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  1. which is another reason, why i brought this theme up.
  2. if read instruction carefully, it's already written there, that you need add exception for skylords in antivirus.
  3. well, there is more categories that can benefit from game not running elevated, but indeed streaming is quite important one. then again, running OBS as admin will do trick for you (or if you using nvidia shield ... but that requires nvidia gpu in first place). no point discussing this further in public, workaround exists (as long, as person has admin rights on computer)
  4. thanks for answer. i have some idea what you are talking about, although can't think about simple solution for this. it's quite some years, when i was tinkering witch such stuff btw. it is possible from privileged process spawn another, that is not elevated, but i'm not sure, if you will be able to modify spawned process memory. might look into it, when i have time ... but no promises tbh. my line of thinking was, that your are patching game files directly, not in memory.
  5. Is it possible to remove UAC flag from launcher, or is it really required for running game. Issue is, that running game as administrator effectively blocks communication software PTT hotkey, if communication software also is not running as administator. Game should not require elevated user to run, and patcher most likely needs it only to patch gamefiles, when it's installed in Program Files or other folder, that is not writeable by normal user.
  6. I just played only little trough campaing, but seems so far so good, except ocassional disconnects after i finished map, which i remember sometimes happened even on EA servers, so i'm not sure if this issue is server or client related. anyways keep it up. i miss all my card with charges ... but i guess, i will build my decks again, if i have time. glad to see this come alive again.
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