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  1. Extreamly bussy atm :(

    1. Chimerae


      You missed a bus?

    2. Ultrakool


      shh chim he feels extremely bussy ok, people can dream of being buses once in a while you know :/

  2. well maybe i am. just abit. youre not the first person saying that . the is REAL
  3. great job BFR team sadly i cant watch the stream have to help my brother to move house. but im sure we can watch the stream later agein
  4. im splitted about the idea. To not force us on a spezific map is a good way to go. But gold as the only currency for everything (beside of buying cards) idk. i think i must see that ingame to get a feeling about it. About the 2 elements i think they can be removed then. One maked cardupgrades giving tokens and the other doubled the numbers of tokens. If there is just gold needed we dont need them at all, becouse you was able to sell the cards after a match for gold if you didnt need it even w/o an element.
  5. what would it be usefull for to list it from high to low? a low donation is as worth as a high one. correcting me if im wrong but this threat is a thank list not a ranking <.<
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