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  1. Dion

    Multiplayer PvE Maps

    You're welcome sorry for late responses been working.
  2. Dion

    Multiplayer PvE Maps

    I try this on rpve for some reason didntwork for me when i use to play not sure if anything changed.. but anything in 2 man and 4 man even if you were to solo them will count for the multiplayer map [ I think that quest is the one that you only have to do match of multiplayer right?] Just incase sunbridge is 2 man crusader is 2 man. bad harvest is 4 man etc.
  3. @MrXLink I would like to personally test this feature of yours, it is 1/30/2020 your post dec/15/2019 Atm there is a bug where you gain pretty much infinite or finite BFP [basically you keep getting BFP with 0 depletion] https://imgur.com/a/4ll5Fo8 picture should be in order and i tested this yesterday and today morning.. basically your reserve is 100% instant reset upon lose or win condition which doesn't matter because this is time oriented feature.. I believe once this is fixed Im gonna test it for 8hour straight while micro managing another game so I dont get kick from the main game [another game meaning another mmo or just reading the whole forum which is another thing im doing]... In theory only you have 250 bfp daily boost which is gotten in the first 90minute. the second= reserve and that 500 which is seperated from the daily boost that 750bfp. At the moment I cannot see the quest line typing.!BFP but i did receive a booster pack probably from the 1v1 achievement. and a 75bfp [which im not sure which type of quest is that].. in total you gain 750bfp the booster pack [1/1 achievement im guessing ]and the quest... Incase we have minds that says that playing 8h duration is long i want to put that semi-afk is not hard to do... you just move your toon to the left or right every i think 3minute to dodge the afk warning and from getting kick from the server... EDIT Things is fix time to test. you regain 0,5555 every minute. so 33.33 every 1h, so while testing 1h gaining bonus at the second hour the reserve should still pile up by 33.33 per hour. cya 8h lol EDIT, taking longer as 5am reset cause of the daily boost testing the math ingame I don't feel like this is gonna work..... in 180minute which is the max time you can be in a match for a semi-afk=400bfp. if the math is correct that 0.5555 per minute=33.33bfp /h 15h=499.95. you can alternate between x hour to benefit the most. [if im correct as im alittle unsure of this], 240minute= 500bfp... 90minute=250bfp [dailyboost] that 5htotal.. refill=33.33x15. which equals to 499.95. that 20h..so the first total of 5h i should gain 750bfp, wait15h the reserve is back to close to 500. i can then lower down to under 500 before the reset [5am] for the daily 250dailyboost and start over.. Once again the above doesn't considered any quest being done but i feel like those with more time might benefit unless you have that xhour to play.. my source of specific math is https://ibb.co/S3XhCrk and the rest of the 0.5555 i got from a dev so... so long as people have the time to play that ok, but for those who have less time like 2-3h play time i feel like they earn much less.. in overall i can see what it meant to do but i feel conflicted atm.... someone can correct me if im incorrect EDIT I'm making a video for this but ill edit this part because i do want to make some thing detail. i want to say that 3h is the max you can be in game before you get kicked.. that means 180minute=400bfp after dc from spending the max amount of time ingame.. i do want to add something from pictures, https://imgur.com/a/qhRHYgz for picture should show example, these pic are in my video which is realease tomorrow as it take 2h render 5h upload and i can't play league while upload and dont want to wait 5h in here so tomorrow... first pic if you look at the right colum these formula are without the refill in mind but it's just to show an example, a point, if you play 1h each match, you can see how long it would take ot reach that sweet 0 reserve so you can have 750bfp which in game, everyone would want to maximize bfp when it's only earned through gameplay [since you can't really monitize it through dollars].. I don't know anyone would not want to maximize it but if there is anyone like that then they dont have to worry about it, except that their 90minute=250bfp vs the value of 30minute for a booster that value of 400-420bfp.. less time played for more bank.. but for those who play and have no life or have great managing and cant manage the time factor, the system overall does give 350more bfp [its actually more but im only calculating 750 through boost and reserve vs boosterpack, instead of how much more you can earn if you fully maximize].... The second pic after the first one you can see that there is the calculation IF THE REFILL is actually comes first and then the calculation of the formula is second.. example of that is that if you have 367 and you play 1h of it, you technically gain 33.33bfp during that hour into your pool of reserve, meaning when you finish, iF THE RESERVE REFILL comes first. a round out math would= 400 instead.. then the calculation which=120 earned, this goes down per 1h until you finish which could take 5-6h or so to reach 0... If I were to maximize this, I would go 135minute, which is 90minute+45minute.. why this? 90minute=dailyboost, 45minute on the first picture last colum=100battleforge point, dropping me down to 400bfp reserve,than i go 3h STRAIGHT for the 400 total. giving me 750bfp... a total of 5h:15minute.... during that time i can calculate how much to get my reserve back to 500 before the 5am reset which gives me the daily boost again of 250... 15h x 33.33=499.95bfp.. the whole thing calculated puts you at 20:15minute... you know that 5am= reset for dailyboost and maybe you want to do it at that time, if so you have 8h:45minute... to reach 5am.. during that 8h:45minute the 499.95 alrady became 500.. you have probably estimately missed 33.33x8h=266.66 extra battleforge point... [ i got this number by taking out the 45minute which is im sure way more bfp, 45minutes =24.995 bfp so for those who want straight math, take 1 number form 24=23 add that to 499.95 and round down. 500bfp now you actually missed 289.66 battleforge point].... That means that i should keep the reserve below the 500 mark and use that 289.66 bfp from those 8:45minute to truly maximize those battleforge point from the new system.. This kinda in my point of view contradict the time pressure word stated in the first post and the meaning full part of the game.. Because we are now pressure in time to benefit majorily from the system.. Once again if you dont care about maximizing, you can go 90minute for 250bfp and the difference in time playing up to 420, to regain what you lost in 30minute from a value booster pack and then your are done.... Now there are other complications that comes up with this system... efficient fun way to achieve this.... the system is base on time, TIME IS THE IMPORTANT FACTOR. nothing else.. So while you play in game , straight hour playing for the max reserve is the best way, but semi-afk is the other added factor to the fun part.. why? you only need to look at the game every 3minute[I THINK] before you get a warning, if you get 4 warning the game kicks you in a form of a dc...So i can play 2 tab window. league of legend and skylordreborn.. in league on the left i can play the fun game, on the right i can semi-afk micromanage to move every 3minute or so to avoid the afk system... i can continue this for 3h while playing another game to reach my full maximize BFP per game.. I dont have to worry about playing, because TIME is the factor, meaning i can summon one frost mage [any unit actually], walk left every 3minute, wait for x time that i preffered, and quit the match. I LOSE THE MATCH but because time is the factor of this system i gain the battleforge point.. meaning, that those who do this will not put more match in the game to join other, instead you have encounter twillight being spam if you want to do it this way... NOTE: that if you play normallywithout worrying, your reserve goes down slowly because not all matches=1h. the lower the reserve the longer it takes to get the bfp because that is how the system is made.. an example of this is the first picture in here https://imgur.com/a/qhRHYgz.. 500 reserve 1h=133 bfp, but when reserve hits 100 1h=60bfp which takes longer to go to zero.. and that on the hour gameplay vs normal games that can take less than that... There are more things that complicate this in game but i already went through it i think in a video that i may post tomorrow.... im sure other can come up with things... Edit So the math is correct, however the game crashes and dont calculate after 3h technically 3h 38 seconds.. been all day trying to deplete the reserve. as 3h=400bfp but in 3 you get 99.99bfp back into the reserve, and this time i was able to check ingame which you do gain it while playing. so the bfp would add up back to 499.99[veryverycloes to 500] and then it woudl take 400... sadly the crash didnt allow me to receive anything ingame which mean if i want to test if there is a bug after the depletion, i would have to do this all again tomorrow if there is no chances so far as you already said there would be some changes mrxlink.. https://imgur.com/a/fp3Q2m0 only reason im trying to test this is because it is confirmed that no one actually went for the reserve just majority the daily boost and there was in the beginning a bug that should of been fixed a long time go [infinite reserve], and I want to check if I still get more bfp after the reserve 0 [to make sure the system works 100% as intended]... If you make anychanges as you said you would, please let us know here so that we or I may go back into testing the system fully
  4. Bringing back something old, is kinda why i wanted it during the time i was playing, even though the idea of exclusive amii got rejected for good reason it would of shown us how many player could do it, 4 man and 2 man can be carried, but unless sharing account which is against the rule, the solo aspect would be a bit harder.. I did ask for the all expert map reward which the idea of promo sounded great.. but of course it was said that there isn't alot of player to enjoy it so we leaving that one after the release of the game ^,^ also i agree with the above
  5. Dion

