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  1. Ponni

    Shrine of War

    Haha, "a big if", "rpve 10 needs to be rebalanced", you can still prove me wrong you know. Heck, I could even join you for a few tries for the sake of it. Ping me ingame and lets try it, then we could learn something perhaps. Anyhow, discussion is over here for my part, I will trust the Skylords balancing team do have all knowledge required, including 4p level 10. // Ponni
  2. Ponni

    Shrine of War

    Wow, I am right but wrong? So, that must mean you are wrong but right? For the sake of it, as you do not think it is relevant, should we then scrap 4p level 10 or what? Or how do you want to solve it? // Ponni
  3. Ponni

    Shrine of War

    Can you do something for me? Prove to me that you can, consistently and not like every 10th try, beat a 4p rPvE level 10 map without current SoW (or for that matter a team of 4 players doing FoF + Cultists). Once you prove that it actually can be done consistently, lets continue this discussion. // Ponni
  4. Ponni

    Shrine of War

    Please stop it now. This void manipulation has been there from the start of the game, I guess it was developed as a feature. Funny then 12-ish years later we found this to be a problem... // Ponni
  5. Ponni

    Shrine of War

    Sure, figured that out too, still these shrines only share initial part of their name. Otherwise they are completely different to one another. Power cost, tiers, abilities, etc. Not sure why they would need to be in line with each other in this respect? Also, until recently Shrine of Martyrs was a shield-providing building, not a void-returning building...if I am not mistaken, have honestly never used it... // Ponni
  6. Ponni

    Shrine of War

    So what if void gets returned within seconds, there are still things which holds stuff back, like charges and recast time. Also, most people "waste" the power by summoning another unit binding the power. Also, you bind 300 power into two buildings, I would expect that to give a boost right? Also, deck is limited to 20 cards with different tiers, not all of them will be viable once SoW is in place. Also, as mentioned above there is another way to get void back, in some cases it is even better than SoW as void can be returned without enemies dying, eg. on the way to next cam
  7. Ponni

    Shrine of War

    In line to what? Shrine are as follows: , , , , should we then reduce all to T2? Or set all to T3? Only then would they be in line, right? A lot of in this game can be "op" as long as you know how to do it and of course that you in the end can execute it. Taking away these "op" things will not make the game better, sorry. Btw, I vote we ban SoG from people who have not taken a course in how it works, especially then for rPvE runs. // Ponni
  8. Ponni

    Shrine of War

    Yeah, lets be serious here, I could accept a slight decrease in void return percentage for SoW, nothing else, otherwise completely agree with DieToPlay. Because, enemy troops need to die in order for the void to return. I have experienced many cases in game where no enemies die hence no void return and Batariel (or whatever) dies fighting a camp. For some reason all these discussions tend to always be around how simple things are with this and that, but how hard should things be then? Even with SoW a lot of people are struggling finishing off camps in rPvE... No, I take back my comm
  9. Well, there is Flame Crystal also that could give you a damage boost. An overweight of red aff ships is needed for that though...or possibly ok anyway, 5-6 ships giving increasingly more damage during 30(?) secs maybe is enough...
  10. Think Bad Harvest needs to be updated, stumbled on to this one tonight.:
  11. Here is another one, I use it for casual and fun rPvE runs up to level 9: // Ponni
  12. Ok, then thanks for bringing this piece of info also to the Forum, I will be sure to check in Discord in the future too! // Ponni
  13. Yeah, these are the 3 Snapjaws available, artwork is different between the regular ones and the Promo (very nice artwork btw!). What I did above was to edit the Promo Snapjaws to have the star in the upper left corner too, which I thought was the marker for a Promo card? // Ponni
  14. Not sure if I have missed if there has been a discussion somewhere in the forum (not checked Discord...) but cannot really find anything on this subject: Is the Snapjaws Promo a Promo? The one in the game is the one to the right, but should it not look like the one to the left if it is a Promo? Not the most important question I suppose, just curious to know... // Ponni
  15. I have not claimed the game to be evil, only that the CCG aspect is a "necessary evil", e.g. something you need to do that you do not want to do to reach somewhere you want to be. Because it is a pain to actually get somewhere in this game. To me the CCG only hinders people from actually playing the game with all options available. Why is that bad and why do I have to choose from playing or not playing? I want to play a burning Batariel warped into a camp obliterating it in seconds! Actually, since re-release I am pushing 100+ hours until date and now finally again starting to have some
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