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  1. Ponni

    Looking for the Infected Tower rPvE Zerg Deck

    Here are two variants of the deck, one fire start and one shadow start: Bloodhorn in for the flying stuff and bosses. Then you can tweak the decks for your own play style and setups. Key cards then are Cultist Master and Infected Tower and Frenetic Assault/Infect. One card that could be useful is Motivate, eg. sacrifice one of the bugs and you will a legion of bugs doing 55% more damage... ; ) // Ponni Edit, entertained myself with playing this months map 1p level 8 with the Shadow start deck (replaced Bloodhorn with Amii monument and also included Motivate). It worked surprisingly fast, at least once you had got the legion of bugs. A bit messy t3 action and Slavemaster took a while to kill, otherwise very straightforward and easy. Here is the replay if anyone is interested to see the deck in action: Infected tower_loads of bugs.pmv
  2. As a statistics nerd I feel there is a need for more statistics for things in the game. There are some good things already now on PvP, PvE and stuff about the cards you own, but there are a few things I miss. From what I can see there should be some room on these two tabs under Profile for quite a lot of rows of text: So, I want to suggest the following statistics to be added if available, somewhere in the tabs above, for each players own statistics: - Number of matches that have been played in total. - Number of matches that have been played for 1p, 2p and 4p rPvE maps (percentage on matches won is already there so then you can calculate yourself..). - Number of matches that have been played for 1p, 2p and 4p PvE campaign maps. (I guess data for individual campaign maps could be a bit difficult to add as it would mean like 25 rows..) - Number of hours in game and in matches. - Number of BFPs earned by quests. - Number of BFPs earned by selling cards on the Market Place. (If possible the number of BFPs that have switched ownership on Direct Trade) - Number of boosters opened. - Number of cards sold on the Market Place. (If possible the number of cards that have switched ownership on Direct Trade) - Number of cards sold on Market Place by rarity, eg. how many commons, how many uncommons, etc. - Number of cards you have bought on Market Place by rarity, eg. same as above... These are the ones I can think of right now. I am not sure what this would mean for the load on the database but I guess information like this can be indexed in a good way and that it doesn't stress the environment too much. // Ponni
  3. Ponni

    Card Balancing and the Future of the Game

    If I had a niece like that I would not let her into my house... Anyways, instead of not doing something you like/love because of external circumstances is to me like giving up. Perhaps that niece won't come and visit for like 3 years, then you have spent a long time just doing nothing (read something else). With this example applied on this game I fear you are missing out. For example, since I started again pretty much all all time records on most PvE maps have been broken, and still I see new records from time to time. So, we miss you in game and I urge you to reconsider your decision, because I think you also think it must be more fun to do then not to do. // Ponni
  4. Ponni

    Monetization system

    If you play 30 mins a day you will receive a booster. A lot of people sell this booster for 420 BFPs (generally the price I see in the chat in game). In a week this is 2940 BFPs and if you do all quests everyday for that week it will give you another 1050 BFPs. I would say that those almost 4000 BFPs would buy you a very decent deck. So, a week... // Ponni
  5. Ponni

    Card Balancing and the Future of the Game

    Well, if the card collecting is the most important part of this game (I argue it is not, this is a RTS game first and foremost) why don't you take the opportunity to do it now and then once again after the reset. Twice the fun, right? // Ponni Btw, I have been playing again since fall of 2018 (no reset in sight...) and having had a lot of fun since!
  6. Ponni

    Ashbone Pyro Deck

    Moving into an enemy camp with a full team of Ashbones (12+) and then sacrifice one them with Motivate is almost as impressive as a fully burning Bata. Camps are gone really fast! The only thing better with this is when you have a team mate also doing an Ashbone deck, then you have 20+ units destroying camps in seconds! // Ponni Thought about the team aspect mentioned above and created a deck which could be a good complement to Kybaka's deck: Then you and a friend could have a lot of fun clearning those rpve maps! Cards that could be used also (Revenge, Inferno and Motivate are perhaps not needed...Kybaka's deck have two of them already and Inferno is a bit expensive power wise...): - Mumbo Jumbo (Fire) - for bosses to take 20% extra damage - Offering (Nature) with Rifle Cultists - to spam t4 spell cards like Cluster Explosion. - Offering (Nature) with Magma Spore - to spam Ashbones, once charges are depleted you could quickly get one more and one more and one more, etc...
  7. Ponni

    Card Balancing and the Future of the Game

    I don't really understand this, what are people waiting for, part from the reset itself? One obvious reason with this is of course that after reset all begins from scratch and it isn't that fun to grind and play maps with "crappy" cards again. But what other reasons are there? Nah, to me, game is available now, why wait when you can play it? Feels like the waiting is more important than playing for some? // Ponni
  8. Ponni

    rpve Twilight Deck

    Completely agree with Treim, just want to add a t2 flavour into this: Gladiatrix (Nature), she is a strong choice, kinda weak on the HP side, but with Oink and Surge of Light (and of course Mine and Eruption) they clean out any t3 camp up to rPVE9, even Lost Souls. Do requires some practise but once you get the hang of it the damage output they do is awesome and also they target air units! Actually, it will in most cases take you easily to t4. Trick is to Oink the enemies and then target one enemy at a time with all Gladis (depening on camp 3-5 ones are needed), then they die quickly. Another trick would be to Oink most of the camp and take out the spawn hut then back out and leave a Mine behind to clean out/severly injure the ground troops then turn around and finish them off! Though she is not a Twilight creature, but still very useful... // Ponni
  9. Ponni

