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  1. Not sure I agree on your second and third point, because why would/should someone sell an Infect for 499 BFP when people seem to be willing to pay 4 times as much and right now even more it seems? That is how markets tend to work, whatever people are willing to pay that will be the price and if prices are too low you hold on to your products for as long as possible hoping prices will rise. This unless markets are constantly - extremely - flooded with products. That is the only thing I believe will get prices down permanently. For the ultra rare/rare cards then many (many!) boosters needs to be opened for that to happen. This is then the case for very few cards (perhaps only 2-3 percent, obviously not counting the promos...) and unless the flood comes and stays this will happen forever and ever. For the other cards in the game I do not really see any problems, they are usually reasonably priced. It is just these few ones that will pose a problem. "Give up" is not in my vocabulary, I will continue to argue on this matter, hopefully respectful and not harsh! // Ponni PS. One good thing with the update now is 100 cards in the AH, that is very good! DS.
  2. Please do not ruin my arguments here! We can take the second pricy card into discussions also, Enligthenment, which also is an Ultra rare, but comes with only 4 total charges. The changes mentioned above will have no effect here then...and sometimes that would be fine but in a lot of cases it will not help at all... Again, the use of Offering is of course a valid option but to me this card only take a slot for other better cards. // Ponni
  3. Had missed that! Thanks for posting and it will for sure do some good. But when it comes to the card I usually reference (Infect) you will still need all charges to have it competitive enough, unless you use Offering of course, but that card will then take up a slot in your deck making your options less... // Ponni
  4. I concur with most things above, just wanted to say I will happily comment on the particular topic above. Have done so in posts in the past and now again: Infect now cost a shitload of BFPs and will so even after reset, I am dead sure...why, with fewer boosters opened market availabilty will be even less (I mentioned this somewhere in the forum, to get 50 people have Infect fully upgraded requires 66000 boosters to be opened), eg. supply will be less and demand high. Also, I am not so sure people will spend 1000 BFPs on a shadow booster for a slim chance to get an Infect. Tried one yesterday and drew a Plague as rare and Shadow Phoenix as uncommon, so wasting around 700 BFPs on that one... Have said it in the past and I will say it again, slowness will never be a successful attribute of this game, grinding like crazy to get cards, upgrades and such is only fun to a certain extent, crossing that bored out of your senses boundary will have people rage quit not being able to successfully beat an rPvE level 6 map and then not ever opening up the game again...my experience tells me, game is most fun when you have access to all cards that matter and to me that is when it starts not ends (multiple people in the forum wrongly believes that game ends once you have all cards...) // Ponni
  5. Ponni

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    I am not interested in participating in whatever "feud" is ongoing. I simply claim the following: 1. Back in the days everyone shared everything pretty much (before rankings feature came into play...again this is how I remember it...). Eg. "Look what I did on Crusade, cool ain't it" and then someone replied like "Well, you can save some seconds here and there" and shortly thereafter "Thanks dude, I managed to cut another few seconds off!". 2. My comment was in general terms and had nothing to do with either side of the "feud". I simply do not like people that do not understand that to take you need also to give and vice versa. // Ponni
  6. Ponni

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    Sure, that is understood from reading multiple posts in the forum... 😄 And I can acknowledge that too and totally concur on not bearing with people who only take and take and never give anything back. Well, to be completely honest, I must say no to your question, but then given Pritstift's answer also I change it to a reluctant yes... // Ponni
  7. Ponni

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    Just have to say this now because I do not understand the secrecy and the unwillingness to share tacticts. What are people hoping to gain here by keeping the tactics to themselves? Sell it later on eBay to make a fortune? 😉 I remember from back in the days, prior to the rankings feature, when people had to post replays in order to get their records confimed. I had the solo speedrun record for Crusade for some time (very long time ago and the tactic from the run is not valid any longer because some cards were changed, read balanced) and only way then was to share the replay with the community. From what I remember this also lead to improvements from my side on the map with the comments and help from the community. Nah, information wants to be free as they say so start sharing and I am certain you will feel happier in the long run! 😄 // Ponni Edit, when thinking of it, I am not 100% sure on my comment "prior to the rankings feature" but that is how I remember it. Perhaps someone remembers is better than me...
  8. First, very nice initiative and an excellent map! 37.19 is my first try on this map (or actually second...because Harvy died in the first try...) so there is a time everyone most likely can beat... I won't post the replay because, well, it sucks... 😁 // Ponni
  9. Ponni

