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  1. wait, hold up! hybrid orbs are possible??? that would solve SO many problems! how often did an argument end with "yeah card x is too good to be splashable, but it would kill splash faction y if it was pure"? Now this is some really exciting news!
  2. an AI mode does sound great, but i wouldn't even know how to start writing AI for battleforge. the game is way way too dynamic for it as it lacks classical base-building mechanics and tech progression. the void system, ability to spawn units in the field and use of spells leads to vastly different approaches to matches when compared to other rts games. if anyone has any sort of idea on how a decent bot can be made, then i am all for it. i have however the suspicion that the lack of bots in pvp is for good reason: the devs could not deliver an acceptable bot in an acceptable sort of timeframe (
  3. Welcome! In terms of guides, feel free to use the guide navigation thread to find relevant guides for you. For tutoring and finding sparring partners, check out the tutors and apprentices discord - we have lots of experienced players there (close to 500 members) who can give you advice on your decks, tutor you ingame and analyze replays.
  4. I am a bit on the fence on this one - on one hand i really like to see the barrier of entry into pvp being lowered and the playingfiled being evened out. Without free decks we are talking about 2kbfp+ even for the cheapest viable decks and that's an investment new players likely just don't want to make. First they need to inform themselves about what they actually need for a pvp deck and then they might end up not liking their faction and switching to another faction or maybe they don't enjoy pvp at all. With the free decks you get a viable high elo deck build to just try out factions with and
  5. Even if they devs were ever inclined to sell your data - there are not that many players in the game and i doubt that data would even be worth selling. That aside the devs have my full trust in this one. The sheer amount of hours that went into this should speek for themselves.
  6. I would like to see 25 slots eventually, given that each faction was adjusted to allow for more diverse viable strategies - especially pure factions (with the exception of pure shadow to some extend, there is some build variety there) are quite reliant on must have combos. Right now, i feel that only universally strong cards are being played and more situational cards are maybe 2-3 slots at max in meta builds depending on the faction (for some faction this number is 1 at most...). With a more viable set of optional counters / combos, it will be much viable to adjust decks to personal preferenc
  7. @Halis Yes, you need rank 10 to get the upgrades. The rank is not easy to reach without heavy investment of time and resources into grinding pve maps. I find it to be very boring having to grind the same few time-efficient maps over and over again...
  8. @RadicalX mele units in t1 are in a decent state and as you pointed out it's the spamm occuring in certain matchups... which typically involves spamming ranged units to the point where mele units often don't feel viable anymore. that was pretty much what i meant when i said ranged units are too dominant - the point of them becomming opressive is reached too early in my opinion. As for nature t1 struggling against t2, well that's not exactly suprising considering how scaling-heavy the faction is, which often results in mid-late t1 being avoided by the non-nature player. After adjustments t
  9. I would be really happy to see rank requirements for upgrades be removed. You can build a viable pvp deck in a week or so, so that's really fine, but i STILL don't have the pve rank needed to upgrade ultra-rares after 1 month or so of playing semi-actively. Yes, getting pvp rank is easy if you find someone actually playing ranked pvp, but i mostly enjoy sparring and don't want to be forced into ranked like that. Esepcially for new players i could see this being a major annoyance of having to play ranked first, just to be allowed to upgrade your deck.
  10. That's great news @Kubik! Can't wait to see both community maps turned official pvp maps and card changes on the test-server become a reality!
  11. Your comments about t1 imbalance, i fully agree with. nature and frost t1 both are not up too par (for different reasons and it would be hard to find balanced fixes for this imo. damn, now i wrote an essay about it... again...). still, we should also examine fire and shadow t1 as well as they do contain some quite problematic elements. mostly it's the towers, but i feel that overall, ranged units seem too dominant in t1. in almost any matchup a ranged unit spam is par of the course (with some exceptions in the form of thugs spam, which needs a nerf), where as in t2 you can see much more v
  12. one more thing about the npe... since you get decent decks in a reasonable timeframe and get enough gold for upgrades, it is really annoying to be restricted by your pve rank. In particular ultra-rares have too high of a rank requirement to upgrade. getting to the required pve rank (gold 2) takes quite time some considering the exp you get for rpve and campaign maps. In addition, i feel the current reward system gives very little worthwhile rewards after doing your quests. I'm a bit worried about multi-accounting in that regard since you can reasonably do the quests in 30 mins.