    My Name

    Then it seems you are one of the very few people residing in New Zealand to get offended. And again you do not really understand how things work. Just because you have an opionion it does not mean you are right. In the world today this is a common misconception, and there are even world leaders trying to impose this (even for a lot of democratic countries). And usually the most of what these people say is just a load of BS. But, that is my opinion... // Ponni
  10. Ponni

    My Name

    I think you have misunderstood things, it is not you who decide what is offensive or not, it is the receiver of what you want your name to mean, this is the same for any statement or whatever you want to make. Perhaps your name is not overly offensive, but I assume your intention was to do something funny(?) here by having a name that means big boobs/breasts/funbags or whatever you want to call them and there are a lot (at least some) girls and women on this server. So, to respect them get over it and select a better name for the future. // Ponni
  11. Ponni

    rPVE 10 Decks

    Getting things done with t2 reaching t3 with a fire start, I generally use Gladiatrix (green), she is very powerful together with Curse of Oink and Mine (and Surge of Light). 5-6 of her generates a massive t2 damage output. Even Gladi (purple) can work but she is a bit slow...anyhow second orb should be Nature... But for campaign maps, if that is what you are asking for, then it differs a lot I would say. It is tough to say what generally will work. // Ponni
  12. Ponni

    Card giveaway

    Mods, please close this thread. ~160 cards have been given away, including Enlightenment, Avatar of Frost (3), Harvester, Church of Negation, Shaman (2), Wheel of Gifts, Overlord (2), Mine (2), Amii Monument, Lost Spirit Ships (4), Dreadcharger (2), and many others! But now I am starting to have less or none extra cards of the ones people want...Anyhow, I will still be in game so if anyone sees me online you can reach out to me and I will still be glad to help with cards if I have the ones you want. In the meantime I will build up the card base again and hopefully I can have another give away thread in some time. // Ponni
  13. Ok, but I still liked the video... : ) Kubik mentioned in another post that there is a feature in the mechanics of the game that terminates matches automatically after 180 minutes, so game assumes matches running this long is an "error". I am still worried though, with responses I get from the team and others in this forum, because there seems to be a general consensus that it should take time and that like achievement ladders are needed for the game to be interesting enough. I argue the opposite, getting more people having more (eg. of the cards available) is key to the success. But, lets see then what MrXLink comes up with then. // Ponni
  14. Nice video! Sadly I will after the reset not be able to contribute so much to the community. Reason, my playtime (90-120 minutes/day) does not guarantee me with a booster a day... : ( In fact, I would only gain like 0.5-0.7 boosters per day (in BFP), so I hope everyone else will play those ~250 minuntes needed to generate enough BFP to buy a booster, to keep the economy of cards working. Actually, @Kubik I entertained myself with doing a bit of calculation given the numbers you provided in another thread. Calculations below are perhaps not 100% accurate when it comes to how the system actually will work but I think they are at least somewhat accurate to show the following: So, those 5000 players that will join after the reset and how much time needs to be played for 50 players to get Infect fully charged = 66 000 boosters needs to be opened, but with the initial 3 boosters everyone receives this is the total amount of boosters needed = 51 000. Total time then that needs to be played, 250 mins x 51 000 boosters = 12 750 000 minutes. Given 5000 players = 12 750 000 / 5000 = 2550 minutes or 42,5 hours per player. Good luck in having that done in 3 days...with my playtime mentioned (0.7 boosters per day) above you would need like ~13200 players to achieve this... We could also do a twist of this calculation, because 42.5 hours per player over 3 days is unrealistic (at least for 99.5% of all players...I know there are people beating all time records on campaign maps spending hours and hours in front of the game though ). Instead I will assume everyone plays ~250 minutes to get one booster per day, how many players is then needed over 3 days to reach the 66 000 booster needed threshold = I can only do this calculation by testing my way forward. As more players will have more initial boosters I had no formula...but 11 000 players will get 33 000 initial boosters and if these 11 000 players play 3 days to get a booster then the total booster sum will be = 66 000, so 11 000 players are needed... Halis mentioned there is a cap a day at somewhere around 1200 BFP, if someone plays 24/7, that will of course help speed up the number of boosters I calculated above, but this I dare to say is not likely to happen, or? So, as math seems to be important here on how to make the "economy" work better I hope people will see the example above and soon realize that putting limitations on earning BFPs (and earning gold for that matter too and conversion between both) will create massive numbers in what needs to be done in order for the wheels to turn. WARNING! Irony ahead: But, I know I am wrong, grinding like crazy forever and not being able to actually have all those cards you want is the way that this game should be played, right? // Ponni

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