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  1. NAME: Batariel (P) broken (not the OP kind, the pathetic kind) SEVERITY: 2 .5-ish LOCATION: Forge, probably in any match REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: Batariel (P)'s aura doesn't seem to work right. His aura has difficulty activating and doesn't ramp up. Instead it just dies out. This occurs when attacking a somewhat smaller number of targets (one XL target (Spore Launcher) or three M targets (Grove Spirits)). Batariel (R) has no such problem. Against small units (e.g. Skeleton Warriors) both do fine, but since they insta-kill the rest of the units upon aura activation, I can't
  2. I have had similar results on the opposite end. Damage buffs do not appear to stack either, but the way they interact also seems a bit weird in general. I had a setup of two XL units, one for each player in the Forge (in this case it was Overlords). Both had a Soul Splicer (R) next to them which was charged and the buff was applied to them. After that I kept one side that way and to the other one I added a Waystation (R) with an installed Bandit Sorceress (R). When fighting the two units seemed to deal more or less the same damage, although sometimes it appeared that one side would occasi
  3. NAME: Disintegration and "draw into in-between" causing (semi-)permanent debuffs. SEVERITY: 2 .5 ish? LOCATION: Forge, probably in any match REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: The debuff caused by a Twilight Abomination's roar is permanent in some situations. Under the right circumstances this may apply for all similar debuffs and perhaps even buffs. SCREENSHOT: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: When a Twilight Abomination roars the debuff it applies does not start ticking until the roar is finished. If a Wrathgazer starts disintegrating the Abomination while the debuff is stil
  4. NAME: Twilight Transformation in Forge SEVERITY: 3 Honestly, I would almost like to write a 4 there LOCATION: Forge REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: While acting as the second player in the Forge Twilight Units cannot transform. SCREENSHOT: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: None.
  5. But shouldn't their damage be a minimum of 200? I would have thought that even when hitting one of a squad each hit should still do 5 damage, with the up to 9 from splash maybe applying only when there is a second squad. That the direct impact on a single squad member would somehow deal less than the 5 seems strange. I guess squad members are limited to a certain percentage of the incoming damage. I used to think they simply shared a health pool, but since individual members occasionally die before the squad reaches 1 HP that is clearly not the case. In that case I suppose I can see why t
  6. So, I decided to try out shadow. Had a look at T1 units. I thought that maybe the Tainted Snapjaws might be nice as a sort of support unit, maybe have one of them running around with your T1 ball for the debuff. Thing is, the damage was abysmal. Far less than the 280 damage would imply. They did 119 damage against Twilight Claws in 36 seconds, 96 against Bandit Footmen in 27 seconds (after each of those they died). Against a wall they did 160 in 20 seconds, which is at least close to the minimum damage they should do (still 4*5*20/2 should be 200). Their nominal damage is 280; maybe
  7. From what I understand repairing anything will return 100% of the power to the void. Toggling abilities (Nature T1 spearmen, Frost T1 imperials) return 100% to the void as well. When units/buildings die, spells are cast or active abilities are used 90% of the power cost are returned to the void. You get NO power back when a monument or power well is destroyed. Losing 500 power worth of units and casting two spells for 300 power permanently costs you 80 energy. Losing a single power well costs 100 instead, unless there was less than 100 power left in it. You should
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