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  1. I dont want to get my hopes up tooooo much as I didnt had enough time to test yet, but from a quick test it does appear that limiting the FPS to 60 has helped. No more coil whine while starting the game and at least in a short test I couldnt replicate the lags. This miiiiiight actually have done it. Ill test more when I get time in the following days but really interesting that it might actually be performance related. Wouldnt have thought that such an old game could give such a new card trouble 😄
  2. Id be returning the GPU for coil whine mainly. But I did eye one from another brand anyway. Im assuming different brand means different PCB? (Would switch from an Asus RX 6800 TUF Gaming OC to a ASRock Phantom Gaming). Yea I did remove Nvidia drivers. Sure, these companies dont have the ressources to support such a small game. Luckily the game is still playable for me so its not THAT big a deal. I guess Id have to cut PvP out if it stays this way and that would be a bummer but oh well.
  3. Ahhh I see. Are there any newer GPUs that are confirmed to work with BF or is it really a case by case basis? Im currently thinking about returning mine because it has coil whine and Im still in the time frame to return it without problems. Im unlikely to base my buying decision on whether the GPU works without fault with Skylords but if there is a tie and one is known to work while the other isnt it might become a factor. Well the Alt-Tabbing helps with the very long freezes but theres still also the short pags that also lag sound. Also I didnt modify my Windows installation in any way before or after switching GPUs. If I remember when I get home Ill try to limit the FPS and see if that changes things. Thank you for your help btw ❤️
  4. Interesting. I also thought about DirectX but couldnt come up with a reason as to why that might be a problem. If it´s emulated though as you said that might explain it. Thus far Im not able to reproduce the issue consistently, however one thing I noticed is that the freezes where the image freezes but the game continues does get fixed if I switch to desktop and then back in game. It continues along fine after that. Also..do you think there is any chance that this might damage hardware? I normally wouldn´t ask this since it´s just a game and all but the noises my graphics card sometimes make when Skylords is running do sound very concerning..
  5. Do you mean its more demanding because its badly optimized? Can you recommend a tool to meassure FPS? My monitor has one inbuilt but not sure if that can be trusted, if it is to be trusted it stays mostly at 165 FPS with the occassional dip to around 140 FPS. Hmmm but I only changed my GPU, my CPU stayed the same 😕 And like whats weird is that both my CPU and GPU are apparently way less taxed than in other games. For example in New World my GPU is running at 100% workload (which I was worried about but read online that its fine), while in skylords it sits at around 50-70%. My CPU is almost idle and sits at 2% while running Skylords. EDIT: Also for the longer lags they seem to be hard to reproduce. For checking the FPS I just started skylords and spammed a few Nether Warps in the forge. Sure enough it got the freeze where the game was still going on but my screen image wasnt changing. Later when it worked again I spammed WAAAAY more warps and nothing happened, in fact it ran completely fine.
  6. So I just upgraded my old GTX 1050 to a RX 6800 and jumped right into Skylords. The moment I launch it (even on the login screen) my GPU makes some weird crackling noises. I thought it might be coil whine but I ran a few benchmarks/stress tests and there was literally no noise aside from the fans spinning of course. I tested other games and so far this ONLY happens in skylords. I also have random lags in the forge and in game, not only the image lags but also the SOUND?! Really weird...and yea freezes too sometimes. Im honestly baffled, any ideas what I can try/what this might be? Latest AMD Adrenaline and GPU drivers are installed. EDIT: ALSO..sometimes the image freezes (nothing moves) for a loooong time (talking 10+ seconds) but I can still click cards in my deck and play them AND I HEAR THE SOUND OF THE CARDS BEING PLAYED?!? Idk this is really weird, never experienced something like this since Windows95 times. I also tried toying around with the graphic settings but no success thus far..
  7. For RPvE I recall Radicals thornbark video: https://youtu.be/Sxm3mYpSUNw As said by @DefAnske root network has been changed so Id assume not everything Radial says in that video is still accurate. The deck should still roughly play the same though I guess.
  8. Weird. I restarted the game thinking it might be a language issue. But even after switching back to german it worked again. So restarting game weirdly seemed to fix it.
  9. Pretty much what the title already says. Whichever rarity I chose I get all of em displayed anyway. All other filters still work fine.
  10. It seems it was a translation mistake. Metagross already cleared up ingame that U3 gives another 10 sec CD as you said here. However the german card description still reads "+10 sec duration", so thats where the confusion came from.
  11. How does U3 affect frenetic now? I have purple on U2 and red on U3 and see no difference between the two. Also the card description does not reflect that the target has to die within the first 10 seconds.
  12. The Vigil thing I can see, but arent bigger bosses just easier to subdue by using frenetic?
  13. @Little_Ducky @Dutchy Im curious about this..you both posted decks with undead army but without blood healing. If you dont use the army for healing what uses does it have?
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