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  1. hehe no worries. So I can spent more time on allcards perparing decks and stuff
  2. Avatar of Frost, but there are soooo many frost cards I like uhh can't wait to build my pure frost deck again
  3. how can u even lose hope i get more excited from day to day. Its almost 2 1/2 years ago I joined the forum and I think I didn't post anything for 2 years even if it takes another 2 years until the game is ready, I'll wait. Its worth it xD actually I guess I don't have any other choice
  4. sooooo excited for open beta :hypetrain:

  5. didn't post anything for ages x) but checking the forum everyday

  6. now i have to think about Taric all the time, lol
  7. anyone here playing Star Wars Battlefront? Need some mates in my list since i never really played with origin before <.<

    1. Equinox98x


      When there's a crack available i'll play it ;)

  8. IGN: Groping Role: Mostly Botlane Region: EUW Gold 4 but I didn't play much this season. Going for Plat in s6
  9. finally found his way back to this lovely thread.
  10. was the last person that posted in this thread for almost 24 hours o.o :huh:
  11. [quote='ladadoos' pid='8295' dateline='1437424520'] [quote='Groping' pid='8294' dateline='1437424384'] promo ray of light could be cool :D [/quote] Let's be honest here, almost no one used ray of light.. Make atleast a promo that most of the people would actually use. [/quote] if it was promo i would use it :(
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