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    Well some of the friend i hang with are not top player, other wise i would be on top record but it will show nothing because someone else is carrying... the other 21 friends including 4 collectors[lets take the collectors out] 12 friend stop playing, so i was left with 5 friend ,2 which love to play generator map from a great creator 2 who play randomly [ i dont do pvp so i only have friend who talk to me about it which is not including on the 21 since its just us talking.] and 1 who love ranking speedrun... from the other 12 who stop playing , they would range from 2-6h a day and it was very much fun.. i play alot with random too just to help, but friend is massively more fun... Now here im playing bunch of other games until the wipe. Wether there was one or there wasn't one wouldnt affect me, so long as i get to see those other player come back and have fun with them. Pretty much everything I have put forward so far has come back with answers like bad, cannot, wrong : yeah i had some of this, the difference is that I see their point and it's not my game, so I keep making suggestion on discord... there are some like the all map expert achievement that got an ok pass, and there are other with more booster that got the no go...but i see that you yourself just posted a new one which i plus, which has the same statement of putting more booster but you def put more than I did per day ^,^... Right now im just gratefull that 1. This game is not shut down and still alive and going for now [until wipe which i want to see how well it does afterand if alot more good donators come by] 2. That this game exist because all honesty If i was a dev after seeing everything and hearing everything, i wouldn't give a second though of doing this game. Yet there are those good spirited one that props the dev foreverthing. 3. That the dev and mod do listen and are working very hard... im gratefull for alot of other things but ill stop there cause the list would go on... keep posting, rejected or not.
  6. Dion

