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  1. When the lifestaler usaes its ability to feed of own units but dies (gets destroyed) mid- animation the game crashes for the lifestealer player here is a test replay reproducing the crash; movie.pmv
  2. huh either i am crazy or at least it is not published...
  3. This still looks to be the perfect idea however it will probably not happen anytime soon so iw as courious if maybe someone in the comunity came up with a temporarily solution. thats why i necroposted here...
  4. it exactly doubles the healing since the effect would normally heal every 2 seconds but when used the "buged way" it gets refresed once every second so it does heal twice as fast
  5. This has been mentioned a couple times already I dont know if it can be called a bug since there is no other card to compare the nether warp to in oder to judge if the way it works (double the healing since it refreshes twice each second) is inconsistent or "wrong". We have multiple instences of cards (jugger double stampede, nightguard nasty interaction, or even the way damage reductions or damage amplifications do interact in general) The question should be if the effect of the card is overpowered in general. and as other people descibed already it actually only works versus pure n
  6. +1 for random maps (cant vote since it was added after i voted)
  7. Well i think this topic is a bit mislleading in fact i think amii monument is only the tip of the mountain..... The Problem when trying to balance Competetive pve eg speedruns and record hunting is obvious. There will always be 1 best strategy resulting in it beeing "op" compared to everything else. This does hit pve way harder than pvp since there is no "metagame" its jsut 1 best way = low variance. Also i think there is a significant diffrence between something beeing overpowerd and something beeing "broken". For me i would consider stuff like lss or buffed up batariel "overpowere
  8. edit

    1. Eddio


      Shouldn't this have been sent in a pm?

  9. https://ufile.io/x8pnu - >fyre +2 spec slots https://ufile.io/mb4zi -> turan + 2 spec slots https://ufile.io/dnwwn -> danduil +2 spec slots
  10. the card heals units once per second for a set duration but when the warp is used on the sport the buff refreshes twice every second basicly doubling the heal value but i cannot see any "bug" abuse there its jsut the way the card works i guess all this wired interactions (eg jugger double stampede) are not considered bugs by this point
  11. i personally would be intrested in providing video content or helping others to do so for the community channel not sure if the bad english doenst scare ppl off i most likely would focus on either gameplay guides or gameplay reviews
  12. i made a win rar archive of all the custom maps here including the pvp specator maps converted to .pak files https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AY45jTQt27i5HZRdOGzMLCEMMrdUVdH9/view
  13. who knows what happend to bfcards.info ... @xHighTech
  14. "Equinox" Sounds nice i remember a few years ago when playing warframe i had to grind hours and hours in order to get this frame together
  15. we should try to get this threads together
  16. back in the days it would only reward you for playing in maps forge time and trading with ppl didn't count i think a hard cap on bfp/day is a interesting approach but im not sure if its the best one obviously most games do have hard caps on in game reward but they do offer ways to bypass those caps (pay money to get there faster thank you ea) Im not sure if measuring skylords against normal games is the right idea here exactly for this reason there is no way to pay for progress so why would we hard cap the playtime reward? i think 3 quests a day is great tho. Also for ppl
  17. i guess this it what it comes down to atleast while not going for speedruns or no-affort-needed-when-lss-spamm strategies
  18. as suggestet i think a database hostet by skylords official devs would be cool
  19. i thought it was possible to warp troughh closed gates simiar to the way undead army in combination with skythe fiends where used (in order to generate ground presence in certain areas )
  20. From my point of view the shadow vs frost machup is dominated by masterarchers ice guardians dreadcharger and nox troopers nightguard purple doesnt have a spot in there. even though the nightgaurd has decent stats (450/500) s counter (at least in the case of frost t1) u cant compare them to nox trooper those cards (appart from the nightgaurd never getting used ) would never fill in the same spot. In egeneral there are 3 diffrent szenarios 1. both palyers playing on equal powerlevel (same well amount, no dissedvatages) In this situation the frost player normally tries to
  21. oh noo the hypetrain went to fast and got derailed
  22. in order to play competitive u gonna need some experience in the game and since there is no comparable game to bafo unlike fortnite where u could transition without much time investment just by having experience in other games of the same genre in battleforge u are forced to play the game in order to play competitive so just by getting used to the game u gonna get the upgrades needed in order to play in tournaments thats jsut my opinion i dont think there should be a tournament build included neither do i think its necessary.
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