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  1. Darshan

    Crashes after running battle forge

    nope resolved. It was something i deleted. I reinstalled eveything even the directx stuff. Eventually it worked
  2. Darshan

    Crashes after running battle forge

    Hi just an update the crashing is still there everytime when i run a game it crashes after a maybe 10mins im not sure if its a server issue or its my computer. So far the rate of crashes its around 80-90% and it always happens in multiplayer maps.
  3. Hi my game crashes after a while, i can run the game but like maybe after 15mins of playing it crashes by itself. I used to be able to play the game without issue but recently had to redownload it because i deleted some files but after redownloading this issue started. If someone have some insights it would be great thanks.
  4. i just downloaded the game and followed the instructions. So i extracted the file, whitelisted the forgerebornupdater for windows defender and run the file. Its been an 1hr now and its still updating barely even half. I just wanted to make sure that is it normal to take this long or did i do something wrong?

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