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  1. I used 7Zip to extract the files from the .rar file Once you download 7Zip you should be able to right click the .rar and then extract all files, there will be two BattleForge folders created in your documents. Not sure why mine had so many folders in folders but here is where the updater was extracted to: C:\Users\name\Documents\BattleForge\BattleForge\BattleForge You will want to extract the updater into the second BattleForge folder. @xIAntiBeasTIx
  2. @Nerevar You guess right! I did not realize the .rar needed to be extracted. I have successfully extracted the file and was able to get the updater working! Thanks a ton!! @MephistoRoss Thanks as well!!
  3. I've downloaded both files and they are shown in the BattleForge folder, but when I go to launch I get a pop-up that says all files need to be archived in the BattleForge folder. I am not sure if I missed a file or if I did something wrong. I have tried all of the suggestions from the tech support thread, even restarted my computer and re downloaded multiple times. HELP!! Please and thank you
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