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  1. Now it works for me, have do nothing only wait.
  2. PLS fix it mybe just not next year....
  3. Game is not startin until i klick again in launcer.
  4. same not working this one, god dammed. Did u plan another attack against Win7 here? For shour.# Do i need to reinstall the Game?
  5. YoloMouse https://pandateemo.github.io/YoloMouse/
  6. I Planed to make a little BiGeR MoUsE CuRsE Guide today, now i looking for the right Forumsstage to post it?
  7. english ist auch ne super sprache. Also gibts kein GROSSEREN Mauszeiger für das Game oder?
  8. Is there an option make the Mousemarker a larger more ones or implement it?! soon greatings ***
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