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  1. Wish granted, but you'll die in a few days without depression I wish that there is no speed limit in my country
  2. wish granted, but you can use your internet 1h per day. I wish that i'm young again
  3. Hello guys, my real name is Tommy, i'm 16 years old and come from Switzerland. How i came to this game? Well i don't remember that at all, but i think it was because of a Trailer about Battleforge. I was about 10 or 11 years old and my parents aren't allowed me to play this game. So i downloaded the F2P version - and played it hidden. One time i bought the game in a store with my grandpa.. and when i went back home my father didn't said anything and allowed me the game. And yea.. i loved to play this game, but i was inactive 1 year before the Server closed. About 4 months before i've heard that EA gonna close the Server i started the game and played in the forge with all my cards. Today i play games like GTA V or Battlefield 4 and stuff like this. And now i wait for the BF Reborn! :)
  4. [quote='WatcherOfSky' pid='10204' dateline='1438031899'] [quote='StarDucksCoffee aka PKcool' pid='10198' dateline='1438031586'] I'm not good with this but.. [img]https://i.imgflip.com/or3wj.jpg[/img] [/quote] Pretty good. :D [/quote] Hehe thanks :) :troll:
  5. PKcool comes because P=Phoenix and K=King don't ask me why, long Story :P and cool just so :D And why StarDucksCoffee? I don't know anymore.. because of Starbucks but i don't know why "Ducks" instead of Bucks :D I use the name StarDucksCoffee for new games.. PKcool i've used in Battleforge and i think i will use it for BF Reborn.
  6. I'm not good with this but.. [img]https://i.imgflip.com/or3wj.jpg[/img]
  7. [quote='ladadoos' pid='10004' dateline='1438011689'] Is actually incorrect :o [/quote] Oh ups.. i understood this game wrong xD
  8. I'm from Switzerland :) known for chocolate and our mountains :D
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