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  1. Bes7iA

    The story behind your nick.

    I shall now tell you the chronicles of my name and the legacy it carries those who speak Spanish understand that my nick is actually Bestia (Behs-tee-ah) which means Beast I got it a hot summer day at school in 2004, went to the bathroom which at this point is a war zone with water splashing everywhere. there was a very recurrent joke, the doors on the toilet cubicles opened 180 degrees meaning if you close your door someone could open the next one 180 degrees in order to lock you in with 2 doors that happened to me that day, I was angry about that so I kicked the 2 (metal) doors down and also knocking down the guy holding them from the other side, a classmate sees me leaving the bathroom as a triumphant gladiator, we leave and he says to me (dude you are a fucking beast) from that day forward I was known as bestia (beast) I had to put a 7 in there since a lot of games don't allow me to use beast as a nick since there are npc's or enemies named like that
  2. I just wanted to put here some memes that were shared on discord for no apparent reason
  3. Bes7iA

    Poll: Future Loot Lists

    I don't know how could you make the loot list better but I want just 1 thing do something about the 12 player maps people played 12 player maps a lot of the time to get 1 specific card, and the loot was 4 cards distributed among 12 players, so 8 players would get nothing, especially if at the time you didn't have a decent pc, then most of the time loot would be gone by the time you get to the loot screen, that sucked ass, if 12 players play a map making their best effort, each should get AT LEAST 1 crappy card they didn't want if you could do something about that, that would be awesome

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