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  1. Hehe, yeah, that would be "fun"... One of the basics of the game is built around power accumulated over time. If some Skylords decide to channel their own power through another Skylord then what is the problem in that? You could say that these players then bind their own power for one player and why should that not be possible in a multiplayer map, its still a team effort, right? Even in the shortest speedruns, Bad Harvest and Guns of Lyr (both ~ 3 mins...) it means massive amount of power accumulated and spent (on top of my head 400-500 power for each player) and ~2000 power then sh
  2. This is funny, nah, lets have nothing for free, not even BFP, then we can grind for nothing instead, it is so much fun to grind. (/ranting...) Actually, I have an offer for you, I can help with your grinding efforts by taking 50% of everything you "earn" then it will take even longer for you to get where you actually want to be, I would be really glad to help here, really-really glad...then once you have collected all cards and leave the game, please send me everything you own and I can distribute it to lesser fortunate Skylords. // Ponni
  3. Ponni

    Promo Mountaineer?

    Ha ha, received a Promo Snapjaws card! Not what I had hoped for, but thanks anyway! : ) // Ponni
  4. Ponni

    Promo Mountaineer?

    I read it once, twice and even a third time... So, I lean to the discover part you mention above hoping some new stuff comes with the release! // Ponni
  5. Ponni

    Promo Mountaineer?

