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  1. To be fair I would change the "forever with no cost" of the spell, to a 1 use but not limit it to stonekin buildings
  2. Suggestions: Wilzapper: make it work as the pve version, paralyzing enemies, maybe make it t3 to balance it Inc Mo upgrades, should do something other than increase the hp of a building that tecnicly doesnt get into combat Vodooshack could have a faster construction passive Rioters Retreat should also work as the PVE version, have higher dmg and knock back medium and small Crystals: are a good idea but kind sucks, maybe make it so instead of buffing affinities they buff colors, and also need to improve their buffs, only the fire crystal is some what usefull
  3. Fire is not on good spot, maybe early game fire, and pvp fire, but late game pure fire is complete trash, is the worst pure color, loosing to even frost, all because the lack of sustainability, what fire needs its a spell that help units stay in the fight, doesnt matter if they have high dmg, if they are already dead. you missed the point of moloch, its not supposed to compete with batarial, its suppose to be a tank, sure some colors are better at some stuff than others, but that doesnt mean they can only do that, Moloch should stay at fire, maybe reduce his power as a buff, but the 90% dmg reduction its exacly what fire needs, maybe ad a swapable option to moloch, that its either negating 90% of range or 90% of melee, cuz it gets destroyed when in melee rn, because fire has no sustainability, or maybe buff bloodthirst
  4. 1) Girl power: make it area spell instead of single unit arcane 2) Warlock red: make him a t1 or increase dmg buff from 15% to 25% 3) Warlock blue: make it as friendly unit takes less damage instead of the dmg buff against frozen units. 4) Color crystals: Affect color cards intead of affinities, and balance it accordinly and maybe even add mixed crystals (Fire crystal affects all fire units) 5) Ofering blue: Same as green, but instead of sacrifizing units it sacrifizes buildings 6) Rioters retreat: Should knock back small and medium sized units like its NPC counterpart 7) Also removing the 4 frost orbs requirement for coat of protection, regroth is more OP and it only takes 1 nature
  5. Dont nerf achivments based on "frustration" balance them only by seing if its doable or not! i have all the new achivments and can confirm they are indeed dooable, it takes all the credit away from completing them, if they are easy. Sure ppl are going to cry about it, just like im doing but opposite, its natural, and its also natural for achivments to mean something, and be hard to ACHIVE.
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