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  1. I uploaded the psd-file, feel free to replace the old map with the new one. I dont see any reason to change it tbh.
  2. Hey, months ago, when HandOfBlood caused this short hype about Skylords, I wanted to help the project to grow, as little as my help would be. So I asked Toggy (who commited and, as far as i know, still do so), if he could need some video-/grafik-design related help. Unfortunately the hype didnt last long enough to set up a decent player-/viewerbase, so this template was never getting used. Customizable Content (Just check-boxes in ps) : - Map - Deck - Tier/Orbs taken - Names I hope anyone of u could use/need it. If you dont have Photoshop, but want to use the Thumbnail for any of ur videos, just msg me and I can customize it and ill send u the final png/jpg. DOWNLOAD-LINK Example:
  3. Take part Im rly sry to disappoint u guys and especially topsecret, who probably calculated winning this tournament already, but I managed to be able to take part aswell
  4. Sadly wont be able to participate, have to work sundays till 5pm. For all upcoming saturday-tournaments: Count me in! Still wish u a good tournament and a ton of fun
  5. Taker

    Ladder Stream

    Stream over here are the vod's, had a dc. 1. 2, 3.
  6. Taker

    Ladder Stream

    Hey, Im planning to start streaming my ladder games again. I didnt rly play much lately, and Im still rusty as hell, but i still want to share my progress with u and maybe we can help eachother improving. I'll most likely stream in german, but im not sure yet. Even if im talking german, all who dont speak german, are welcome too, for any english questions or conversation ill switch to english, so dont worry about that. Whenever I am going to start streaming, ill post it here and let you know that im live. The first stream should be whether today or tomorrow, ill tell you in time. Here you get to my stream Im looking forward to see you guys in the chat.
  7. There is already a function to set ur online status to DND (Do not disturb), which u can turn on if you dont want to get messaged by other people. But so far its only an information to other players, you can still get messaged by others and those messages get throw incl. the notification sound. I think it would be a good idea, if it wouldnt even be possible to message/whisper players with DND status and get a notification instead, that this player doesnt want to disturbed at the moment. What do you think?
  8. Hey, I just wondering if there will ever be a decent player base again. Because currently there are almost no players online most of the time. It feels like there are actually like 100 people out of that 59711 forum members, who are actively play the game right now. Im, beside the necessary quests to get cards and upgrades, a PvP only player. Even as the player base was at its best there were like "only" 20-25 players at the PvP-Ground. So a proper matchmaking wasnt even possible there. Today, when i start the game, im almost every single time the only player at pvp-grounds. Dont get me wrong, I am super happy to be able to play this great game again, but for me it feels like we missed the time to reach enough people to ever get a decent player base again. So my question now, is there any plan to promote and advertise this game on release? And if yes, what is it? This is not ment to be offensive or something, i thank everybody who made it possible to play this game again.
  9. Stream some ladder at 9 pm CET today.  - Click! -

  10. Taker

    Ladder Stream

    Stream is over. Here is the video:
  11. My Stream! Only PvP regarding content: - Live Ladder Sessions with english commentary - Educational Replay analysis of viewer replays aswell as replays of my matches
  12. Taker

    Ladder Stream

    I rly missed to save it, but it was only 1 hour. I will save all upcoming streams, sorry.
  13. Taker

    Ladder Stream

    I am going to do a little test stream starting between 3 and 4 p.m. CET. - Get to the stream -
  14. So you should unsign your team from the tournament, so the bracket becomes acurate.
  15. Taker

    Ladder Stream

    In english of course.
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