    Offensive Names

    Hmm, in Swedish his name means he is like a man made out of lead and that he is a DJ...strange but I am not sure whether it is offensive. Anywho, I could make numerous of names in Swedish (and some in Finnish and perhaps some other languages too...) which are horrible and probably would still pass to be a name in the game. I won't, but you can then take that and the following as a suggestion: Do not use English (and possibly German...) to create "funny" names, use something else, like russian or swedish or some other obscure language. // Ponni
  10. Ponni

    Looking for the Infected Tower rPvE Zerg Deck

    And I have to admit one thing....you can only have 9 Cultist Masters and their summoned bugs if you want to summon Bloodhorn, 9 + the bugs will be 108, but you can always kill some bugs and next round have more bugs summoned after Bloodhorn... : ) // Peter
  11. Ponni

    Looking for the Infected Tower rPvE Zerg Deck

    I like your changes, but want to buff Bloodhorn a bit for the discussion. In LS maps he can be useful when it comes to the Lost Dragons, otherwise you will need a good team mate by your side to handle it...you can summon your Bloodhorn before you summon the second bug-army and by that no need to worry about the unit cap. Then, for me, the use of Nomad (fire) I feel is very situational and I tend to almost always use the Nomad (nature), but I guess that boils down to play style and how you want to work your t2/t3 and possibly t4 fights. // Ponni
  12. Ponni

    Looking for the Infected Tower rPvE Zerg Deck

    Or both! : )
  13. Ponni

    Looking for the Infected Tower rPvE Zerg Deck

    Here are two variants of the deck, one fire start and one shadow start: Bloodhorn in for the flying stuff and bosses. Then you can tweak the decks for your own play style and setups. Key cards then are Cultist Master and Infected Tower and Frenetic Assault/Infect. One card that could be useful is Motivate, eg. sacrifice one of the bugs and you will a legion of bugs doing 55% more damage... ; ) // Ponni Edit, entertained myself with playing this months map 1p level 8 with the Shadow start deck (replaced Bloodhorn with Amii monument and also included Motivate). It worked surprisingly fast, at least once you had got the legion of bugs. A bit messy t3 action and Slavemaster took a while to kill, otherwise very straightforward and easy. Here is the replay if anyone is interested to see the deck in action: Infected tower_loads of bugs.pmv
  14. As a statistics nerd I feel there is a need for more statistics for things in the game. There are some good things already now on PvP, PvE and stuff about the cards you own, but there are a few things I miss. From what I can see there should be some room on these two tabs under Profile for quite a lot of rows of text: So, I want to suggest the following statistics to be added if available, somewhere in the tabs above, for each players own statistics: - Number of matches that have been played in total. - Number of matches that have been played for 1p, 2p and 4p rPvE maps (percentage on matches won is already there so then you can calculate yourself..). - Number of matches that have been played for 1p, 2p and 4p PvE campaign maps. (I guess data for individual campaign maps could be a bit difficult to add as it would mean like 25 rows..) - Number of hours in game and in matches. - Number of BFPs earned by quests. - Number of BFPs earned by selling cards on the Market Place. (If possible the number of BFPs that have switched ownership on Direct Trade) - Number of boosters opened. - Number of cards sold on the Market Place. (If possible the number of cards that have switched ownership on Direct Trade) - Number of cards sold on Market Place by rarity, eg. how many commons, how many uncommons, etc. - Number of cards you have bought on Market Place by rarity, eg. same as above... These are the ones I can think of right now. I am not sure what this would mean for the load on the database but I guess information like this can be indexed in a good way and that it doesn't stress the environment too much. // Ponni
  15. Ponni

    Card Balancing and the Future of the Game

    If I had a niece like that I would not let her into my house... Anyways, instead of not doing something you like/love because of external circumstances is to me like giving up. Perhaps that niece won't come and visit for like 3 years, then you have spent a long time just doing nothing (read something else). With this example applied on this game I fear you are missing out. For example, since I started again pretty much all all time records on most PvE maps have been broken, and still I see new records from time to time. So, we miss you in game and I urge you to reconsider your decision, because I think you also think it must be more fun to do then not to do. // Ponni

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