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  1. I do agree but I feel a small problem is that it seems to be only taking in account gold earned since the patch was released and not gold previously earned, but I'm not sure if that data is stored or if there are other technical limitations. Doing some math it would take me over year and a half to unlock it. So probably a very very long term goalπŸ˜„
  2. Hello. I've been having a lot of fun collecting cosmetics and while I think a grindier, long-term cosmetic is fine I feel I'm gonna pass away before I can even collect those 5 million πŸ˜„ My suggestion would be: - Reduce the requirement from 5 million to 1 million. - Add an extra way to get it by playing 200 matches. This way it will still take a long time to get it but it should not feel impossible for those who would like to work towards it. Also, big hug to those who worked on the cosmetics πŸ™‚
  3. Those are nice QoL ideas. In the case of Rioter's retreat, the knock back could be too strong because right now the tower has a powerful support aura. I would suggest instead reworking Bandit launcher and move the rioter's aura to it, and then adding the knockback to rioter's retreat. For coat of protection I think it's fine and a good reward to go full frost but the affinities should probably be removed since they don't add a sense of meaningful choice between them and I think pure, single element T4 cards should have no affinities since they're supposed to be a reason for you to co
  4. So many nice changes. I was very happy already after reading the general changes and then I read the blance changes (especially stonekin)... so so good and very exciting. Appreciate all the work and passion you guys put into this project. 🧑
  5. Thanks for the reply. Do you think this is something that might be worth considering changing/fixing in the future? Because it feels a bit bad and awkward that other factions mitigations work on one of Frost core mechanics but frost own mitigations don't, so you get more benefit from shields by going hybrid (Running stone shell/life weaving) than by using a pure Frost deck, and I love Coat of Protection a lot but it feels a bit worthless to combine it with ward of the north at the moment.
  6. NAME: Ward of the north, Gifted Ice and Revenge damage reduction does not affect Shields. DESCRIPTION: Ward of the north, Gifted Ice, Shared Pain (Dreadnought) and Revenge are not reducing the damage taken by shields, only health, which I think is unintended, specially with ward of the north, dreadnought and armored tower being frost cards. Other damage reduction effects like Life Weaving, Unholy Power, Unity (Frost), Green Peace (Frost), Gift of Resilience (Wheel fo Gifts) and Stone Shell work as intended, reducing the damage taken by the shields. Revenge does not reduc
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