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    Im not stopping anything, you said it to me at the beginning that my stuff is assumption that is the same for you , what you think you can get on by telling someone something without checking your self? ok.. Don't know if im allow to say but i did heard back some month ago that some of those player like Treim or so are taking a break [ even with those word i did saw some of those player playing but not seriously competing. not sure if anything have changed throughout the month as i dont keep tab on those things.... as for your assumption i base on the same thing i have seen during my play time and the past same shit bro ^,^. so i literally said the same thing you already typed back then so i dont see why you getting ippity by it ^,^... There are far alot of problem that has to be addressed, in the time playing 17h a day i use to talk about those problem with some of the staff.. if they acknowledge then ok if they dont you keep looking for more staff. But i havent met one person who hasn't acknowledge a problem, that doesn't mean it might get fix rightaway but there they are aware.. we been at this for what? beta test 1 year so far?.. Just keep posting like you been doing.. also... as the above so long as you making realistic, constructive feedback without putting away to feel like you are 100% right or anything im sure it would be more listened too..
  7. Dion

    How to get back a decent player base?

    After wipe and after more marketing from youtuber and streamer like halis, Eirias,Radical x, battleforge creators's guild, the skylord reborn channel, and many more... There are tons of people who promise to return after the wipe..
  8. Im gonna plus 1 this and im sure there is alot of people that will [my opinion] only cause this will allow player to reach goal faster the speed of light.. not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing, but hey there is my vote
  9. Dion

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    there are better player than riddle in here, so the game would be fantastic i guess ^,^ what you played pvp? alittle deadish at the end of my quitting, but some active between 11am eastern time [new york] and 7pm .. i use to play 17h a day and saw people playing on the average of 3h or so, pvp player tend to play less cause alot of pvp player already left and waiting release.. the most active map is rpve you usually will always find more player on those... i use to have statistic of those numbers but i threw almost all data away. there use to be a graph showing 100 concurrent showing the activity increasing and what time it decreases.... On the after wipe comment that is all assumption,you and i only can make assumption of what will happen after the wipe, no conclusive evidence. Your point of view.. enough said.. If a newbie goes into discord and ask for help, im sure the same amount as there are extremely nice people in the community that i have met willing to step up and help people [these people play for the enjoyment of helping others]...
  10. Dion

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    not as stupid as you type [there is no sound kiddo in here] or as you have in literally understanding.. i dont do record i like solo any of the top players that i know off can wipe my records any of those same type of people can literally wipe the floor out of yours so no i dont think you close to be anything in regards to anything cya after WIPE is done. ill agree up to here ^,^ cya after wipe ^,^ they are open to suggestion, it has been decline though.. does open to suggestion mean they have to follow it? iq much where do they find you type of people XD byee
  11. Dion

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    if you didnt than you wouldnt even type what you just think and i dont see you current in this past to month because top players are taking a break so no i dont considered you good at all ^,^ just as i hope you dont considered me a good player either https://ibb.co/P480crP becaus eimnot but i love me some solo map on expert because its fun ^,^ bye bye
  12. Dion

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    My guess would be that everyone who said they would return, which i hope because it has been SO LONG and probably will be longer before it actually UNLOCKS that i hope they actually return and not get into another game instead of returning.... then it would be like this.. -player who quit and said they waiting for wipe will return.. my guess maybe 1k-2k probably just 1k or so -player will now enter the new balance chat that mr,x been said " no changes would be active until after the wipe so that new player have a saying in this matter". - Everyone would meet new and old player alike with the new challange that are promise,, not sure what was the reward but i suggested with other to mr.x about the all completion map on expert challange.. which basically stats that if you finish all map on expert you get something... after that being agree on the idea [meaning that mr.x liked it], then you will receive a reward upon completion, but we are also hoping there will be lesser reward for standard and advance. - player would start collecting again i know about 9 of them that are waiting, and other player would start going no life sleeping on upgrading their deck for the challange above plus some gold for their main deck... as for the reward for all expert map we are hoping it actually comes as it was already in good terms of agreement...https://ibb.co/N6RB72V
  13. Dion

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    dont flatter yourself you nothing in that matter not even close, good player? the only good player i know is mephitoross, everyone i keep seeing in the top lower rank[this is actually by everyone else who says it] you know halis, lebovim etc etc i never heard of the guy you mention but ok... take good care of yourself kiddo good luck on your suggestion. btw saw your other suggestion that got rejected, there are reasons why but i wont go over it here o.o
  14. Dion

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    5 dollar a month.... now take this slowly as i return back to the mode game as im getting yelled at for being here instead over there... unless kubik tells you, try hardest to imagen how much it cost to run the server.... and than multiply yourself by that much, just saying [mephito i think is 50 a month]... im not even in league at this moment........ take care ^,^
  15. Dion

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    The only way that above could ever be agreed on was on a testing phase, like wipe, get all cards, test the new changes of the balance... but other than that i wouldn't see that happening....

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