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  1. I wonder when the mods will come in and start moderating this thread? Maybe I should start being insulting and rude too? // Ponni
  2. Well, speak with newbies on the server, which I have done a lot, and it is from there I make these comments. They are not just stated because I would liked to have had all cards from the re-release day. Many I have spoken with are not around any longer...people won't spend weeks and months any longer which is needed to get anywhere in this game. You can accept this or not but the facts are the following: - Checked last night, 160 people online. - Boosters opened last two days, 3500 Ever so declining from the re-release day, expected, yes, but is it enough to keep the game at goo
  3. That is what they usually do in here in this particular subject, making assumptions look like truths. No real connection to how the game actually works and specifically then for new players. It takes too long for a new player to get into the game, period! But, this is how they want it to be and stick with it because of unclear reasons... Also just want to say this, for an experienced player this is usually not a problem, we know which cards initially are good to have in order to kick start things, but for a newbie it is a whole other story. // Ponni
  4. There is no point in arguing anything about this particular thing, eg. grinding like crazy until you get bored out of your senses and leave. It has been done multiple times in the past and still the devs and others claim this is the way to go, not realizing in the making we have lost a lot of potential new map breakers...but I give you kudos for trying! // Ponni
  5. Ponni

    Shrine of War

    Which existing cards today were you thinking on considering a bigger void pool? There arent that many existing today to my knowledge, only Time Vortex (shadow) and Backlash on top of my head...without checking card database details more... // Ponni
  6. Ponni


    Yeah, now we are talking! More gold to everyone!!
  7. Ponni


    Yes, quite normal with the fact that figure represents, a quick way for people to generate gold. If this map would not have been a gold farming map, how much would it really have been played? Most players would have turned to the next map which generates gold the fastest and easiest, until gold is no issue any longer. In the end I think it would have been equally difficult to find people to play this map even if Decomposer were to be "fixed". // Ponni
  8. Ponni


    Indeed, but not surprising, considering the main use of this map today, gold farming. I am actually surprised it was not a higher figure, Now there are still a lot of people trying to beat the map the good old-fashioned way! Thanks @Zyna will crunch the numbers as soon as my boss goes for lunch! // Ponni In rpve9 a lot of people are using Decomposer when at t2 or t3 to get power back for themselves, so a quick notion there is that it is not so surprising. In fact there people are using it as intended... // Ponni
  9. Ponni


    Will only respond to a few points from this mega post, because, well, my employeer will probably start to complain I am spending too much time in this forum. Arguing about what problem takes priority won't change anything about Decomposers issues. Also there are problems with both the reward system and this card that very clearly have nothing to do with one another. - Yeah, in multiple posts in here and in Discord you are talking about deflecting behaviors of others, in my opinion you are doing the exact same thing here. Not looking at things being tied together could and will cause
  10. Ponni


    Well, I am pushing 300+ hours since re-release, opened ~250 boosters and I own ~420 cards, all fully upgraded (charges still missing of course for a lot of them) with 750000 gold to spare, no need to Decompose things any longer! // Ponni
  11. Ponni


    Again, account progression and map rewards are different issues that just happen to overlap with Decomposer. - No, everything is tied together. The "problems" we see now with Decomposer are only symptoms of a larger issue. Of course we could only pinpoint each and every issue by itself, but I do not believe that is the right way to do it. But if we then are to pin point every issue for itself then start from the other angle instead with rewards and progress mechanics of this game which is more urgent I believe. The problem with Decomposers function not being intended is just a small
  12. Ponni


    Absolutely, more players are needed and they need to stay. I truly believe a lot of new players also do not want grind, but then again I know about quite a lot of old players who really enjoy the grinding so it is not a labeling made easy...
  13. Ponni


    I have followed most of the discussion, both here and in Discord and from what I can see a lot of the comments come back to what is intended or not. Mostly then given what is written on the card. My comments on "intended" then is the opposite of this, just because that is not how the card actually works today, intended or not. I was simply (but perhaps a bit complicated) trying to state that the current way it works is not a problem, instead the problem for this discussion is the setup around how gold (mainly) is being farmed on the BH map, for example. Just to be clear, there is noth
  14. Ponni


    Addressing the symptoms rather than the "disease" will not help in this case as @wanky points out above. Please ask yourself the question, why do people resort to these gold runs on BH? My answers to this question are the following: - Quick gold is needed to enjoy the game with fully upgraded cards. I suppose then a 3 minute run (a common BH gold farm time) is preferable to a 15 minute run (a common casual rpve 9 run) to get ~4000 gold. You will get 5 times the amount of gold doing this, case closed. - If you have a deck consisting of 3 UR, 3 R, 3 UC and 11 C cards, it will require 1
  15. That seems to have done the trick, twice in a row now with no crash, thanks! // Ponni
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