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  1. As my feedback, I specifically want to mention I really enjoy the achievements. Often times I like the idea of the PvE contests (e.g., do a specific map in a certain amount of time with a set of rules) but I am always intimidated by the time limit and competition. These achievements that call for very specific game rules (only buildings, only 1 color, etc.) are really a fun way to challenge myself in my own time frame and with no pressure or external competition. Really love them and I would enjoy more of them! The new cards are really cool and blend in well. As far as I can tell, they bring a lot of new life to certain areas. So far bandit minefield, banzai lord and dome of protection are my favourites. The cosmetics are a fun little reward to add onto the PvE challenges. Not everything can be a promo, so this is a neat little way to reward the challenges. Overall nothing negative to report! Thanks for the hard work 🙂
  2. Hey all, I'm always on the lookout for fun and interesting deck ideas or combo's, so let's share with each other! For this I'm not looking for anything that's good per se, but fun! So hit me up with your weird ideas, silly combo's or convoluted ideas that don't have to work that well, but are fun to play. I will share some of my favourites. Kirov Reporting (Constructs) The deck specifically focuses around creating Constructs and walking down the enemy base. I will usually summon 1 Overlord to go in first with an attack move (Q + Click) while the Constructs waltz in with a single move command (Right click) as they auto-attack anyway. The other spells are mainly to support the Constructs (Unholy Hero/Infect/Stone Shell). The rest of the deck is mostly filler until I get to T4. Optionally you can put in Rifle Cultists + Offering to churn out more constructs, but I find that's not really necessary. Main idea: Constructs + Overlord + Support spells Orbs: P -> P -> B -> G Moloch Bomber This deck revolves around a single unit, namely Moloch. Since it's a Fire T4 unit we have to Enlighten it into the game. In the meantime at your base you have 3 Cultist Masters and a Furnace of Flesh that are sending minions into your Altar of Chaos (usually I build 2) to feed the bombs. You send your Moloch into the enemy base, cast a Life Weaving on it, and start dropping bombs. More often than not your Moloch doesn't even have to stop walking as the bombs blow up the base and the Life Weaving spreads even more damage. This deck became a little better after the update to Altar of Chaos where the bombs can be dropped regardless of enemy presence! Main idea: Moloch + Altar of Chaos Orbs: P -> P -> G -> G Spirit Link Although not super original, I like the idea of a moving base. Basically you make sure you can always have at least 7 linked units walk around, and support them with small buildings on choke points or prior to a base siege. Heal and CC where needed while your units deploy and you have a slow moving but robust siege throughout the game. Main idea: 7 Spirit Link units + Support buildings Orbs: G -> G -> G -> G Let me know what your favourite ideas or combos are and how you built around these!
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