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  1. I dont think this project will ever get there. 1. People won't that much interested in it. 2. If they will this will get closed down by ea and a replacement would be made by them.
  2. It has been answered by me like 10 times and it has also been answered on discord. If you have a working account on this forum you have a working account for the client. Not activated account is just a bugged error message. I got the same too and since then played a 3 minute game of bad harvest XD Solution - just spam the login button again until you get lucky and join.
  3. For all the guys asking about losing connection .
  4. There is no such thing as account activation . Just try again.
  5. There is no such thing as account activation , if you click login again a couple of times the error message changes back to too many players , or if yourle lucky just lets you into the game.
  6. Yeh i got that too now , i think it is a new bug
  7. I successfully played it yesterday , except for the low population on the server , it's more or less the same as the old battleforge . Great job guys , if you still need some testers or specific shit to try out in-game hmu , i dont really have anything to do for the next two weeks before school starts :D
  8. Jeez guys you scared me, first thing that crossed my mind is that you were stopped by someone or something alltogether:D we waited how many, 4-5 years, a month or 8 won't matter. Good luck with all the stuff and thank you very much for doing what you do.
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