for your t4 option, im positive some vote can be manipulated by calling friend to attack such suggestion because it heavily affect speedrunner [imnot a speedrunner btw]
  11. Dion

    Balance proposal: Amii Monument

    like solo BH? speed run bH? or any type of speed run? like blight solo? what i see in amii is the power to be able to do some of these map easy. the one that i feel that wouldnt be possible to do is BH solo. Amii getting hit will be detrimental to alot of lower speed run. of course they will still be top in their respective rank but they will def wont be lower.. as for the T3, all deck and everygame= the same. reach t3 go t4 finish game. sometimes it does create huge problems , im not gonna list them all. some already mention in the discord when i use to go there.. https://ibb.co/PF3BYkB this is one for example.. let me have t4 so i can get my wyrm.. i literally just clear the monument for my own partner so that he can have t3 and t4 because i already know the other side is rushing it.. with that in mind, i try putting up a defense after i jsut got t3.. he finish game and that almost destroyed us. lucky the other dude reached t4 just in time to put some t4 unit [2] while i after my necroblaster got destroy wiht no soul cause the other dude couldnt wait, summon spam aggresorss.... amii in multiple map can cause problem depending onthe type of player that uses it.. again will not name them all So lets get to the point.... amii t3 allow you to get t4 and finish any type of game easy ishown this enough wheni made alot of videos.. so Lets get to the summaries amii=easy to t4 easy match amii can't be nerf by exclusive, even the owner didnt like this idea when i spoke to him on 8/25/2019 amii cant be taken out of the game cause both casual and speedrunner will flip. even though speedrunner can still have the best time ,their time wont be the lowest time they have now, Not included that some map strat can't be done without amii [bh solo expert].. Making it t4 with extreme low build and extreme extreme low active cost [can be abused but will general server as a 5 deck color] Amii cost increase must be related to the camp that you clear with t4 and the cost of getting t4.. I'm not saying 800, but the cost has to be something that either promote normal play or same play with the cost of activation and building... the last one is the only nerf i can possibly see coming, the other will cause problem in a whole general sense. That leaves us with how much increase would it be.. by the way im an advocate of taking amii off the game but i can atleast see what problem that would cause *edit* i forgot last option, leave it alone [not my cup of tea at all but that another option] Plus 1, i want to see how easy blight solo easy with amii t1 all 4 orb. lets go!!! you got my vote just for lols
  12. Dion

    Account Wipe

    I heard multiple will hide my source incase the person dev Was wrong, but would be nice to have a transition to open beta
  13. Dion

    Balance proposal: Amii Monument

    I had an argument when someone said that amii at t3= variety which i laugh my ass off. there is no variety when you can reach it the normal way. t4 would mean variety since it means that it would cause deck to add other type of card in a 5 color deck.. I understand that this is not good for speed runner though i been doing research ever since i left discord and i can see that amii is EXTREMELY require for many stragety for speed run. And as a speed runner yourself im sure this would be important. The only way now you can have amii ever nerf is through increase of cost, the one with achievement should probably be taken off https://ibb.co/H7PxwdZ I wanted it before the wipe or release so i can see how many player would be pushed to doing expert to see how much closer the gap, i asked for 4k bfp reward or so something high, because it's going to be wiped anyway and thuse the bfp wouldnt hurt anyone [wiped in either couple of wipe before release or after release].. However, they said reward should be post-release when other or alot of player coming back would enjoy it.. as kubik said himself a long time ago there is 14 player finish, that number should of probably increased to 16 by now or who knows how many have done it, i stopped doing reward cause many coudn't do soul tree defending hope or encounter twillight on expert and the reward was around 600-1000.... so either way, below paragraph However, in the end isn't not agree that it should be locked away behind a wall or exclusive.. That leaves you with a simple nerf to the number cost or making it t4 [the latter would probably piss off alot of speed runner who uses it as a specific strat for specific map [not all maps]]. And im also sure casual would be pissed as it's very much used for easy clearing with hardly any effort as for the speed run comment i made above a small example out of alot of videos out there Amii. I usually dont watch speedrun video but for underestanding why a card may or may not be nerf i have to understand their defensive stragety in their post[aka way to defend or way to nerf a card they want nerf]
  14. Dion

    Balance proposal: Amii Monument

    This is the idea i liked. i even asked for amii for t4 and make it extremely cheap dirt cheap, so that you now have 5 orb and multicolor new decks. I discuss this with someone who was bend out of chape in making it t4, said that the card t3 is what makes unique deck, but the game is already designed to reach t3 normally, so there isnt any variety to it. T4 would make deck more unique... As for the achievement for all expert. doubt it, i also finished all expert maps but xlink also agree that the amii being lock behind a wall is a bad idea. As the to discussion about darwarrior with the promo, xlink did said that he is all up for it. that was said before even dark mention the idea. I asked him if he would make reward all expert map long ago, I asked him when i heard about the expert 14 player achieved it. I wanted it before the wipe or release to see how many player would be pushed into doing so, even making reward for expert map myself.. xlink said he preffered post achievement reward not pre.. As for the reward it wasnt mention but that it would probably be worked on... However, once again, the idea of amii being lock behind wall was not liked.

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