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    games crashes alot sometimes it just suddenly closes in middle of match or just freezes the screen happens many times a day
  2. hey I extracted the file .rar and have all files in the battleforge folder and I closed the antivirus and I deleted and installed again and still wont open
  3. got the same problem and I am using windows
  4. yeh I still got the problem I tried to do what you. said but it still won't open
  5. i did that and indeed the error stoped appear but still when I press play on launcher nothing appears now
  6. no it happen on launcher still I didn't log in or anything i downloaded it and then extracted it to my battleforge folder but it still pop the same error (
  7. Hi Everytime I try to Press play on main page of the game this Error pops up and won't open Please help even when I try to close it , it pop up again alone repeatedly
  8. I am not very good with computers how to deal with the .rar and if would tell step by step that would be amazing .
  9. Hello I need help on downloading the game I first downloaded the client then the updater but it didn't worked , Can Anyone tell me the exact steps on what to do Please .
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