  13. Honestly it would be best to have some handpicked and well designed community maps in ranked pvp instead of some of the EA maps. Especially layesh and wazahi are poorly thought out an ymria can be a problem (not nearly a bad tho and mostly due to cliffing only) as well. But you can take only so many maps away before ranked gets a little to repetetive and decks can be built to cheese certain maps if the pool is small enough. In terms of community-maps, well there would need to be some contest first to have properly designed maps to pick from. The focal point should be on playability and no
  14. i would rather avoid turning cards into gold, after all gold is used for account progression and such a conversion would make multiaccounting much more convenient. now rerolling a card for a card of the same rarity on the other hand...
  15. battleforge plays very differently from your average RTS. adding fog of war would make it very chaotic as armies can be spawned out of nowhere and scouting would have very limited effect. imagine playing any standard rts where both players are unable to scout. that doesn't play very well, does it?
  16. It just encourages spam like in the replay, i am seeing that a lot in higher gold elo. Especially without damage spells, you are having issues. Stonekin has it the worst out of all factions actually and its just sad to watch... the only "real" counter is to get the shadow player to run out of charges. fixing it might actually encourage players to switch to blue nether warp in lower elos as well since shadow mages won't be an easy defense anymore (well, at least not THAT easy).
  17. sure a large t1 is worth it, but fire can afford to get a large t1 and still somehow manage to have global warming in there. if you really don't have a slot then that's fine too, it's just my opinion that it's propably worth playing.
  18. I am one of the players who prefers to pick optional cards to alleviate weaknesses in my deck instead of making allready quite winnable matchups easier. pure frost and fire-frost are tough for pure fire, propably the hardest matchups for fire and so i would suggest playing global warming. pure fire usually doesn't have many issues with deckslots and i see large t1s in this deck quite a lot. should be possible to fit global warming in there somehow.
  19. personally i do have an issue with core cards being too costly/rare. in my opinion, the core cards a faction is designed around and are required to play the deck should be uncommon at most. optional cards that offer adapation to matchups or have effects simillar to other cards should be the ones with higher rarity. you should basically be able start out with a bare-bones viable deck for an affordable price and then once you get more into pvp and feel like you need to adapt to the meta/matchups or just want some optional (but not cruical) cards, you need to invest more bfp. it's just not fun to
  20. you released this before the beta-testers have leaked it? what are we even here for at this point? THEY TOOK ER JERBS!
  21. @Kubik i can feel your pain! Just looking at how the game handles certain tasks, such as opening boosters etc. It's pretty clear that the game locks the ui when waiting for updates from the server... you know, the kind of flaws that would have gotten a 2nd semester university project i was once doing failed instantly (it's annoying to the user and also very, very error-prone if the server doesn't deliver exactly what you expect it to straight away and a clear sign concurency is foreign to the developer). Looking just at the surface issues in the programming... yeah "wtf" moments are prett
  22. @Morathyls i still feel that a damage-cap would have been a better solution as the nerf does not adress the problem at all... but then they also nerfed corsair and masterarchers are still op, so...
  23. It was the right decision and i am happy it has been made despite the previously set release-date.
  24. I'm pretty sure promos worked in the old server
  25. There are tons of great moments in anime, it's pretty hard to make a pick, so i will just go ahead and make several. SPOILERS AHEAD! For me personally: #1 Griffith's speach to princess Charlote from Berserk (the 97's version and movie version are pretty much on par here imo) (Such a pivotal moment and masterfully delivered, gives great insight into Griffith's character as well as Gutt's reflection on his own dream afterwards. Drives to plot forward in a masterfull way and sets up maybe one of if not the deepest and richest villan character i have ever seen with a whole bunch of
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