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  1. Amazing work devs! Just came here to say show my sincere appreciation. Cheers, FoodForThought
  2. Good job guys, Nice balances overall. Even if I am a bit bummed out by the Decomposer nerf, I do understand why some people wanted it nerfed. Cheers to making the game more balanced, and hopefully more enjoyable! FoodForThought
  3. Hola, I would like to join the League of Skylords (LoS(?)). Really cool initiative. However, I will probably not be able to meet every week to play a match. Or maybe I will, not sure yet. If that means I will get an auto-loss every now and then, that is okay for me. See you all in the Forge! Enjoy your day, FoodForThought
  4. I think this sums it up quite well. Thank you for your insight. But wouldn't you say that dragging the T1 can help Fire big time in facing T2 frost. So if that means you need a big t1 in order to pull that off, I think it is worth the deckslots, don't you?
  5. Thank you for your reaction SunWu! Virtuoso is a good L counter for sure. Thank you for the reply. I will try it out. Gathering my deck now and already have a Virtuoso in (:
  6. Thank you for the reaction RadicalX, it is much appreciated. Dragging T1 and rushing T3 sounds very pleasing to be honest. Also a valid point concerning the T3. Would you mind making a suggestion about what to add for making a solid T3? I think of dropping Global Warming and I can always drop the Mortar.
  7. Every pure Fire player will know the frustration in facing pure Frost on T2. Three words: Shielded War Eagles. These beasts shoot through fire's medium units with ease. And Skyfire Drake is simply countered by shields. So how do experienced pure Fire players deal with frost t2? Is the spell 'Global Warming' worth the slot to counter the shields? Even though it is useless against basically all other decks which is not pure Frost... Let me know your thoughts on the subject. And feel free to comment on the current deck I am planning to use! All comments are more than welcome (:
  8. It came to my attention that not all rewards from quests are granted after completing its requirements. I am playing for 2 days now, but already this is bugging me. Since I couldn't find a topic stating the problem, I will try my best to describe it. Every 24 hours new quests will be released to fulfill to get players free rewards containing a pack and/or Bfp. After completing its requirements, you will be granted its rewards. However, for me this is not always the case. For example: today I tried completing quest 'Skylords Unite' and 'I'm a Skylord and I'm Okay'. I already soloed
  9. And same here, sadly for all of us
  10. Big thank you to both. I actually just needed to unpack the Battleforge.rar as the two of you pointed out. BattleForge is running smoothly! Big thank you again (:
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