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  1. A few points 1) You should take a stab at politics as a career; you can fill a boat-load of non-committal BS in short fashion and not offend anyone in the process. That is a valuable skill. 2) Why should I have any faith in you? You obviously do not share my mindset, and you make lots of assumptions about my position on the matter. Nothing you've said assuages my concerns. You've boiled it down to, "honestly, we haven't really thought about this beyond the fact that we don't want to piss off a bunch of people we polled earlier; sorry, but we'll try our rootines-tootiness not to screw up. Ok sport? Thanks, now beat it!" 3) Your solution has nothing to do with me or anyone who vaguely shares my opinion on the matter. Your "bridge" is a necessary step to get the game off the ground because you lack the capability to do otherwise. You'd do the same exact thing whether or not you had any intention of putting PvP in at all. Flexibility is not what I'm concerned about; remaking the game brings a fair bit of that inherently. What actually happens is what concerns me. Time will tell, sure, but I'd rather have this concern be taken more seriously than "don't worry, we got this; anyways, if we fuck it up we can always change it. Right?" Ultimately, I don't believe in janky solutions to simple problems, especially in games. There is room for elegance in design. The more focused we become on trying to please an abstract concept of blithering idiots that will play the game, the further from innovation we get. The problem is that PvP doesn't start until you get a nearly maxed out deck with a proper selection of cards. You've inherited this problem. The issue is that your solution is worse than what the original game offered, and what the original game offered was a paywall, which puts you up shit creek. How then do we reconcile this? It's not honestly all that difficult to come up with various solutions that would help. They all have potential issues, which mostly stem from the silly notion of keeping the auction house. Sorry for using "You" so much; I have no idea how involved you are in this process at all, but it sure is a lot easier to direct it all at you with your sparkly name tag. Did you used to use a Deepcoil worm as your avatar on the original battleforge forums?
  2. @EiriasI'm sorry to break this to you, but your arguments are pretty absurd. For starters, that video was awful. Two frost players that I've never heard of play terribly, and one completely fumbling, is not a proof of concept. They honestly don't look like they know what they're doing: Grabbing wells randomly en mass, attacking randomly, leaving units idle, tiering randomly, poor spell use. It's atrocious. It should also be noted that a lot of frost t1 doesn't get the most from upgrades. That's not to say that two competent players of a similar caliber wouldn't have drastically different outcomes from your video, they would. However, compare frost to shadow, for instance, and you will see a sharper contrast in the way strategies can unfold. Dreadcharger health (makes nasty Surprise viable to 1 shot certain things, and makes lifeweaving possible at t1) and everything about the upgraded Nox Trooper are vital to shadow t1 play, and Forsaken upgrades make well trading with various factions possible (it's not otherwise). As for the metagame, that is also a terrible argument. PvP needs balance. Period. End of story. Having it in an arbitrary limbo is downright stupid as a design concept. This is not a stagnant PvE map where the challenge is to simply beat the boss. It is a match between players, and the playing field needs to be fair. If everyone were playing mirror matches, maybe this could work. But they won't be, and some people will get screwed because of that. I honestly don't know what you're going on about with Tomes.
  3. The game isn't balanced around un-upgraded cards. Major pvp strategies cannot be used without upgrade 3, and certain cards are horribly inefficient until they get particular powerful upgrades. They completely change the way the game is played. Battleforge pvp is about replying to your opponent's moves power efficiently, and playing without upgrades makes that impossible in a lot of scenarios. Similarly, a lack of charges can be game breaking, although not entirely necessary for every single card; it's still important for a healthy portion of them. That is not even mentioning a disparity in upgrades between players. Just at a fundamental level, unupgraded cards don't work in pvp. Playing someone who doesn't have upgrades is absurdly unfair. Similarly, in order to even play some decks competitively you need specific cards. Pure shadow needs a bunch of rares and a couple ultra-rares just to be functional. And charges are extremely important for Pure Shadow, in particular, as it can be a very spam heavy deck. The number of boosters you'd need for this would be pretty high, and in the end that is also a large part chance, since we don't know how the auction house will pan out. The need for charges also increases dramatically in 2v2. All that being said, "hey guys, don't worry, you'll love PvEing for months to scrape together 1 deck" just doesn't sound very appealing, especially to those of us who used to play multiple decks or particularly expensive ones (which is arbitrary to begin with). All those Stonekin players are probably giggling with anticipation because their decks can be absurdly cheap, sans potentially expensive Burrowers/Homesoil.