    The other day I was playing a round and a promo message popped up, not very uncommon I know, but I was a bit surprised when I saw for which card. It stated Promo Mountaineer! I asked some friends online the next day but they just stated, nah, you must have misread or such...I am still quite convinced though I read it correctly. Unfortunately I did not take a screen of it... Have checked the forum a bit but cannot really find any information around this, so now I ask my question to a wider range of people, is there a Promo Mountaineer? Or was this just something happened in a dream? /
  6. Congrats to @ImaginaryNumb3r. A question to the comment above, has BattleForge ever stopped being great? Obviously part from the fact that one publisher, they-who-must-not-be-named, decided to shut it down...for me the game has always been great, even now in the test phase! // Ponni
  7. Ok, I guess we within short then will get to know this as the release is only weeks away!
  8. Ok, good to hear on the distributions. Would it be possible to share details on how many boosters a single user could earn doing achievements or which cards you perhaps are considering as achievement rewards? Or is this a secret until the release? ; ) I know there is a megathread on achievements, but I am not sure I have read any details in the forum on detailed things for after the release. // Ponni
  9. You are correct, there are less UR cards for a reason and that is normal when it comes to trading card games, eg. some cards are more common than others. But, if you then restart things from scratch, everything will start from 0, people will however get a starting kit with things to kick-start everything. Then every day people can complete quests and even achievements to start building the wealth again in the community. However, point from my side here is whether this will go fast enough to keep the interest at a level which is acceptable? Most people joining again after the reset knows t
  10. Perhaps not, but if we say user numbers will increase 10-fold after the release and apply statistics provided so far, we would then see 270 unique copies of a UR card in a 2 week period, which would mean 67,5 Skylords would be able to have a UR card fully charged or 135 the card plus one charge (this then out of the number from Zyna above where 2500 unique players would be 25000 and 120-150 concurrent users would be 1200-1500, and boosters opened ~92000). With that said, all users after the release will start with receiving 3 boosters initially (is that number correct?) and that will of course
  11. Thanks for the data @Zyna. I agree with you @Mynoduesp to some extent, but I will also top this with a question, is it enough? Because, theoretically: Every 5th booster will result in a UR card, as there are 68 UR cards it will mean (in a perfect draw) ~340 boosters needs to be opened for 1 specific UR card to be pulled. Given the number of boosters bought (9209, also assuming all boosters were opened) the total number of UR cards pulled during this period is around 1842. For each UR card it means 27 unique copies. This for a lot of popular cards like Infect, Enlightenment, Disenchan
  12. Wow, so thousands of players will join after the reset, that you are sure of? How will the servers cope with that? // Ponni
  13. If you put him on your ignore list I believe he will not be visible in your feed. I guess that would solve your problem...or you could report user ingame. // Ponni
  14. Thanks for posting this additional data, one question on the mixed/pure editions boosters. Do these boosters have the same drop rate as the "all" booster, eg: Card 1: 0.5% Promo, 19.5% Ultra Rare, 80% Rare Card 2: 15% Rare, 85% Uncommon Card 3: 20% Uncommon, 80% Common Card 4: Uncommon Cards 5,6,7 and 8: Common Or how are the boosters composed? // Ponni
  15. You are absolutely correct...my bad...I was just checking the list and took the middle figure of the BFPs...which is totally wrong... Anyhow, then things got even worse. : / // Ponni
  16. Thanks @Zyna, excellent! I think the data provided is perhaps a bit limited in time to draw any real conclusions. However I see some trends which I think needs to be monitored over time to see what effects the new system has. For me they are: Negative: - 56% of the players earning BFP decided to buy a booster. - ~60% of the players earned enough to buy at least 1 booster during whole period. - 1,4% of the players earned enough to buy 14 boosters (comparable to the old reward system) - 5% decided to buy 14 boosters (comparable to old reward system) - 13% of the players earne
  17. Oh, ok, good news then and thanks for posting this!! So the number of boosters opened for a period before and after is pretty much the same, interesting, not at all what I would have thought! I guess it would be good to track this over time to see if the trend is the same even after 4, 8 and 12 weeks before and beyond. Also, you mention above that playtime before update is not possibly to retrieve, but is there any other counts on users logged in or such to see any details on this before update? // Ponni
  18. I had the same thought and asked one of the devs separately on this. But, the data for this is not possible to extract as it is currently not being tracked. // Ponni
  19. Possibly so, but I also see a risk with this, eg. a large chunk of players in the community will not have the incentive to participate much in the economy over time. As the reward system now only generates BFP, I fear these guys will not buy boosters (hopefully some will), but with the steady BFP income they have they can buy their cards straight off the market. This, to me, would actually decrease the market supply. Now, the BFP they spend can of course be used to buy boosters at sellers side and possibly the effect of it is lesser than I fear. // Ponni
  20. I think this is a good idea and it will help in a lot of cases, for example pricy multiple charge cards like Infect, Shaman, Nether Warp, Frost Mage, Firedancer, etc. But this will not address it for some other pricy cards, eg, the ones with only 1 charge per card, like Enlightenment, Wheel of Gifts, Harvester, Overlord, etc. So, this one will only be a partial "fix".... Agreeing though with your point of charges, I think it is partly what you are saying a way to make money in the past forcing people to buy boosters/bfp for real money making sure in the end the game creator have a profita
  21. Well written and I agree on most things you state above. Particularly, I really like the idea of spending gold to buy boosters, in that way the huge pile of gold I have generated will come to some use, around 15 boosters with your suggestion. Also, I like the promo idea and your shop idea having fixed prices for each rarity of cards. With that last one there would be no point then to have Infect out for 6969 which is the last highest price I have seen...and there were 5 of them out for that price... One thing though which you are not drilling down on too much is card supply. I think this
  22. Rules are boring, more fun to be helpful...actually, that should be rule 1.01 in my opinion, be helpful... // Ponni
  23. It is easy nowadays with Google Translate: " Hello, I just downloaded the game, I am very excited for a long time I missed it, I would like to find people who speak Spanish to play with you! " You are welcome... // Ponni
  24. Not sure I agree on your second and third point, because why would/should someone sell an Infect for 499 BFP when people seem to be willing to pay 4 times as much and right now even more it seems? That is how markets tend to work, whatever people are willing to pay that will be the price and if prices are too low you hold on to your products for as long as possible hoping prices will rise. This unless markets are constantly - extremely - flooded with products. That is the only thing I believe will get prices down permanently. For the ultra rare/rare cards then many (many!) boosters needs to be
  25. Please do not ruin my arguments here! We can take the second pricy card into discussions also, Enligthenment, which also is an Ultra rare, but comes with only 4 total charges. The changes mentioned above will have no effect here then...and sometimes that would be fine but in a lot of cases it will not help at all... Again, the use of Offering is of course a valid option but to me this card only take a slot for other better cards. // Ponni
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