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  1. So here is the duo run from Anske and me, we played it today after not doing it for a few weeks and though it's a personal best time for us so far, there are still a lot of fails in here (some more obvious than others, but watch for yourself :P) Have fun! BlightDuo18'15'7.pmv
  2. Me not being a professionell rpve player thinking this would come around 2,5 k gold per 15 minutes? Could be ok (even tho I really don't mind players farming gold faster tbh). What would be the solution for upgrades? Not allowing to disenchant them at all could be a thing but would it shift the whole meta just back to rpve 9 then?
  3. Would be a simple solution indeed, but is it what the player base demand? Playing three days until I can upgrade my church of negation e.g. doesn't seem very fun to do. On the other hand playing Nightmares End 25 times without getting the upgrade won't increase the moral either. And in addition: I remember those days when everyone was just spamming rpve 9 and nothing else, because of simplicity + Gold/min. I guess we need some kind of "gold/min" equation everyone is happy with.
  4. I briefly want to mention, that while I'm on the Skylords Discord server most of the time I'm playing I have a lot of contact with newer players. None of those so far tended to say that the game is fundamentally broken. Most of those players say that a lot of expert maps are way too hard and even tho they saw tactics on youtube or in replays they can't finish a lot of maps because they are "just too hard to beat without working together". The part I just don't get is, that @cocofang seems to be not playing since weeks, at least not at any maps besides rpve. And here is the foundation for my frustration: Being out of touch with those players you desperately trying to represent. Besides @Ponni wrote something I personally did not really think about before: How much grind is needed to play this game? This game worked in a time where the playerbase was 15, playing after school until bedtime and repeat this on the next day. It certainly was this way for me back in the ea-days. But now most of the players are at least in their twenties, not having the amount of time to play. So what exactly is the amount of hours you want people to spend before they beat expert maps for the first time? How many people do quit because they notice this game is way too much grind and way too repetetive? Talking about strong tactics being hold captive by "toxic elitists" is just so out of focus of the actual discussion.
  5. I play multiple stormsinger anyway because they're my M-counter in that deck. And since i use matter mastery on the bandit tower you don't really get cc'ed anyway. edit: I never claimed that the tactics I use are the only possible way, or even the best way. It's rather a display of different tactics you can use. Sometimes it even comes up to just the decklimitation of 20 cards, so if I need gravity surge AND a M-damage unit I just use stormsinger to safe one deckslot so I have more possibilitys in other Tiers, like Frost T1 just eats a whole bunch of slots to play it effective.
  6. Hi Guys, I played a few rounds of Blight the last couple of weeks and i wanted to at least start this guide while some of my replays are still watchable. Since I'm stupid I forgot to safe half the replays I played so far, but this guide will be updated by me whenever I produce a decent replay I'd like to share. So for a start I recommand the Blight-Tutorial done by Dallarian (thank you sir!) here which has some theoretical explanation and graphics which i would have been way too lazy to do myself. For further ado, heres the Blight-Tutorial by Treim/Wanky/Pritstift/Lebovin (insert Link here x) which has a good amount of general information aswell and even shows some shadow phoenix tactics + the infamous Batariel-rush at bottom left position. All replays I upload here show complete clears in time, no defending and no shinanigans with phoenix or amii-monument. Sometimes (as pointed out by Anske) I use a splash on t3 for "pure" decks, since I'm missing those super expensive xl units like Juggernaut/Spitfire in fire. When I get those cards at some time I'll maybe update those replays (but i recommand splitting on t3 anyway, since pure fire is BAD, here, I said it.) Feel free to contribute replays I did not cover so far So here are the replays: Disclaimer: some of the replays are not functionable anymore, but you can restore them following guides spread among the forums, this is what i found fastest: Top right position (pos 1): TopRightStonekin.pmvTopRightShadowNature.pmvTopRightPureShadow.pmvTopRightPureFire.pmvTopRightFrostT1.pmvTopRightBandits.pmvTopRightFireFrost.pmvTopRightNatureFire.pmvTopRightShadowFrost.pmv Top left position (pos 2): TopLeftShadowNature.pmvTopLeftPureFrost.pmvTopLeftFireNature.pmvTopLeftPureShadow.pmvTopLeftPureFire.pmvTopLeftNatureFrost.pmv Bot right position (pos 3): BotRightPureFire.pmv Bot left position (pos 4): BotLeftShadowT1.pmv btw, special thanks to Donaar, Irysunna, gam3over, Schlytz, Alexandra, ArthurKnight, saffo5, VegetaSSB and those 20 guys I forgot who played a ton of blight with me and nearly did not flame when i failed with pure frost again. Duo (each side solo) BlightDuo18'15'7.pmv my english bad blablabla ign: Keksmonsta Pipeline aka. whats coming next? Bandits topleft is done, im kinda struggling with the 3rd camp there, but as soon as i got a replay where i don't look like a retard, it will be here! After those are done, I might focus on botright a little more, will share first camp with all T1's soon, thinking about all positions-no-manawing too. cya TopLeftStonekin.pmv
  7. Yo, that ain't true for most parts. We got a new tactic by accident, and got better over time. We had kinda the same idea as u guys did, since after we broke the old record and u bested us for some days, we thought someone of us gave away our tactic. Anyhow, none of us is in a nearer connection to the developers. We still can better our time for Guns (and Dwarven/Empire/etc...) and as soon as we get a replay we for ourselves think we cant make any faster, we will gladfully upload the replays. Until that, get to our level buddy, Whitchhunt! ign BehaaaveBaby
  8. Sika is here sweet to meet ya again dude
  9. stole my picture and recolored it. like wolfgang beltracchi.
  10. Hello Ladys and Gentlemen my name is Luca, im from germany, 21 years old, runnin around with a nonstop boner since i heared we gotta get a server runnin. sometimes i feel like a battlerapper when i see me writin, since i dont use the g. thats because im a freakin g, u know? anyways, my old account was keksmonster, i was in the front page of 1on1 for like ... uhm... forever, had a hit on rank 1 aswell. 2on2 was fun, but i didnt play it too much (even tho im still unbeaten with dampfi and stoxx, since their lame was just too stronk). ya i dunno what to write, actually im quiet drunk right now. i got free tomorrow so thats ok i guess. i think its really cool that i still remember some names, even though i never really had the honor to meet radicalx, i still remember him (guess his time came shortly after i quit for playing lol), and some other just like taker or greenplumm. ya im tired, and i want to play a lil with myself before i go to bed, have a good time guyz
  11. Obviously doesnt know that sapphires can have different colors, though! Go back to school, mate :P
  12. dont know him, seems to be a fan of bad puns :P
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