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  1. ulvfdfgtmk

    Won PvP match - lost elo

    NAME: Losing elo after winning a PvP match DESCRIPTION: Pretty self explanatory in the name, I just won a PvP match but got 163 elo points taken away. Now IF (!) memory serves right I think this was possible in the old bf aswell, but I´m not certain on this. However even if it was possible I´d still find it a bit odd to happen here as my opponent was only 2 PvP ranks below me. Btw my opponent lost elo aswell, don´t know if that´s important to know. REPRODUCIBILITY: It´s the first time I noticed this happening but will have an eye out for it to occur again in the future. In most games I win I do receive additional elo. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Well I could provide the after match screenshot here but since it doesn´t indicate who won the match it´s probably not of much use. However I´m going to attach the replay of said match. LOG: Attached. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I just watched the replay again and noticed that he had a higher rating than me, however he conceded. Wanted to mention it since this might be part of the problem. log.txt autosave.pmv
  2. ulvfdfgtmk

    Won PvP match - lost elo

    Happened again today, replay and screenshot attached. This time my rating was marginally better though. autosave.pmv
  3. ulvfdfgtmk

    Skylords Reborn Championship (11.07)

    On the note of banned things: will base walling be banned?
  4. ulvfdfgtmk

    Skylords Reborn Championship (11.07)

    Great stuff! Thanks for bringing awareness to pvp, we need more players
  5. ulvfdfgtmk

    How to report a player?

    I searched for a topic on which details are necessary to be included in a report, however didn´t find any. Is it just enough to report someone and mention what they did or do the guys handling the reports need more information on when it happened? For example I just reported someone and mentioned to just look at the chat logs, however we were doing a pve map and what was said happened in the group chat rather than in private. So would it be required to mention which chat it happened in, what time etc?
  6. ulvfdfgtmk

    How to report a player?

    Hey there, alright sounds good. Thanks for clearing that up Kiwi Hey, thank you guys for all the work and effort you put in this game!
  7. ulvfdfgtmk

    Does overlord worth keeping? [SOLVED]

    Imo pure shadow is the most hardest to learn PvE deck you´ll find, but of course it´s also the coolest and most fun. If you seriously plan on going full shadow then you absolutely have to keep Overlord. On U3 his self healing is insane, you can use his active ability or Blood Healing on him to keep your units alive (shadow doesn´t have that many heals) and it won´t even phase him and you can use him to power your death rays which deal a lot of damge when fully loaded and combined with unholy hero. Having said that, all of this requires A LOT of micromanagement hence why I consider it the hardest PvE deck. Also his voice is epic.
  8. ulvfdfgtmk

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    I´m getting the same error now, whereas before I could login just fine.
  9. ulvfdfgtmk

    Best Player for Each Faction

    Gotta nominate myself as best pure shadow player Wartac also wasn´t bad.
  10. ulvfdfgtmk

    Introduce Yourself!

    OH MY GAAAAD :):) I´m so happy just to read all those familiar names..if this seriously gets released I will make love to everyone who contributed! I´m ulvfdfgtmk, often refered to as ulv, and was addicted to BF for a looong time. I hope to revive this addiction. Peace and love to all of you

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