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  1. this is quite literally all i have said to Ponni in this entire thread. but apparently you want to be toxic AF with unhelpful shit like: i am a father of 3 and not a developer/designer for this game. i get no benefit other than dev's telling me if i dont like the system to just go away apparently for trying to improve this game. yet you want ME to do more than voice my opinion and offer the suggestions i already have? i already said i plan to make a new topic, but that does not mean i should just ignore you here. but due to how toxic you seem to be overall i will just continue to ignor
  2. enough said. YOU an experienced player who knows which cards are good and bad/which cards are needed for which missions, ect, ect, ect. you can build a "few" experienced decks with FOUR MONTHS of game time rewards and you see this as OKAY? a BEGINNER with 7k will spend is on roughly 17 packs in most cases would be my guess. which may not even be specific color boosters or have cards for their main deck. this was my case. I bought a few cards that looked good and my friends suggested then bought the general booster packs because they literally come at a discount, yet 90% of the cards yo
  3. the problem isn't the core speed of progression. when daily quests and achievements are available to work on there isn't much of an issue. but after 2 daily missions are done and you can't do the rest of the achievements (perhaps due to needing multiple cards, viridya, dragons, ect) the rewards almost quite literally dry up very quickly. at this point it isn't a matter of the progress being slow, its the fact that there is literally no efficient way to progress that doesn't take massive amounts of unnecessary time. do you HONESTLY enjoy grinding RPvE over and over for gold, or spamming the sam
  4. please go away. you are not helping anyone and your comment is the exact opposite of productive. if you wish to be a child then i ask you not to do it in my thread. this entire thread is about improving player reward in order to help attract players to a game that after literally years is basically dead because I REALLY ENJOY THIS GAME and want to help attract more players. if you think this is mental attitude ill simply leave you with a "HA HA" and walk away.
  5. that is the entire point, yes. but players should need to spend time playing the game in order to get those rewards. instead of spending large amounts of time in the game for almost no reward...the entire point is to attract players to play the game more.
  6. how does any of this make any sense? the entire point is to make playing and progression feel rewarding. if you spend twice as much time having to get an equal amount of rewards it would be far worse. the entire thing i have been saying is we need more daily missions and stuff to do, the current value of each of them i have no issue with. if you have 4 daily missions worth 75 each instead of 2 for example you simply have twice as much to try and complete, meaning time can be spent more productively instead of just having to use your imagination to make the game fun by challenging yourself to m
  7. as i said multiple times. i do not think allowing multiple accounts and promoting it is the correct move. but we literally have a system in place that if i am to believe the post on the rules will literally ban you automatically even if you are just multiple people in 1 house hold playing with different accounts. you think THIS is the correct way to stop people from abusing the game? no...just make the game rewards better and they will have no need for the accounts. rules/systems in place to prevent someone from multiboxing is an entirely different story. i fully agree people should not be all
  8. wow. this coming from a dev? "if you don't like daily quests then don't play." in WoW and most other games with daily missions you CAN complete all the daily missions. there is no reason to have an alternate account. in WoW you can continue to receive regular quests as well as gather numerous dailies. when a character is maxed out and has completed all their daily missions...they move on to a new account just like you said. NOT "because they are necessary" you said it was NECESSARY to make multiple accounts because of the LIMIT OF TWENTY DAILY QUESTS EACH DAY, thus players do so to contin
  9. i have friends that absolutely hate playing meta anything in any game. like I said before, what if i want to theory craft 4 color enlightenment or some weird janky stuff that could change the meta entirely. not to mention new cards are looking to be added to the game. so if i want to choose these as a new player i'm then locked out of almost all the other choices. and will have no ability to even try and make a new fun and interesting deck. what if a new player wants to pvp for fun, only to take the green free pvp decks only to realized red and purple smashes them 99% if the time yet they are
  10. he isn't just saying he doesn't enjoy rPvE. he is saying he is bored of it. why? i can only assume because grinding it over and over is basically the best means of gold and gets boring extremely quickly. can you name a single other game that bans players for simply making a new account and spending more time playing the game? why are they making new accounts? to get around a flawed reward system? if the reward system was sufficient the new accounts wouldn't be needed and either would a rule to ban players. what if i started off and spent tons of gold and BF on cards i didn't end up lik
  11. i agree with you, but the main point i want to make is that the game currently doesnt reward players enough for their time if they continue to play after daily missions and banning players for simply wanting to progress is a bad idea. i would much rather have a better system of progression that allows me to actually feel like i am making progress, but i also feel like if i want to upgrade my cards faster so i can PvP quicker i shouldn't get banned simply for making a new account to achieve that quicker since it seems to be the only way. if grinding harder missions/objectives would be nearly as
  12. since when does actually being rewarded feel exhausting? how does saying "if you keep playing you will keep being rewarded" make plays feel it is mandatory? and what exactly is wrong with having advantages for PLAYING THE GAME MORE. i am a father of 3, i am the definition of someone who "doesn't have as much time". and i can tell you that the fact that i have less time to play means i would rather only spend that time playing when i have daily's and such that will reward me. when it dries up i'm out. why would i stick around when i'm feeling unrewarded? which system are they abusi
  13. just a few examples: add systems to reward players for playing more, such as bonus to BF/Gold after daily missions are complete. bonus currency when beating your own best time on a mission depending on the time difference far more achievements including ones designed to engage players in PvP make all free pvp decks always available so the PvP community doesn't feel gated by the PvE (large numbers of players play RTS strictly for pvp) double the daily missions, but make the new ones PvP missions so players of all skill and deck level will want to engage in the co
  14. so how long does trying to do missions in weird ways keep you occupied? approx how much time do you spend in the game after all your daily missions are complete? i would think the point i am trying to make is a simple one. if players do not feel rewarded or like they are making meaningful progression they simply will not play. period. this is just the truth regardless of how you or i enjoy the game. just be honest man come on, when the daily missions are done in this game aside from pvp there is nothing to do besides GRIND. and what keeps players grinding? wanting to progress! what makes
  15. but it is effort. you have to physically play the game for the time required. not everyone can sit around on 20 accounts and grind out every mission every day. ill simply repeat what i said above and ask you the same thing if you are playing right now on an account with mid tier cards what are you doing in this game aside from grinding out currency as fast as possible to upgrade your cards? i simply want this game to be better and have more players. and I can tell you as a player when i complete my daily missions and such i feel very little to no incentive to play the
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