  4. I think that is the main point of this thread; it's not that the concept is incomprehensible. It's misguided. The fear that Lacante has laid out is a real one. As interesting a concept as it may be to reset battleforge, it simple isn't an MMO. Battleforge is a unique RTS style game. The PvE was interesting the first time through, but it's about as interesting to replay as the Starcraft PvE campaign. Those random players, playing the PvE campaign for the first time, weren't thinking what a great experience it was having to dumpster dive for commons to piece together a garbage deck. If they were really into it, they bought cards or found other ways to get them. What a sad sight it was to see players who wanted to PvP with their terrible, un-upgraded decks. As interesting as masochism may seem from a game developer's perspective, that's not how a lot of trading card games work. They're not modeled to work that way, and battleforge isn't any different. They're made so that you are incentivized to pay to play. However, as I see it, there isn't an option for those of us who don't want to grind. As far as I can tell there isn't even a paying option, which many many people already did once for this game. Modern trading card games also typically have a draft system for the players who want to enjoy the system, but don't have the cash required to go all out. Speeding up the rate of card acquisition for new players would probably be good. That was a tedious beast that probably killed most newcomers motivation to play battleforge in the original game. Still, the problem is you're not dealing with new players. How sustainable of a community could you really hope to achieve from the ashes of a dead game? And what kind of goal is that anyways? Listlessly poking the coals of battleforge accomplishes what? Getting a rise out of a crumbled player base? Clinging to the fragments of nostalgia is fruitless. Part of the reason Battleforge died was because there was no new content. PvP/card balancing was atrocious and slow. There was virtually no new PvE content. That's what killed battleforge. If the only goal with this project is to bring back the mediocre PvE maps so we can all have so much fun running them until we go blue in the face, then I feel you'll get exactly what you're asking for: the remnants of a dead game's following. No more and no less. This is not a "bridge" solution, it's a lack of vision and prudence. I am not terribly interested in watching battleforge die a second death due to a lack of ingenuity or progress. Nostalgia will only take you so far.
  5. This isn't exactly a brain-buster. If you want cheap and easy options to give people who want all the cards all the cards, that's not hard to do. Making everyone happy is impossible. You've admitted as much yourself. Why bother posing this as a question? This discussion is about the merit of giving a PvP option. Given the limited nature of the project, you probably won't be able to separate the card pools, and that's tough. But instead of asking us, passive-aggressively, "well if you have such a miraculous idea, then why not share it?!" the real question behind it is being ignored. I'm an old Battleforge veteran. PvE died ages before I quit. I grinded the hell out of many of those terrible maps. Maybe I'd do a couple of PvE maps for fun. Maybe. I might even do a random map for giggles. But lord knows I do not want to grind all that again, for who knows how long, just so I can play one of my many PvP decks again. If I had to take a guess, I'd say that this is the case for many of us veterans, particularly PvP players. Battleforge was unique, and it was a lot of fun; however, I beat that game ages ago. By the end PvE was a chore that you had to do to get upgrades for the new cards.
  6. On a more serious note, PvP without upgrades/access to cards is pointless. Cards change dramatically with upgrades, and the strategies and numbers you need to memorize are built around fully upgraded/charged cards. While it's a cute idea that everyone would love to start over for nostalgia's sake, I'm not sure I'd care to try it, even with improvements to the old system. I had virtually all the cards fully upgraded and all the promos. How much time would it take to get all of that back? More importantly, how long grinding dailies would it take to get a single, fully operational deck?
  7. IdleAltruism

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    I remember you, but I see many unfamiliar names across this forum, which is actually quite surprising.
  8. Name dropper Do we seriously have to grind all of that again? I'm not as young as I once was...

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